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by Jen
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Dark · #2000100
A woman who wanted to be left alone
Tag: { e: Ghost} It was a dark and stormy night and I came across abandoned house on a hillside. On a full moon night I came to The place that was deserted, and the night was eerie, with a pale moon glow followed by pitch black sky endless night of stars. The cold bit into my skin, and I pulled my coat closer, the wind rustling up in the trees. The swaying of the trees and the sound of the wind seemed like the calling of a ghost reaching out to me. I saw a dark figure in a flicker of light from the house window pane. I felt the chill rise up my spine, my throat tightened, and my hair stood on end. I opened the door to the abandon house on the hillside, as the floors creaked in the dark, secluded cold rooms. My heart was in my mouth, but wait! I felt a cold breath clouding my judgement in a flash as I saw a white woman who may have been murdered here 20 years some time ago. I felt eyes were watching my back as I strode upstairs to a little room. It was told that a silhouette woman walked the halls after midnight.

She would turn on the light in the small room upstairs, where it flickered blindly in my eyes. I then heard a loud shrieking voice cry out to me, " Give me my arm!" It just kept increasing slowly and slowly, increasing in pace, and increasing in volume, faster, and faster, louder and louder. She kept on chanting and chanting all the time, "Give me my arm!" All my veins felt like bursting out of my skin, with my blood flowing to my head. I thought it was finally over and I turned to go, but I was wrong. The chanting increased rapidly, and continued on for some time. I was held spellbound by this, I was frightened and curious at the same time and could not leave till the end.

Then I heard a loud thump coming from the room, getting even louder; and louder. I wanted to run, but my feet wouldn't move, almost like they were glued to the floor. I then heard fingers scratching against the walls, and the thump even getting more loud. My tinged skin felt goosebumps trickling down my arms, & giving me chills all over. The woman's voice repeated again, "Give me my arm!" I yelled back & said, " I don't have your arm!" But she just kept repeating over and over again, it was a horrible event. It was so silly I didn't know this woman, or were her arm was.

I scurried upstairs to the little dark room, where the light was flickering though it occurred to me no one was there. I got extremely scared at this moment, wanting to flee this house. What happened to this woman twenty years ago? What about this arm she pleads with missing? I was determined to flee this room, when another loud thump came from beneath the stairs. I felt something grab my leg, when I had descended downstairs. It was the woman's bloody stump grasping tighter on my leg. I screamed a blood-curdling howl with such force, but her grip was just too much to break free. Of course, bad luck didn't explain the murder, or why I was being tormented from this ghostly woman. I finally pulled myself away from the bloody stump, and the woman took back her arm and fled. As I turned to go downstairs and leave this house for good, I heard a cackle laugh coming like echoes throughout the house, to leave and never return.......
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