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Losing your life and simply never having been are not the same thing.
The Common Adoption/Abortion Mistake

This is a common mistake: Thinking losing your life now and simply never having been are the same thing.

They’re not.

Adoptees may face a lifetime of torture nonadoptees can *never* understand no matter how close you are to an adoptee, no matter how much you educate yourself, and no matter what choices you choose to make for your life now.

The voice of a now 13 billion dollar adoption industry, backed by the right hands of countless churches, have worked to brainwash our society since after WW2 to create a climate simultaneously controlling of women’s bodies and controlling the distribution and sale of the product they create. What is the product? Babies. Why the push for control, especially now? Because women are demanding greater access to birth control and this has limited the amount of domestic babies available for adoption in the US. It’s being called the “Adoption Crisis” by pro-adopters. Only, there are over 100,000 children, older than new borns, languishing in foster care, who haven’t been adopted. That’s because potential adoptive parents want newborns, not older kids. So, there’s actually NO adoption crisis, people just aren’t interested in older product. This just proves adoption as it exists today isn’t about the welfare of children. It’s about money.

There’s no after care for adoptees. Only 7 states even currently allow adoptees to know who they biological families are. Adoptees are at a four times higher risk of committing suicide, makeup something like 30% of people needing mental care even though we make up about 1-2% of the population, are at an elevated risk for being abused, falling into substance abuse problems, and having relationship issues for the duration of our lives. And the whole of society expects us to be grateful for “being allowed to live.”

Why doesn’t anyone ever say that about nonadoptees? The same decision was made for their lives, but for some reason the pressure is thrown on those considering an abortion to allow us adoptees to live.

You know what? I support abortion. No child who is not wanted by their biological family should be forced into being. They will face a world who doesn’t care that they may feel alone for their entire lives, that they won’t know their lineage, medical history, or cultural heritage. They face a world in which they may never see another face that looks like theirs.

I’m tired of people who give up their children to strangers being considered wonderful, selfless people. They’re not. They’re giving their children to strangers so they won’t feel guilty about “killing a child” or “stopping what might have been.” Abandoning your child does not now and never has been considered equal to love, except for in this day and age when the adoption industry and churches of mythology seem to have successfully convinced people that it is.

Don’t confuse killing you now for that which never was. Adoption isn’t the answer to abortion. They’re not even two sides of the same coin. Abortion is making the decision not to have a child. Adoption is deciding who the primary care giver of a child should be, if that child’s biological family is unwilling or incapable of taking care of the child. Taking a child away from its biological family and giving it away to alternative care givers should be a last resort to give the child some semblance of a family life, not the answer to birth control issues.

No one is taking your life away by deciding not to have a child.
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