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Rated: E · Poetry · Personal · #2000096
The day Emma was born, and the battle she faced to stay alive.

    I can still remember the day I was born so much ciaos and sound ,My body so cold and bare ,and my heart barley had a pound.

  The doctors took me from my mommy and placed me on the table, They were suppose to help me breath on my own , because by myself I was unable.

    Looking all around the room I could not quite figure out!, how this scene in this room nearly came about.

    All the noise I heard that day will forever scar my soul, the things I went through in that time you just could not ever know

  My mommy looked so different then I had imagined , her eyes so red and puffy, her voice was quite unrecognizable as well , as  well as her tears of worry

    Now the doctors are moving in ,they  all just stood around, instead of trying to breath for me, I could not make a sound!

    I tried to close my eyes and imagine I was in her arms , instead of being In this hospital ,not to far from harm!!

    You see in a hospital is were they try to make the sick feel fine, but not the place that I was in not that hospital of mine,

    I am lying on the table my mommy not sight , they would not let her in the room, but mommy started to fight

  They took her aside and asked her to calm down, insisted that she stay there while they took me out of town.

    My mommy began to cry some more, and grandma had to step in , to try to make my mommy feel better but mommy couldn't listen

    She was to concerned with me in that room and what the doctors were saying, she finally went and sat on her bed and to the Lord she started praying.

    Dear Father in Heaven please help my daughter now? I can not do a single thing and I don't even know how

    So then the loud fast car arrived and they took me oh so fast, my mommy got in one little kiss but not long enough did it last,

    For that moment her touch was so warm and her kisses felt like I imagined , her breath on my forehead and her embrace with just a hand

  Then they took me in the car and my mommy did not come, why is she leaving me here , to do this all alone,

    This is not what is suppose to happen , this is not how this will end, There is so much left to do it's not time to fly to heaven,

      I feel my heart beating less as my breathing slows way down, I don't know if I can fight and battle this on my own.

    Where is my mommy I don't hear her voice, and I feel so far away, mommy come and help me out , but mommy had no choice

    The sirens wailing in the back and the car moving so fast, until the car comes to a stop and in Tampa we arrive at last.

    So here is were I lost my faith, I never felt so alone, my mommy is not here with me she , how I am  fading she just don't know

    Just as I close my eyes and decide to let this end, the doctors now hook up machines that make me breath again.

    Then out from the hall my mommy now arrives, she walks right passed the nurse and the doctor talking to her to  see if I'm still alive

    She lets out a cry so sincere and feels so helpless too, she knows that being there by my side is all that she can do

      As soon as her eyes fall on the machines , her heart begins to weep, she's never been so scared in her life, she has never felt so weak

      She longs to hold me and make this right but its all out of her hands, but she has some talking to do right now with our Father making amends

    My mommy never left my side day in and day out , she slept on a chair that was hard and lumpy , but folded out to a couch

    All day long she paced my room trying to stay strong, mommy stuck by side no matter what, all night and all day long.

    The battle I fought was not an easy one I must admit, but every time something went wrong mommy threw a fit

    Yelling at the doctors to get in hear and do things right, mommy helped out my nurse it now became our fight.

  So now a very long hard month has passed , I finally breathed on my own and the infection is  gone at last

    I now get to go home with mommy , I know she is so relived, filled with love and a new bond she's forever bound to me.

    Many more months pass with no more reasons to have to fight, till mommy notices that my body does not work quite right

  She takes me in to see a doctor , he said , we will have to run some test, to see the reason for this problem , and that is just what he did

  No matter what we go through , I know my mommy loves me, even more then ever , when the doctors said it's Cerebral Palsy

  So my journey is long and it is hard, but we make it just some how, with help from our father above life isn't so hard now

  I still cant crawl or walk around , although I give it my best, I control the things I can and mommy does the rest

  I love my mommy so very much , me and her are close, she is my night and shinning armor a hero on a white horse.

  She saved my life and I saved hers together through the fight, and the bond that is between us now is so ,  so very tight!

I love my mommy!!!!

A poem about Cerebral Palsy and what my Daughter went though

by: Cindi Baldwin


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