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Cinderella's step sisters initiate her into their sisterhood.
Cinderella and her Not So Ugly Step Sisters

Anastasia and Drusilla watched through the bow window of their bedroom as their mother’s limousine pulled away. She was going on a business trip, which both girls knew was code for a con job. That was how they were able to remain in the large mansion their mother had inherited from her last husband. They had also inherited the mans lovely daughter Ella. Their mother despised Ella, and forced her to become a servant after she had dismissed the household staff. Ana and Drew had disliked Ella at first until that had witnessed her develop into a tall voluptuous blonde. They were not bad to look at themselves but Ella was the source of many fantasies shared between the two sisters when the lights went out. Now that mean mommy was away the girls decided it was time to make their fantasies a reality.

They found Ella on her hands and knees scrubbing the terrace floor. As another form of humiliation she had been forced to perform her duties in a French Maid uniform that exposed her when she was on her hands and knees. The crotchless panties under the short skirt exposed the tender flesh of her sex.

Ana and Drew watched as Ella scrubbed the floor and inadvertently wiggled her tight ass. Drew stepped behind Ana and unzipped her Gucci dress, sliding it down to reveal a set of red bra, panties, garter belt, and skin toned nylons. Ana got on her hands and knees and crawled toward Ella.

Ella yelped when she felt a tongue lick over her outer folds. She gasped in surprise when she looked over her shoulder to see the top of Ana’s red head directly behind her. Ana gripped Ella’s thighs to hold her in place. Ella squealed and in her haste tipped the bucket of soapy water which puddled around her and Ana.

“Naughty Ella!” Drew chided. She approached the other two women and rolled Ella’s skirt up tucking it under the waist band. She slapped Ella’s bare ass, causing her to squeak. Ella looked up to see Drew standing over her in a matching set of black undergarments. “Ana, Ella spilled her water, help her clean the terrace.”

Ana licked and sucked Ella’s sex causing her to wriggle in the puddle of water. Ella found herself wriggling across the floor in the throes of an orgasm. By the time she was on her third orgasm she had writhed her way to the other side of the floor. The front of her uniform was now soaked, and clung to her body. Before continuing Ana rolled her onto her back, spread her legs, and rested her bent bare legs on her shoulders. She continued to use her mouth to drive Ella across the terrace until they had covered the entire floor.

“Very good ladies,” Drew knelt above Ella’s head. She pulled up the top of the uniform to free a bare set of double D breasts. “Here’s your reward Ella.”

Drew leaned down and suckled each of Ella’s plump pink nipples, lashing the hardened points with her tongue. Ella writhed on the cool terrace floor moaning as her step sisters devoured her from both ends. Drew muffled her moans by pressing her wet folds to her mouth. Ella obediently licked deep inside her. Ana backed off, and Drew buried her face in Ella’s blond bush. She watched as Ella and Drew brought each other to multiple orgasms. While they indulged in each other Ana produced a strap-on from the table along the wall of the inside terrace. She secured it, and as soon as Drew sat up Ana sunk the dildo deep inside Ella’s sex. Ana drove in and out of Ella eliciting moans of pleasure which vibrated through Drew. Ana leaned forward, and licked Ella’s juices from Drew’s face.

Once Drew was satisfied that she had been licked clean she stood, and went to the table producing another strap-on. She came up behind the other two women and insert her knew instrument into Ana’s ass. As she thrust into Ana, she thrust deeper into Ella, and the other end of the dildos thrust into them. They continued to fuck each other and themselves until the puddle on the floor was a mixture of soap, water, and female juices.

When the two girls finished they straightened standing over a half-naked flushed Ella. They each took an arm and pulled Ella to her feet. Each of them gave her a deep open mouthed kiss.

“Welcome to our sisterhood Ella,” Ana whispered.

“Finish cleaning the terrace,” Drew ordered. “Then join us in our bedroom for your next reward.”

Ana and Drew dressed themselves and proceeded up stairs to their bedroom. Ella adjusted her uniform, refilled her bucket, and gave the terrace a second wipe down. She smiled at the memory of what had happened, and the anticipation of what awaited her in her step sisters’ room.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1999796