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A love poem
-Worth and perfection-

The ritual spends itself unto completion
She arches her back against my chest to look up at me
with iridescent eyes
Sweet, salty, thankful sweat cascading from every pore
The sparkle in those eyes makes this worth
My sin, my life, my existence
All now have meaning.
She collapses, chest heaving
exhausted in love, waiting for the next ritual to begin

A single tear do I shed
knowing this will eventually come to an end
More complete am I now then I have been ever before
I wrap her in a deep, enveloping embrace                              
silently thanking her for the memory that will keep me alive

The moment dies, immeasurably pleased with itself
remaining only in memory where it comfortably resides
A moment of silent anticipation arises
We long for another release

The lights dim, this mass of people cheers and surges
From deep within her comes a beautiful, bestial roar
the band takes the stage; the ritual has begun anew
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