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What is is or quack is crackers,,,
    How dost the crocodile swim?

    What sharp teeth he has.

    What do crocodiles do?

    I have had another ratings change on my site.
    Apparently, E ratings cannot include Bible references to...
    (how do I say?) ... what crocodiles do.

    Perpetual , politeness has rendered some obvious silly string
    blinders ...  Little Red Riding Hood has some very upsetting events.
    A wolf enters her grandmother's house and... (how do I say?)
    does what wolves do.  There is a moral to this shocking feary tale.

    Was it Ruth, who had ... premarital relations in the Old Testament?
    And Ruth is of Jesus bloodline through his mother Marry.
    Did Rachael ... remove an Arab King by pretending to be his girl friend?
    And Rachael is of Jesus bloodline through his mother Marry..
    This is very much what crocodiles do...but, they do it for food.
    Why did God punish Adam&Eve and all their children ?
    Duet 24:16 states the children shall not be punished for their father's sin.

    Maybe the Bible is not E rated?

    Sometimes morals speak of .... naughty things to show the error of ...
    naughty things.

    Is this what we learn from crocodiles?

    It is what it is.

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