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First chapter of first part of The Sevensong, a story derived from seven songs I love.

So Happy I Could Die

The glow of the lights dimmed slightly as the beat slowly drifted away, easing the frantic pace of the dancers in the room for just a few moments before revving back to the previous intensity. Anna loved these moments the most; the transitions between songs showed a softer, more vulnerable side to the club-goers that wasn't as noticeable when everyone was lost in the trance of the lights and noise.
Most of the others in the room were all people Anna recognized as the regulars of the club scene. There were several different dance clubs in the district, and the increasing popularity among the college kids had made many of the best rooms in the area difficult to get into on a consistent basis. Rather than try to claim a hold over one club as their own, Anna and the rest of the regulars had developed a rotation around the top clubs that let all of them experience the different scenes, as well as share the company of all the members in the group at least once a week.
This rotation also added a unique flavor to the clubs in the district. The rooms were a constant blur of motion; from the regular dancers in the middle, to the rookies along the edges who bounced back and forth between the wall and the floor, the mass of people took on a life of its own. Though Anna loved being in the middle of the dancing as much as possible and had gained a reputation as one of the best and most energetic among them since she became a regular, the last few nights she had been drawn to the edges of the dance floor. There was an unusual attraction to being able to observe the dancers and watchers alike from a single vantage point.
The easiest place to watch from was near the bar at the back of the club; most who chose the seats at the bar were more interested in drinking than dancing, so it was easy to stand alone in the slow space between them and the dance floor and watch the crowd. The mass of humanity pulsed with the music, contracting towards the center as the songs intensified, then releasing to the edges as tired dancers traded wall space with those on the outside like the tide rolling on and off the beach. Anna had seen this all before, at any number of clubs she visited, but tonight she was waiting for someone special to appear.
It had been four nights ago, when it had been Anna's turn to dance at the Rage Club, that she had first seen the girl with the lavender hair. At first she hadn't been sure if it was a trick of the lights, or if the girl's hair was actually that shocking shade of light purple, but Anna hadn't been able to take her eyes off it. The girl was one of the most erratic dancers Anna had ever seen, preferring to move around the room rather than stay in one place. She never got tired, never slowed to wait along the sides and rest; she just danced no matter where she went.
Anna enjoyed dancing no matter who it was with. Men or women, it was all the same to her. She just loved the freedom she felt when she let go of her life and let the music move her body. It wasn't sexual for her, though she knew what her family thought of the style of dancing that went on in clubs. It was just an escape, a moment for her to not have to be who she was expected to be. It was pure paradise.
That was why her sudden fixation on this one girl was so strange. True, she had something about her that drew the attention of almost everyone in the club, but for Anna there was something more there. That first time was still fuzzy in her memory, as if she were still stunned by the appearance of such a powerful figure. Last night had been that same feeling all over again, with something much stronger added in. The lavender blonde never made eye contact with her; in fact, Anna wasn't sure the girl ever engaged with anyone else in the room specifically, and she never stayed in one place to give any indication if she were there with any friends.
Anna herself always came to the club alone, but that was by design. None of her friends and family would approve of her being here if they knew, so she kept to herself for the most part, though she was friendly with those she saw at all the different clubs. She liked the dancing for what it was to her; a way for her to step outside the rigid structure of her life for a few hours, but she wasn't trying to abandon that for something else.
This new girl tempted Anna in a way that made her slightly uncomfortable. It was hard to resist getting closer to her, dancing in a way that deliberately led them to be in the same space. She had resisted it last night because she knew the girl wouldn't stay in one place, and even though she seemed lost in the trance of it all, Anna didn't think she would be able to ignore being followed the entire night. If she showed up here tonight, Anna wasn't sure she would be able to resist her, despite the potential for being embarrassed when the girl told her to get lost.
The night went on and Anna kept her spot by the bar, not daring to move back out into the crowd for the fear of missing the lavender blonde when she arrived. If she even went out tonight. She could be staying home, or at a different club. Anna knew it could be a complete coincidence that the girl had happened into the same two clubs that she herself had been in for the last two nights, but she hoped the trend would continue. Anna just had to see her again.
Still, she figured there was no point in wasting the entire night standing to the side while everyone on the floor got lost in the trance. That was the big reason Anna loved coming out at night; that incredible feeling of losing yourself in the glow of the lights and the pounding force of the music.
Before she took her third step back onto the floor, her eye caught a subtle flash of purple moving through the middle of the crowd. Anna froze, forcing a couple people to have to step to either side to keep from knocking her to the floor. One guy bumped her shoulder and almost caused her to lose her view of the dance floor, but she kept her eyes focused on the middle of the pulsing mass of humanity watching for any sign of that hair.
A few more minutes passed before Anna caught sight of her again. The girl seemed effortless as she glided through the crowd, always seeming completely in rhythm with the music but barely stopping in one place as she drove the energy higher leaving a wake of hyperactivity behind her. The lavender blonde was infectious to everyone around her. The pace in the middle of the floor raced even higher when she was there, and those who seemed to have lost their passion around the outside felt themselves pulled back into the mass by this unusual spark of energy. She wore the same clothes every night; a sleeveless silver dress that closed tight around her neck and barely covered her hips. If the way that it showed every curve of her impressive body wasn't enough to tell how tight the fabric was wrapped around her, the fact she never accidentally exposed herself by having it slide up to her waist drove the point home.
Anna tried moving slowly around the outside of the dance floor, tried to not be so obvious as to make a straight line towards the other girl, but she felt as though some invisible hand was pushing her towards the lavender blonde. Even though the girl maintained her habit of roving all over the club, Anna steadily closed in on her. She had no idea what she would do when she got there; the music was too loud to talk, and she was terrified to try and dance with her. Anna had danced with other girls before, but always in a group as friends who knew each other from making the rounds at the various clubs. This felt very different, more like asking the cute guy you liked to dance and hoping he didn't reject you. In fact, Anna wasn't certain that she wasn't feeling those same feelings, which was crazy because she'd never felt any attraction to women before. There was just something about this girl that she had to have more of.
The lights and music swirled around Anna, drawing her in and making her dizzy with the euphoria of the moment. She suddenly realized that she had lost sight of the lavender blonde and she turned to find herself dancing face to face with the girl. Their eyes locked as their bodies swayed just inches from each other, and Anna was surprised she didn't scream and run. She didn't dare look away or stop dancing even though she was completely unsure of what was happening. Anna had never expected to have this girl's full attention, since she never seemed like she noticed there was anyone else in the room.
Anna felt hypnotized, as if the other girl had control over her. She let herself get lost in the crystal blue of her eyes, sparkling just below those purple bangs. The music drove them on as they danced, the crowd flowing around them seeming not to notice the electric encounter happening in the middle of the floor. Anna was sure if she could stand against the wall and watch she would see streaks of lighting flashing from in between them. She felt hot, like she had been dancing her hardest for hours even though it had only been a few minutes since she walked back onto the floor.
Without warning, the lavender blonde's eyes hardened into a focused look of determination, and she stepped towards Anna so fast that the brushed against each other before Anna had time to react and step back. The adrenaline rush was overwhelming; Anna felt warm all over and her head spun as a wave of nausea ran over her. She had imagined dancing that close with the girl several times, but she was completely unprepared for it to happen so soon.
The girl stepped forward again, pressing Anna out from the middle of the dance floor, a look of hunger in her eyes. This was definitely not what she had planned on! A third step backed Anna up again, but rather than step again the girl raised a hand as if to say, "Okay, we'll leave it at this." Anna relaxed a little and let the trance of the music and the lights draw her in again, though she still felt a little uneasy watching the girl in front of her; that look of a hunter waiting to capture its prey never left her eyes.
Anna had no idea how long she danced with the lavender blonde; she never wore a watch, and there were no clocks in the dancehall, she always just waited until the music stopped at two in the morning and it was time to go home. From how tired it felt when the last beats faded away and the lights slowly came up, she knew it must have been before midnight when they had come together. It was a good thing she had been a regular at the clubs for several months now or she would never have made it this long.
They never spoke to each other they only stood there for a moment standing only a few inches apart looking deeply into the others' eyes. Then the lavender blonde turned and walked for the door, leaving Anna alone in the middle of the dance floor too stunned to follow after. Eventually she found the will to start her feet moving, following the last few people outside. She wasn't even sure if she said anything to the owner at the door, though she always had a few words to share with Tim as she left. Anna knew her life had just changed in a way she had never imagined, and that made her afraid to go home and fall asleep. She didn't dare face what might change for her tomorrow.


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