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About the sea
The Sea Maiden

She stared into the great expanse of ocean water as waves lapped at her bare feet. The sand squished beneath her weight. She giggled as small fish nibbled on her toes all the while a hand patted her engorged stomach.
"One day this world shall be ours," she whispered. The wind slid like a lovers caress over her form, cradling it, adoring its curves before leaving. Eyes the same turquoise as the waters in front of her sparkled in the sun.
It was almost time for the child to be born. She could feel it as surely as she felt the pulse in the waters before her. Like those ancestors before her she would give birth in the same water which tickled her toes. She had to or else risk her baby dying. Stretching her limbs as far as her stomach allowed, she waded into the cool waters. She let the waves buffer her and her child. She could feel the ocean's pull at her like a song of a siren.
Then she felt it her body was ready.
She bowed her head and screamed as pulsing pain wracked at her spine. She had lost her water of that she was sure of. She was surrounded by the essence of the ocean which had risen from the waves to become another woman. A familiar woman, one she had never known.
"Mother," she gasped at the smiling woman. All around her women materialized before her eyes. They who had become the essence of the sea corralled against her helping her give light to a new life. Finally with a long push the babe was born christened by the women as Moira Lanister She hugged her babe to her chest tears lingering in her eyes. It was time. The sea needed a new essence...hers. It was the curse of the Lanister women. They could bear a child but never could they touch her until it was her turn to become a part of the ocean.
She wrapped her daughter in her dress and delivered her safely to the shore before turning her eyes towards her mother.
'It is time.'
Slowly she became transparent before fading into the sea. She was finally free to be who she was.
A Maiden of the Sea.

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