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by glowz
Rated: E · Non-fiction · Genealogy · #2000067
A Story of my Mother's as told to me a few months before she passed away.

Last year when I was at Mom's one day we were sitting there just talking about old times, and

when she used to live out in

the country in Coopersville & Kidds Crossing. She was telling these stories so vivid and it was

almost like watching a movie.

I picked up a pencil and just started writing her memories down as she said them. I am so glad I

did. I want to share these

with you for you all were so special and loved by Mom. Gloria.

~Momma Talking to me~ May 24, 2013~

When we went to school, Mommie would keep us out some days chopping weeds out of the corn that we had

planted. Elsie was the fastest worker. She went ahead of everyone else. She was a fast worker and a hard


I remember about a big tree across the fence as we went to school, and I'd see buckeyes on the ground and it made me hungry
for candy, (because they were brown).

another time we were in school and a mad dog came in the school house.Everyone was hoping up on their desks and

frantic..then on the way home from school there was that same mad dog lying in a gulley beside the road we were walking on.

We Ran! The dog was slobbering and foaming at the mouth. We were scared to death!

We would see other kids packing their lunch to school,(and they would have cookies in their lunch) we wished we had their

cookies..we ate what we took!

(The Spring- where she got their water)

I went once to the spring and almost dipped up a snake. I left there and went over to the Sid Spring.

(the Sid spring was another spring on that property).

Daddy first built a house across the river on the back side of Carl Kidd's place. He built

his house across the river and up on the hill. Daddy later changed his mind and built it there where the old home place was

Grandma and Grandpa first lived across the river back when they were first married.

We went to school and when Elsie and Rube got married, preacher George Bell married them. I got so mad at Elsie for getting

married and leaving me to go to school by myself. Mom asked me then: "Do you remember the "Math Barn" and I replied, I do!

Orbin and Mildred come down from Ohio. When they got married Orbin lived at Co Op, Ky. and got a job working in the Coal

mine of "Stearns Coal and Lumber Co.

The mine camp where everyone lived was a little rough place on the hillside in Co Op , Ky. Alot of workers lived there.

Melvin Dobbs had a store there. I went to once and heard someone telling about " they almost throwed that"Woodrow Wilson"

out- ( he had been to Indiana, and I over heard this conversation. I was Mad!

The road to our school was just a little walking path, and when the river was up we didn't go to school.

Daddy and Mommy didn't have a radio and he would come to our place in Oil Valley and visit and listen to our radio.

We rented that house for the trade of 2 sheep for a years rent.

Mom gave us a cow (heifer) for the kids milk.That cow took up with me and tried to jump in a high doorway after me!

Woodrow sold the cow!

Herstle picked blackberries there at this house we lived in. I worked at the WPA, and Herstle had the

black berrries ready when I got off of work, then I made the blackberry cobbler!

At times Herstle would go out late at night and kill squirrel and rabbit and we would cook it up right then and eat it!

back then...at the mining camp, that was when Herstle first came out of the Army.

Mommie used to go with Grant Roberts after Daddy died. She said he looked a lot like Daddy!

Preacher George Bell lived just across from the Church and the school house, right across the river from the

Church House.

When the river was up or a tide, We didn't go to school, we would stay home and do what work that had to be done in the garden or something.

~ This story is the words of my Mother - who passed from this life on,
March 30,2014) ~
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