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It's all about Himeji, a delinquent who had a bodyguard named Yunohara. Fall in love!
Flame In My Heart: The Burning Feeling

Yune: Look at those scores! Himeji-san has a perfect grade. I admire her so much!
Lilac: You admire a delinquent?
Yune: But Himeji-san only fights the bad students!
Lilac: Yeah right..
Himeji: Are you two talking about me? ( stare )
Lilac: ( S- scary! )
Yune: ( She’s so cool! )
It was sunset. The schoolgrounds were usually quiet now that we all left. Just then, some guys, who I remembered that last time I defeated them, appeared before me. They were laughing naughtily.
Himeji: What do you guys want?
Boss: ( laughing ) Revenge, of course!
- From my back, I felt someone, punching me hard. Blood came out of my mouth. They continued to kick me, punch me so fast that I couldn’t move at all. The next thing happened that I woke up at my own house.
Dad: Himeji! Are you okay?
Himeji: Yeah, dad. These are just minor injuries, that’s all...
Mom: My goodness, I won’t let this happen again! But, what shall I do?
Himeji: Mom, I could beat those guys out... So easy.
Mom: But not through violence, Himeji...
Dad: Aha! Why don’t you hire her a bodyguard?
Mom: That’s a great idea!
Himeji: Whaat?! But mom...
Mom: No buts! I’ll call for one right now.
Himeji: This is such a pain...
Tomorrow, I was putting my socks in. Dad came to me.
Dad: Himeji, your bodyguard will come with you before you got to school.
Himeji: If you insist....
- I left the house, saying goodbye to Mom and Dad. I was now on the street far from my house. But something felt wrong.
Himeji: Weird... My bag feels so light... ( opens the bag ) Whaat?! I left my lunchbox at my room.... But if I go back and get it, I’ll be late for school. Oh, what should I do now?!
- Just then, I felt someone following me. I looked back.
Himeji: Whoever you are, just show yourself to me!
- A man walked out of the shadows. He smiled, holding a familiar thing.
???: I believe you forgot this, Himeji-sama. ( hands the lunchbox )
Himeji: W- who are you?!
Yunohara: Yunohara Kizaki. At your service.
- The girls kept saying “ handsome “ to Yunohara. He was just smiling at them. I felt angry.
Himeji: Would you stop following me?!
Yunohara: But you’re my princess.....
Himeji: ( blushing ) P- princess?! Y- you got the wrong one.... Just go away!
Yunohara: You’re red, Hime- sama.
Himeji: My name’s Himeji!
Yunohara: Hime fits you because it means that you’re a princess..
Himeji: Stop teasing me! I’ll get redder than usual....
Yunohara: Okay, Hime-sama....
Himeji: C- can I call you Yuno?
Yunohara: Anything, Hime-sama.
- I went to my room. I was happy because he isn’t following me anymore.
Teacher: Alright, there will be a student who will be switching rooms.
- The door opened. I covered my eyes, it was him again!
Yunohara: Hello...
All Girls: ( shouting )
Teacher : You will be sitting next to Iya.
Yunohara: Teacher, I would like to sit next to Himeji.
Teacher: Himeji? Okay then, now it’s settled. We will continue our topic yesterday about Math.
- Yuno sitted next to me. I whispered to him.
Himeji: Didn’t I told you to stop following me?
Yunohara: Yeah, but I disagreed, right?
Himeji: Tch. Alright then, I’ll let you have the oppurtunity but just don’t try to get in my way.
Yunohara: Roger that, princess.
Himeji: Stop calling me princess!
Teacher: Ahem! Are you two whispering about our subject?
Himeji: S- sorry, Teacher...
- The class was still continuing. I was reading a book but suddenly, I looked at Yuno. He was also reading.
Himeji: ( He’s so cute... )
Yunohara: Is there something on my face, Hime-sama?
Himeji: N- nothing. It’s just that you look so absorbed in reading.... Nevermind...
- The class ended. It was lunchtime. I sat on the table, alone. Just then, Yuno sat on the chair beside me.
Himeji: Y- you again....
Yunohara: Is something the matter?
Himeji: Uhmm... Thank you... For giving me my lunchbox....
Yunohara: Welcome, princess.
- I ate my lunch, takoyaki. Just then, Yuno called me.
Himeji: What is it?
Yunohara: Did you know that you’re so cute while you’re reading?
Himeji: Wh- whaat?! Th- that’s not true.. You’re also cute too! ( covers the mouth ) Oh my gosh...
Yunohara: I- I’m cute? Thank you, princess....
Himeji: I didn’t meant to say that!
Yunohara: I know....
- After lunch, we came back to the room. 8 classes were finished and it was time to go home.
Yunohara: I can carry you home, Hime-sama.
Himeji: I have enough of you.... I don’t need a bodyguard and I don’t need you!
- He just stared at me. I ran away, hiding.
Himeji: Good, he’s gone....
Boss: Well, well, well, look who’s here...
Himeji: It’s you again!
Boss: Suffer with a powerful punch! ( lands a punch )
- I was so scared, I couldn’t move at all. Suddenly, I was far from them. Someone was carrying me.
Himeji: Y- Yuno!
Boss: Hey you, surrender her to me or you’ll die too!
Yunohara: I am her bodyguard so I’ll kill you first!
- He landed attacks on them. With so much injury, they ran away. Yuno was still carrying me.
Yunohara: You’re saved now, Hime- sama.
Himeji ( crying ) I’m so sorry, Yuno! I shouldn’t have said that I didn’t need you!
Yunohara: S- stop crying , Hime-sama. ( But... she does look so adorable while crying.... )
Himeji: ( wipes off the tears ) Thank you, Yuno-kun.... ( smiling )
Yunohara: ( She’s so cute.... ) U- uh, let’s take you home now. Shall we?
Himeji: Sure! But will you put me down?
Yunohara: Sorry, Hime-sama.
- We both laughed. On that day, I started having feelings with Yuno.
Dad: Yunohara! Himeji!
Mom: Welcome home, safe and sound!
Yunohara: Can I rest first?
- He went to my bedroom. The door closed and looked at Dad.
Himeji: Is he going to live here?
Dad: Yeah. Why?
Himeji: Nothing. Will you tell me more about him?
Dad: Oh, okay. Back then, I had a friend named Nugon Kizuki. He was the father of Yunohara. But when Yunohara turned 5 years old, Nugon died in a car accident, so it was Ruki’s turn to take care of him.
Himeji: I see.... ( Now I felt pity towards him... Oh, Yuno... )
- From Himeji’s Room –
Yunohara: They’re talking about father...... ( closes the door )
2 days passed since I have Yuno by my side. I was starting to get used having a bodyguard.
One day, at school...
Teacher: I hate to say this but New Year’s coming so it’s a semester break starting tomorrow!
- The students applauded and cheered. We all went outside.
Himeji: Isn’t it exciting? 2 weeks, no school?!
Yunohara: Yeah. So what are you going to do now?
Himeji: Go to the festival, of course!
Yunohara: I see.....
Himeji: ( Weird, he’s someohow in a serious matter ) Wanna buy an ice cream? It’s my treat.
- We went to the plaza, it was afternoon. We were licking our ice cream.
Himeji: Will... you tell me what’s bothering you, Yuno?
Yunohara: Oh, it’s just that I remember father. I was just fearing that for now I have no family of my own...
Himeji: You can be our own family member.... Your welcome to my family anytime.
Yunohara: ( I made Hime worry... ) Thanks, Hime-sama.
- The day ended. The next morning, I came with Yuno while going to the mall.
My plan was to secretly buy a yukata to surprise Yuno during the festival. Upon entering, I ran away to only hear him shouting.
Yunohara: Hime-sama! Hime-sama! Where are you?!
- I took the short time to buy a yukata, which has a design of the sakura flowers. It was quite expensive but it was worth it. I ran back but not seeing Yuno. I went around and still didn’t saw him. I was now on the verge of crying.
Yunohara: Hime-sama?
Himeji: ( turns around ) Y- Yuno!
- He hugged me tight. I can’t escape. It kinda hurt.
Yunohara: Don’t you ever lose from my sight... Hime....
- This was the first time I heard him saying only my name. I hugged him back and rested my head on his shoulders.
- The New Year’s Eve came. There were full of people. Stalls and game stands were also there. It was like a paradise, only with such a crowd...
I was on a hill, I talked to Yuno.
Himeji: Yuno, will you bring 2 cottoncandies and 2 softdrinks?
Yunohara: Okay, but you better not escape from me again... Just stay here.
- He went away. There was a tall tree beside me. All I can do now is wait for him.
- 10 minutes passed, I saw him with the things I asked for.
Yunohara: Here are your cottoncandies and softdrinks.
Himeji: Why are you giving them all to me? One of them is for you silly.
Yunohara: But I used your money for this.
Himeji: It’s okay...
Yunohara: There are Fireworks Display going to be held here. Let’s go in now so we can watch it.
Himeji: No, I have an idea.
We both climbed up the tree, the Fireworks were fantastic.
Yunohara: You’re so smart, Hime.
Himeji: Why aren’t you calling me Hime-sama?
Yunohara: U-uh, I just wanted to ask.... Can we be lovers?
Himeji: Eeeehhh???!!! W- what are you saying?
Yunohara: ( Oh no! I admitted it. ) I-I like you... Hime.... That’s all I have to say...
Himeji: ( Yuno likes me.... ) I- I do too!
Yunohara: What do you mean?
Himeji: I love you... Yuno....
- He widened his eyes, then he smiled. He held my cheeks up high and he kissed me. His lips were soft.
Himeji: Why did you do that?
Yunohara: Is it okay? I kissed you because I just thought that we’re now lovebirds...
Himeji: O-oh, it’s alright..... I love you, Yuno...
Yunohara: I love you, Hime...
- The New Year’s Eve was fun. Now that I was with Yuno.
Himeji: Whaat?! I failed the test?
- I was holding my test paper with the score 70.
Yunohara: But Hime, any score higher than 70 percent isn’t that bad at all.
Himeji: But I want my grade to be 100 percent!!!
Teacher: Yuno, here’s your test exam.
Yunohara: I- I got a hundred?
Himeji: You’re so unfair, Yuno! You will be my enemy right now.
Yunohara: N-no! Let’s not turn it this way... I will teach you, then. Later, we will review the lessons over Science and History. Tomorrow will be Math and English.
Himeji: Okay then.... You better not teach me wrong stuff!
Yunohara: Relax, I’ll never do such a thing to my Princess.
Himeji: ( blushing ) Stop calling me Princess!
We went to the house. He got out a lot of books, thick ones.
Yunohara: Let’s study until midnight!
Himeji: Yeah! Wait, I can’t study that long.
Yunohara: Just kidding....
The room was quiet. I can only hear the clock ticking.
Yunohara: Time to ask you what you have learned... In Science, he was the one who made the theory that planets follow an elliptical around the sun, who is it?
Himeji: Johannes Kepler!
- Yuno asked so many things that I got confused.
Mom: Yuno, Hime, let’s eat some dinner.
- At the Dining Room.
Himeji: Oh man, eggs?!
Mom: Eat it, it’s delicious.
Himeji: But I hate eggs...
Yuno: Did you know that eggs can sharpen your memory and also give you nutrients for the brain?
Himeji: Really? I don’t know that. Well, I guess I’ll try.
- I stabbed my chopsticks on the egg. I took a bite and found myself craving for more.
- After supper, we came back to the room and studied.
Tomorrow, I woke up. It was dark because it was midnight. Strangely, I felt warm. I looked back and saw Yuno hugging me!
Himeji: W- why are you here?!
Yunohara: H- Hime.... Sorry, I got tired and somewhat slept here. I- I should leave now then..... Sweet dreams, princess....
- He closed the door, I was still red as ever. I realized that it has been a month and a half since he started living with me.
It was Wednesday, the day for all of us classmates to dance for the School’s 8th Anniversary Party.
We were practicing on dancing in the Gymnastics Room. Of course, the teacher said that the boys would pick their partners.
Teacher: First of all, Yunohara. Now pick your partner.
- The girls were screaming and blushing. Yuno was walking towards me. He held my hand and kissed it!
Yunohara: Teacher, she will be my partner.
Teacher: Sure, why not.
Monami: Teacher, you do know the saying “ Girls First “ right?
Teacher: What is it now?
Monami: If you do, then the girls should be the one picking their partners.... So if you allow me to, I pick Yunohara!
Himeji: ( This woman is such a pain )
Teacher: I have no choice but to agree. She’s right....
- Yunohara whispered to me saying “ I’m so sorry, Princess... “
He held his hand to Monami and she grinned at me. We were dancing, I was focused on looking at Yuno.
It was lunchtime. I approached Monami, the said woman who is popular in school.
Himeji: Don’t even try to make me mad, Monami.
Monami: Stop wasting your time, your not even popular. I am matched with Yunohara. Not even a poor girl like you can stop me.
Himeji: Tch. Let me tell you this, I, myself, can stop you....
Monami: Try it then...
We were walking towards home. Yuno talked to me.
Yunohara: Is something the matter, Hime?
Himeji: Do you have romantic feelings for Monami?
Yunohara: Why do you ask? Of course not. You’re the one I like, Hime. Are you saying you’re jealous?!
Himeji: Wh- whaat?! I’m not jealous. I am just curious.
Yunohara: Really then?
- I turned my face away from him.
Yunohara: Do you know how it makes me happy to see you jealous and angry just because of me? It’s like you have your own war just for me.
Himeji: S- stop teasing me!
- We both went home. For many days in school, jealous and in fitting rage, the Party came.
Mom: You must hurry, Hime! You’ll be late....
Himeji: I know, mom!
- I went outside the room, wearing the gown. Yuno was just looking at me. He was wearing a tuxido.
Yunohara: Let’s go now, Hime.
- We both went to the school. It was cold that night. There were so many people, only my classmates and the teachers. Parents of ours too.
Dad: Have fun, you two.
- We went away from the parent’s area. It was the time to dance at the center.
Yunohara: Aren’t you coming, Hime?
Himeji: N- not now....
- The dance started.
Monami: Do your best moves, Yuno....
- They were holding hands. I felt so angry now. The teacher came to me.
Teacher: You’re envious, right?
Himeji: How did you know?
Teacher: I could feel it from you. You’ll owe me one for now.
- The teacher made me went to the stage where the microphone was standing there. The teacher stopped the music and announced that to listen.
Teacher: Sorry for the interruption, but Miss Himeji wants to say something.
- I was blushing at that time, quite nervous.
Yunohara: ( What are you doing, Hime? )
Monami: ( Seriously, what are you up to? )
Himeji: Attention, everyone... You may know me as Himeji Takumashi... The said delinquent in this school.... I may be a delinquent but from here...... But from here....
- I ran away, crying. I can almost hear the people gasping.
Yunohara: ( running away )
Monami: Wait! Where are you going?
Yunohara: I’m going to where Hime is.
Monami: Let her be, Yuno!
Yunohara: And why should I?!
Monami: Y- you’re not a prince!
Yunohara: I am not a prince, but you will know me as Hime’s bodyguard ( runs away )
- Back at the stage, I was crying. I even said that I humiliated myself.
Yunohara: You’re pretty brave, aren’t you?
Himeji: Who’re you calling brave? I’m crying, don’t you see?
Yunohara: Anyway, why are you crying?
Himeji: That’s because... That’s because.... I want you to be only mine! I don’t want you into any other girl’s arms. I just want you to be by my side......
Yunohara: So you’re saying you are selfish when it comes to me?
Himeji: Th- that’s right!
Yunohara: ( carries Himeji ) Let’s go back outside, this time, I’m with you.....
- From the inside, I could see the stage, the teacher was speaking. We both went out, the people were... clapping and smiling!
Teacher: That’s all.
- Yuno putted my down. The teacher went to me. I asked her what happened.
Teacher: Surprise, surprise, all of them liked the both of you, how the lovebirds reacted to each other.
Himeji: L-lovebirds!?
After the party, we went out. Monami was approaching me.
Monami: How amazing of you, Himeji. You really loved him but I got in the way...
Himeji: What’s up with you?
Monami: I hate Yunohara now! I only want a princely man. Well, bye, bye.
Himeji: Hey, Yuno, let’s go home...
Yunohara: Not yet, I have other things in mind. Just hold my hand.
- I followed what he said. We were walking. We suddenly came to a place where plants and roses were there, a fountain with clear water was also standing there.
Himeji: Why are we here?
Yunohara: Mind if we dance?
- He gave me his hand, we both danced the ballroom steps under the moonlight... For this time, I loved how Yuno’s face was near to me....
- After the day of the party, there was a class dismissing. That Monday, we came to school again.
Himeji: I passed the exam!
- I was holding the test paper with the score 100 percent. The moth today is March, probably the last month in school days.
Yunohara: We have to study so much today, since the Last Quarter Exams are near.
Himeji: Hey, what course will you get?
Yunohara: I don’t know...
Himeji: Oh, come on. Okay, just tell me what hobbies you like to do.
Yunohara: Writing my own novels.
Himeji: I like drawing. So the course I’m taking in college is Arts.
Yunohara: But.... we won’t be together if we take our own courses.....
- He was right at the time, I became disappointed ever since I heard that.
Himeji: It’s only at school, right? We’ll still be together at home.
Yunohara: Oh, you’re correct....
It was the Graduation Day. Many students were having their diplomas. That’s why time their was slow.
Himeji: So much crowd in there, huh?
Yunohara: You’re sweating, Hime.
Himeji: I know... It’s summer tomorrow, meaning we’ll have lots of time together before going to college.
Yunohara: Let’s spend those days being happy, Hime.
- We both went home, Dad was reading a broisure.
Dad: It’s decided! Tomorrow, we will go to the beach!
Yunohara: Am I included too, Mr. Takumashi?
Dad: You know, you shouldn’t be calling me Mr. Takumashi....
Yunohara: But I respect you so much.
Dad: Respect me.... as your dad, my son.
- Dad patted his head. He smiled, Yuno cried and hugged Dad tightly.
Yunohara: I’ll become a better son to you, new dad!
Mom: How about me, Yuno?
Yunohara: Of course, I won’t forget you, mom!
- It was happy to see him as my new family member. That afternoon...
Mom: Hey, let’s watch a horror movie. This is “ The Ring “.
- She played the tape. We all watched it, it terrified the hell out of me!
That night...
Yunohara: ( wakes up ) Strange, why do I feel like it’s so crowded?
Himeji: ( sleeping )
Yunohara: She’s sleeping beside me!
- I woke up because I heard him shouting.
Himeji: Is it morning, Yuno?
Yunohara: Why are you beside me?
Himeji: I’m scared, Yuno. And it’s cold too....
Yunohara: ( smiles then hugs Himeji ) Don’t worry, I’m your bodyguard, I won’t let anything happen to you....
Himeji: ( blushing ) S- sweet dreams, Yuno...
We were now preparing the luggages because we are going to the beach and hotel and stay there for 5 days.
For 3 hours travel, we came to the Kyoto Resort.
Yunohara: What should we do now?
Himeji: Let’s ask from Dad.
Dad: Don’t mind us, we are just going to rent a room at the hotel....
Himeji: ( He has sharp ears! ) Okay... Why don’t we swim then?
Yunohara: Let’s rent a boat first, so we can travel the inner parts of the waters.
Himeji: Good Idea!
- We rented a boat, then Yuno was pushing the boat towards the water while I was inside it. When it was floating, he jumped in.
Himeji: Wh- what are you doing?!
Yunohara: ( wearing away the shirt ) This is the beach, since it’s hot, I need to take this shirt away.
Himeji: ( He’s half naked.... ) U- uhhmm....
Yunohara: You’re red... Is it that super hot today?
Himeji: N- no, it’s just that... you’re so cute...
Yunohara: Are you saying, I’m the one that’s hot?
Himeji: I- I didn’t mean to say that!
Yunohara: You’re so cute while blushing...
Himeji: I said stop teasing me!
Yunohara: Don’t you want me half- naked?
Himeji: Yes I do want it but girls might like you..
Yunohara: So you might get jealous?
Himeji: Yes!!!
- He smiled and hugged me, I blushed mad red!
Himeji: Why are you hugging me!?
Yunohara: This will be the last time you’ll see me half naked so you need a remembrance.
Himeji: It’s not funny!
- He started wearing his shirt. After the tour, we went to the shore, I saw my parents.
Mom: Let’s eat some barbecque first.
Himeji: Let’s go, Yuno.
Dad: Wait, Himeji, I need to talk with Yuno first. You two go.
Himeji: Okay, dad. We’ll wait for you.
Dad: Hey, Yuno.
Yuno: What is it, dad?
Dad: I heard your love with Hime. It was during the Party.
Yuno: W- what about it?
Dad: I just want you to not make her cry, to make her smile. So in the future, I can expect you as my son- in- law....
Yuno: Son- In- Law? Do you mean...
Dad: Yes, as Hime’s husband.
We were now eating barbecques. For me, I was celebrating for Yuno’s 2 months in my life.
That night, I can’t see where Yuno was.
Himeji: Mom, have you seen Yuno?
Mom: Huh, he said he was going to buy something, didn’t he told you?
Himeji: No, he didnt’t.
- I waited for him outside, the beach was empty since it was dark. I was walking by the shores just then, I saw someone running, it was Yuno!
Himeji: Yuno, where the heck did you went?
Yuno: I’m serious now, Hime...
- He knelt to the ground, holding a box with a ring.
Yunohara: Will you marry me?
- I was quiet, at that time. In me, I was shouting...
Himeji: No..
Yunohara: But I love you, Hime. And you love me too, why can’t you agree?
Himeji: Not yet, Yuno.... Not this time... Of course, I want to marry you but I’m not ready to be your wife and also not ready to be a mother.
Yunohara: So you really want to have kids? You and me?
Himeji: Yes! I want to have so many kids with you. I love you so much, more than enough.
- He hugged me, whispering to my ear.
Yunohara: Thanks, even though you rejected me, it’s music to my ears to hear you say that.
- I can see Mother and Father smiling for us.
The night ended. It was the best thing ever happened to me.

After 5 days, we came back home.
Himeji: So are you saying that you already approved that.... me and Yuno can marry?!
Dad: Yeah, why?
Himeji: I can’t believe this but some years ago, you rejected every man who likes me!
Dad: Yeah, but Yuno is different. I can see that he can take care of you.
Himeji: You really changed, Dad.
- 2 months passed, it was time for me and for Yuno to go to their own colleges.
At home....
Himeji: How’s college, Yuno?
Yunohara: It’s okay but the teacher is so wild and aggressive. Ho about you?
Himeji: It’s okay, the teacher always corrects my drawings.
One day, I went to college alone since Yuno was sick of colds. At school, however, I can’t concentrate. I really think about Yuno.
Wataya: What’s wrong, Himeji-san?
Himeji: Oh, nothing.
Wataya: You like someone, don’t you?!
Himeji: Eeeh?!
Teacher: Quiet down, class. Hey, Himeji. Mr. Yuno sent this letter to you.
Himeji: Really?!
- I took the letter and went to the bathroom. The letter says:
“ This is the first time I sent you a letter. So I need to make this special. Good luck at school and don’t worry about me. You need to study hard for our future, right? “
- He even draw a happy face. I smiled. With that, I went back to the classroom and began to focus on the teacher.
- I went home quickly. I saw Yuno on bed.
Yunohara: Oh, Hime. Have you read my letter?
Himeji: Yes. You helped me back there so it’s my turn to help you.
- I heard a knock on the door. It was Mom, bringing a tray with chicken soup on it.
Mom: Oh, Hime. Will you excuse me, I need to feed Yuno right now.
Himeji: N- no, mom! I will feed him. Let me take care of him.
Mom: Thank you, Hime. Now I can wash the clothes. Bye.
- She left. Yuno looked at me and sat.
Yunohara: But Hime, I can eat alone. You can do whatever you want.
Himeji: No! I missed you at school and I can’t let this chance pass by.
- He smiled. I took the spoon and scooped some soup and neared it onto his mouth.
Yunohara: You know, if our child gets sick, you will feed him like this, right?
Himeji: Y- you always think ahead, Yuno.
Yunohara: Of course, I am excited about how our future would be!
- With that what he said, we both studied hard at school and finally we both finished four years in college!
Himeji: We finished college, what are we going to do now?
Yunohara: Work, you silly.
Himeji: But we’ll be really apart since then....
- He patted my head. I looked at him.
Yunohara: Who says we’re going to be seperated?
Himeji: But we will have different jobs then!
Yunohara: I’ve thought of a plan. I write books and their stories and you... will draw pictures of them. We both will make our own office.
Himeji: That’s... a great idea!!!
- For so many days, the building was now built. I hugged Yuno at his accomplishment. Bu what worried me was....
Himeji: It’s so expensive! It’s 800,000 yen!
Yunohara: Don’t worry, I got the money already. Are you happy now, Hime?
Himeji: Yeah, you’re so amazing, Yuno!
That night, Yuno came to me.
Yunohara: Let’s go, Hime.
Hime: What is it? Why the formal outfit?
Yunohara: You’ll know it, now let’s go. It’s okay if you don’t change your outfit.
- He kept holding my my hand while walking. We reached the same destination, the place with the fountain.
Yunohara: I hope this is the right time.... Will you marry me?
Himeji: I- I don’t know what to say.... But yes! Yes, I do.
Yunohara: Really?! I’m so glad.
- He hugged me and pulled me up. I laughed at him and he, too, did the same.
It was the Wedding Day, people and even my classmates were visitors there. I was in the limousine with Mother sitting beside me.
Himeji: Yuno is really handsome...
Mom: Let’s go out now, I can’t wait!
I was at the center, walking ahead and looking at Yuno who was waiting for me.I held his hand and we faced forward. The priest was speaking. He and I exchanged rings and promises. It was the Best Day in my whole life.
After that, we bought a house and lived happily in there.
After 10 weeks.....
Yunohara: Hi, dad.
Dad: It’s you! How is Himeji?
Yunohara: Do you wanna hear the bad news or the good news?
Dad: The bad news.
Yunohara: Okay, she’s sick. She’s warm and vomits.
Dad: How about the good news?
Yunohara: She’s pregnant!
- Yuno came back with my parents. They were full of smiles and laughter.
Mom: What would you name him if it’s a boy?
Himeji: It’s Yuno to decide, Mom.
Dad: But what will be her name if it’s a female?
Himeji: Uh, I don’t know yet.... Uhmmm..... How about Yukana?
Yunohara: That’s a good name, it’s decided if it’s my gender, it will be Yukano.
Dad: But you just changed their last letters!
- For months, my stomach kept bulging. But during 9th month...
Himeji: It hurts!!!! ( Come out now, Yukana )
Outside the Room....
Yunohara: Will she be alright?
Dad: Let’s just hope for her....
The baby came out, I could feel it.
I could hear the baby crying. I smiled as the nurse brought Yukana near to me. My family came in.
Yunohara: Yukana.....
Himeji: She’s so cute... isn’t she?
Yunohara: Of course she’s cute, she looks like you!
Himeji: I’m so glad I got to have a daughter with you......
Yunohara: Me too, Hime.... Just rest for now, okay? Because I want you to be home already so we can take care of Yukana.
- I smiled and went to sleep. After 2 days, I was now back on the house.
After 8 years.....
Himeji: How’s school, Yukana?
Yukana: It’s okay, Mom. I’ve written my own story, would you like to read it?
Himeji: Maybe later, I’m busy cooking your favorite dish. Why don’t you go to Dad instead?
Yukana: Okay!
- Yukana was now eight years old, walking and running already. I was smiling as I saw her approaching Yuno, while he was reading her paper.
Himeji: Dinner’s ready!
Yunohara: Alright, I’m hungry!
Yukana: How was my story, Dad?
Yunohara: You really surpassed me. You know, maybe you could be the one ruling my company once you grow up.
Yukana: That’s a hard one, Dad...
Yunohara: ( laughing ) Let’s eat now.
Yukana’s P. O. V
Dad was praising me. I felt very proud of myself. We were always a happy family until I turned 25 years old.....
Himeji: (crying)
Yunohara: It’s okay, Hime.... Stop crying.... Of course, Dad and Mom doesn’t want this to happen to.... They also didn’t want to die...
Himeji: I need to stop crying... For Yukana..... I don’t want her thinking anything else....
- They came home. I was smiling.
Himeji: ( inhales ) Okay! ( I need to smile )
Yukana: What are you saying, Mom?
Himeji: I just thought of something just to give to you.
Yukana: A gift? What for?
Himeji: I don’t know... I’ll just go to the bathroom.
- The door creeked closed. I asked Dad about the weird things happening to Mom. He said about Grandfather and Grandmother’s death.
Yunohara: Why don’t you make your mom happy?
Yukana: But how?
Yunohara: By writing a book just for her.
Yukana: But what story will I write in the book?
Yunohara: About our love story. ( smiles )
- That night, he told the things that happened between them years ago. I was there, writing all of it on pieces of paper.
- We hadn’t told Mom about this and she doesn’t know even a little bit of our plan.
- When Mom was out shopping, I took my time with Dad to publish the book. It will be out after 5 months.
- After the said months, I talked to Mom.
Yukana: Mom, let’s all buy something from the store. It’s a surprise to you!
Himeji: For me? Well then, let’s go.
- We went to the bookstore.
Yukana: Look Mom, there’s a famous book entitled “ Flame In My Heart: The Burning Feeling “.
Himeji: You’re right.
Yukana: That’s my gift to you. Even though it’s so expensive, it’s yours anyway.
- At the cashier, I paid 3,000 yen. I told Mom to read it when we would come home. That’s why upon arrival to our house, she went to her room and began reading it.
Yukana: How is it, Mom?
Himeji: Wait a minute, this story is so familiar.....
Yukana: Really? Dad told me to write this book just for you.
Himeji: Really?
- She went out of the room and hugged Dad.
Yunohara: What’s wrong and... why are you crying?
Himeji: I’m so glad I married you!
Yukana: Should I write this in the second part of the story?
- We all laughed. After writing the ending of the second part of the book, I left. However, I came back to the table. Holding a pen and wrote at the last page:
“ Life Is A Never- Ending Story “
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