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Kim switches body with a mosquito. What will happen and will she get her body back?
(This story isn't associated with "The blonde goddess" eventhough the characters are alike.)

Kim was a normal woman. Like everyone else she gets up in the morning, gets ready and goes off to work. She was a beautiful woman with blonde hair, a nice face, nice boobs and an amazing butt. One morning Kim was getting the mail, and an official looking letter was between the others. She opened the enveloppe and started to read out loud:

Dear miss,

We are proud to announce that our company has finally succeeded in creating teleportation pods. With this technology we will be able to transport anything or anyone from one place to another in just a few seconds. We picked you out of a lot of names, to be one of the first to test out this new system.
If you are interested, please come visit our laboratory this afternoon at 3 P.M.

The letter ended with the adress. Kim was super excited, she loved things like this and was hoping this would be real one day. And now she was the one who was allowed to try it out! She queeled happily and ran to her room to and slipped on her pants that made her butt look amazing. She put on her high heels and wore a tight shirt. "I'll be the prettiest first teleporter." She giggled.
Little did she know, that when she was reading the letter out loud, there was "someone" listening. A female mosquito, a blood sucker. Nobody knew, that mosquitos were actually very intelligent, they understood humans. A few days ago, the company developing the teleporter had been talking, and the mosquito was there to. They said that only one life-form could teleport at the time, because more could result in switching bodies. This is where the mosquito got an idea: she would follow the letter to Kim's house, she would study Kim and see if her body was suitable. It sure was. She would follow Kim to the teleporter this afternoon. And take her body. Nobody would try the squash her in Kim's body, like Kim tried herself many times since she got into her house. The mosquito shivered in angre as she remembered how Kim wanted to smash her, stomp on her and even sit on her! She would get her back.

That afternoon, Kim cheerfully skipped to her car, not knowing the mosquito was following her. She sat in her car and closed the door. The mosquito sat on the back of the car and held on tight. They started to drive. After about ten minutes, Kim stopped in front of her destination. She got out of the car and walked to the door. The mosquito flew up to her, and sat down on Kim's butt. She wouldn't feel her there. The mosquito was shaking heavily while Kim's buttocks swayed from side to side as she walked. "Don't worry my plump friends" the mosquito spoke to the buttocks "you'll soon be mine."
Kim walked over to the lady behind a desk, and was told to go to room 7. Kim entered the room and saw a lot of scientists in white lab coats, walking around a large glass cabin and a control panel. "Ah hello!" One of the female scientists said. "You must be Kim!" Kim nodded happily. "Ok, what we will do," said the scientist "is put you in that glass cabin, and teleport you one meter to the right!" "Ok!" Kim yelled and walked into the cabin, completely oblivious to the mosquito on her large rump.
"There we go!" The scientist said and pressed a red button on the control panel. A screen was displaying a countdown from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6. Kim was hopping gleefully shaking the mosquito. 5, 4, 3. "Yes!" The mosquito yelled. 2, 1. A bright light, and Kim's body was standing one meter to her right. But Kim was very disoriented. She was hanging onto something, she was hanging inbetween two gigantig soft jiggly mountains. She looked at her arms and was shocked, they were hairy, grey and thin. She took a better look at her location and reconized it. Suddenly a hand appeared, her hand. The hand took her high into the sky and she looked into her own eyes. "Better not sting me." Her body said with a grin and she closed her hand. Kim was surrounded by darkness. She heared herself talk to the scientists, but was too confused to actually understand what they said. She felt her world moving and heard her car start. After about ten minutes again, she heard the car stop, and fellt her body walking.

Kim heard a door open and shut. And suddenly her world filled with light. She looked up and saw her face looking down at her.
"You might wonder what happened." Her body said with a grin. "You and I switched bodies while going through the teleporter. I was on your butt. Or actually... my butt!" Kim looked in fear as she heard those words. "Oh your expression is priceless!" Kim's body said. "I am glad I can still understand mosquito's facial expressions!" "But since I don't ever want to turn back" Kim's body said with an evil smile "I'll crush you." Kim saw her fingers comming closer as her hand was closing. At the last moment, she jumped off. She fell and her instinct forced her to move her wings, and fly. "Oh no you won't!" Her body yelled as she ran towards Kim. Kim saw an open window and quickly flew through. Looking back from the sky she saw her body. They looked eachother in the eye and her body yelled "You can fly you worthless insect! But you'll never get your body back! And if you'll ever come here again, I'll swat you!" Kim turned around and flew away.

Months passed since Kim became the mosquito. She hated it. She would often feel the urge to drink blood. Just like now. Kim flew off to her favorite place to drink. The beach. Kim flew over the beach and spotted a girl with a juicy looking behind. Kim sat down on the butt and felt so embarassed. She stuck her stinger in and started to drink. "EEEW!" The girl yelled. Kim quickly flew away, avoiding the hand that now smacked her own behind. "You nasty bug!" The girl yelled as Kim quickly flew away. Kim was in tears, for months she has been like this. She wanted her body. She flew through the streets, until she finally spotted her former house. She flew over to the window and stared into her living room. There was her body, surrounded by a lot of mosquitos. They were on the chairs, the ground, the couch. Her body walked over to the couch and stopped in front of the mosquito that was on one side of the couch. "Aaah" she said "let's sit down" and she hovered her butt over the mosquito. The mosquito started to squirm and Kim even heard him scream in fear. "Haha. Just kidding." Kim's body said, and she sat on the other side of the couch, the empty side. "I wouldn't squish my own boyfriend would I?" "Boyfriend?!" Kim yelled. "That thing is touching MY body?!" All the mosquitos heard it, and looked over at her, and so did her body. Her body looked furious, and quickly stood up. "I'll get you!" She screamed and ran towards the door, unknowingly stepping on one of her friends on the ground. Kim started to quickly fly away. Her body started to run after her, trying to swat her with her two hands. Kim sped up. What could she do?! Then she knew it.

She flew and flew, further and further. The mosquito in her body still chasing her, wanting to squish her. Kim then saw her destination. The teleportation centre. She saw it was closed, and flew in through the hole in the door used for letters. She flew through the halls and reached the teleportation room. She flew over to the panel and sat down on the activation button. She started to jump up and down on it. Attempting to press it. It didn't work. Then she heard the front door break, and the sound of high heels clicking through the halls. She kept pressing and pressing. Until finally, the button went down. The timer started to count down 10, 9.
Right then, her body walked in and ran towards her. Kim quickly flew into the teleportation chamber 8, 7, 6. Her body chasing her. They now were both in the chamber 5, 4, 3. Her body then quickly grabbed Kim and she looked at her own pretty face. "Now bug..." her body said. 2, 1. "I will." A bright flash.

Kim looked at her hand and saw a tiny mosquito squirm around between her fingers. Kim grinned and closed her hand. "Better not sting me." She cooed. She walked home. Happy to feel her legs move and butt jiggle as she walked. She got into her house and walked into her livingroom. Still flooded with mosquitos. She grinned and the mosquitos looked at her. She showed the mosquito she held in her fingers, and all the other mosquitos froze in fear. Kim walked over towards the empty spot on the couch. She opened her hand, and spat on the mosquito, so her wet wings wouldn't get her away. She dropped the mosquito on the couch, and hovered her butt above her. She grinned at the mosquito, but weirdly, felt compassion. "You know" Kim said "I know how hard the life of a mosquito can be, I understand why you did it." She sat down next to the mosquito, but accidentaly sat on the mosquito's boyfriend. The mosquito looked in shock and started to twitch in despair. Kim's look of shock quickly turned into a satisfied grin. She looked down at her butt and started to grind it in. "Oops!" She giggled "Did I just sit on your boyfriend with my big clumsy booty?" The mosquito looked devestated and this made Kim only happier. She stood up, and saw the mosquito was stuck to her butt. She started to laugh. "You know what?" Kim said. "You should have never come to my house." Quickly she stepped forward and started to step around like she was tapdancing, crushing all the mosquitos on the floor. Quickly she ran over to the wall and smashed her hand into another mosquito. She leaped into the air and smashed her butt down onto two mosquitos on a chair. Then, when all the mosquitos were squashed, she turned around and started walking towards the spat on mosquito on the couch, still unable to fly.
"I have been thinking." Kim said. "You were wrong to steal my body." Kim turned around, her butt facing the mosquito. The mosquito looked up in fear. "Cause if you mess with a human lady" Kim said. "You will have to face her most dangerous weapon." Kim smirked. "Her ASS!" And with that, Kim slowly sat down on the mosquito, taunting her with her beautiful curves. The mosquito stared at Kim's butt until finally, she was splattered by it.

The end.
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