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valentine starts showing his evil side
                                                                                      chapter three

                                                                              The man known as Valentine

Ann had been working on the Valentines case for almost two months. Valentine played mind games with Ann calling her after he killed his victims as fast as the phone calls began they ended just as fast, Ann had no way of finding Valentine since he never gave her the correct Ann knew Valentine is that when he was 17 he killed his parents and told no one where he hide the body's then when he was 20 he killed his first victim Daisy grant a wealthy young woman who was skinny with blond hair and blue eyes. Anne was pretty sure that valentine had also killed Twenty Year Old Betty Jacobs but she had no prof. Valentine never admitted to killing these people. Ann was cleaning up the spilled coffee when a street woman by the name of Daisy may came running into the police department asking to speak to a woman police officer. Everybody in the police station knew Daisy May she always came in with some wild tale about how she saw little green men stealing her liquor and how she said people were Miss treating her .Ann heard the Daisy May asking for a police woman and thought that she might be able to help her. Anne finished cleaning up the spilled coffee and walked over to the front desk were Daisy may was, and tried to calm her down. "Hello my name is Anne how can I help Anne asked as she studied Daisy May. Daisy May tried to finish her sentence, but a bottle of whiskey, which was sitting on top of a file cabinet caught her eye Daisy May began licking her lips and her eyes became wide with delight. Anne brought Daisy May to her desk and managed to sit her down. "I’ll tell you everything I know, but only if I get that bottle of Daisy May blurted out rubbing her hands on her knees. Anne smiled and opened her bottom desk drawer and toke out half an empty bottle of dry whiskey. "Here you go drink Anne said handing the whiskey over to Daisy May Daisy May grabbed the bottle and looked around frantically as if someone was going to take her liquor away from her. "You cops carry liquor in your desks?, I should come here more Daisy May blurted out as she took a long gulp of her dry whiskey. "No the only cop that carries liquor in my Anne added laughing. "Why don't you tell me what is on your mind Ann asked again taking a sit besides Daisy May. Daisy May lend over towards Anne the liquor on her breath and the smell of dirty skin was overpowering "I was there I saw Daisy May said almost whispering as she looked around nervously "Saw who Daisy ? Ann inquired studying Daisy Mays face. "You know the guy who kidnapped that girl Daisy May said, taking a another long sip of her Whiskey. "I saw him dragging her into his car and speeding off, he almost ran me over, but I showed him, I smashed my liquor bottle on the back of his car Daisy May said again holding shaking her bottle at Anne frantically Anne had thought that maybe Daisy May had seen Valentine Kidnap Sara Walker but Anne was not sure Daisy May was telling the truth. " What did this man look like Anne asked carefully so that Daisy May would not run off " He was a big man I saw him, smothering her with a cloth, I saw Daisy May shouted on aware of how loud she had gotten. Anne knew that Daisy May had seen more than she was telling and did not want to push Daisy May into telling her more in fear that she might not want to come back and confront her again. Anne was writing what Daisy May had told her into a notepad when the phone on Anne's desk began to ring "Hello stone creek police" Anne was cut off by a faint laugh over the other end of the phone. Anne said, knowing full well that it was valentine "I'm watching her right now she is beautiful just my Valentine said, laughing "Do you think you can save this one? I will give you a clue to where she lives Valentine said laughing again chewing on a piece of gum and watching this poor woman from his beaten up black Firebird. Anne began writing down the street, and the apartment was the young women was that Valentine might be giving her the wrong information., That was valentines Game making sure you got the wrong information so that you would end up going on a wild goose chase just to find where his next victim was before he got to her. Then, before Valentine hung up he laughed and whispered "I see you are talking to my little friend who is sitting beside you if she talks anymore to you I’ll kill her!" Valentine said laughing Anne was shocked how could valentine see her did he have a spy working in the police department or did he have a hidden camera watching Anne's every move. Valentine hung up the phone Anne could hear the long hum on the other end of the phone ringing over and over again in her mind Anne hung up the phone and told Daisy May that she would have to talk to her again and walked Daisy May to the front door of the police station. " thanks for coming in Daisy May I, LL get back to you about what we talk about." Anne said trying not to let her emotions show. " but what about what I saw? I saw him!" Daisy May said, waving her hands in the air like a mad woman and spilling drops of her whiskey all over the front steps. " I,m sorry Daisy May you have to go." Anne said, hurrying back to her desk " you pigs are no good for nothing! You do not even give me good whiskey." Daisy May said, shouting at Anne and almost losing her balance and stumbling her way down the police steps. "Anne in my office now." Captain Michael Turner yelled out across the police room Anne walked into Captain turner's office and Michaels slammed the door behind Anne as she turned to face him. "Anne what are you doing? I saw you giving that street woman, liquor from your desk what are you thinking?" Michael yelled, his voice echoing off the lime colored walls. "I’m sorry Michael, I should not have giving her the whiskey" Anne said as she swallowed hard "It's just that she knew something about Valentine and I thought that the liquor would make her talk." Anne said again trying gain her confidence in front of the boss "Ha the same Valentine you claimed killed those two young women." Michael yelled out again losing his patience "Valentine is real Michael why don't you believe me." Anne said feeling tears flowing down her cheeks. "your a drunk Anne! you have been using this Valentine Character as a way of improving your job, the only reason I keep you on this force is because you are my ex-wife and I would hate to see you on the streets with nothing." Captain turner said, looking at Anne with shame and giving her a look of discussing Anne felt the tears flow down her milky white cheeks. And took off her police badge "Michael I used to be a drunk, you hate me for what I have became you will not even let me see our daughter. I cannot do this anymore, you do not believe me so I will catch Valentine with or without your help!" Anne yelled out crying throwing her Badge on Michael's desk . Anne walked out of Michael,s office and went looking for Valentine's next victim.


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