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A true story of finding blessings when your not looking for them.
I woke to the sound of Kid, my blue roan stallion hollaring to the mares and running the fence of his pen. Even as I'm waking up, Im aware that one of the mares, Belle, looked very close to foaling when I last checked the mares before bed. For the next few minutes, I continue to listen as Kid hollars and thunders up and down his fence.

"Stupid horse" I thought. After a few more minutes, I rolled over and looked at the clock, 3:03. Now, being slightly more awake, I start to wonder about all the things that might be wrong outside. Maybe Belle is having her baby, is there a baby on the wrong side of the fence, coyotes after the newest baby, alien invasion?

"Ok," I thought to myself, "Im awake now". I climbed out of my warm bed. On with the jeans, shirt and socks. "It probably cold" I grumped to myself, so on with the sweatshirt, barn coat and boots. I slid a flashlight into my pocket and out the door I went. Thinks looked weird outside. "Maybe you should put your glasses on", I said to myself. Back inside, off with the boots, past my warm bed, picked up glasses, on with the boots again and back outside.

The night air was a little cool but not too bad. I was still longing for the warm bed. The moon was bright enough that I did not need the flashlight. As I made my way out to the mare pasture, I pulled my jeans up for what seemed like the tenth time. I forgot my belt so I had to walk with my hand in my pocket to keep my pants up.
In the moon light, I could see two of the four grey mares near the gate. Just like I thought, the mares I needed to see were probably in the far corner of the pasture.

As I walked in the moonlight, my mood started to soften. There is a light fog that filters the moonlight. The light of a nearby oil rig lights up the fog around it. Although there is a crew on the rig working, it sounds more like a purr than a roar.
Walking up hill, I squat down so I can see the outline of the mares against the slightly lighter horizon. I see the four mares I need to see and move closer for a look. I flip on the light.  I see Belle, the mare that looked like she could foal earlier, is separated from the others but is quietly muching grass. I check the other mares with foals just to make sure they are alright. I shut off the light and begin to head back to the house.

Since Im already up and the night is so calm and pleasant, I turn and make my way south to the top of the hill.  I love to look around at the lights from the towns that surround my place. As I walk up the hill in the dark, the lights of the oil rig are directlly behind me. Thats when I saw it. 

There on the ground in front of me is a double shadow. Not just one figure but two. I suddenly feel very humble and very blessed. I know that the way the lights are arranged on the rig caused the shadow but I didn't care. I felt that God was walking with me right then. I felt very grateful for the things that had irritated me just minutes before. God gave me a warm comfortable house to live in. He gave me a great set of his horses to care for. He allowed me to loose the weight I needed to be healthier as shown by my saggy pants. He gave me the chance to see how beautiful the things he created can be even in the middle of the night. He gave me a visual reminder that he is always with me even when I feel very alone. And it that were not enough, he gave us his son to die on the cross for our sins.

If you have suffered through reading this, please look for every oppertunity to see the good in everything. If you look hard enough, you will see God there.
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