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I like my pancakes to be light and fluffy. Here is my recipe for a light savoury pancake.

I have to say the most important thing for me when I make a pancake, it that’s it is light and fluffy. None of that heavy doughy stuff, this here is my recipe for a light savoury pancake perfect for a quick lunch, easy to make, not very expensive and great way to get the kids to eat their spinach.

What you need:

-          1 big handful of spinach leaves, washed dried and chopped
-          1 large spring onion diced into very small cubes
-          2 garlic cloves crushed and chopped finely
-          10 cherry tomatoes sliced in quarters

-          1 egg separated
-          160ml oat milk
-          2 tbsp baking powder
-          128g of self raising flour
-          1 tbsp of cottage cheese (you can use natural yoghurt if you don’t have any.)

Ok now that you know what you need lets cook this MutherF**ker:

first thing we are going to do is mix all your dry ingredients together, flour baking powder, you should also add a pinch of salt, and just set the mixture aside

Now you need to separate your egg yolk from your egg white, be very careful do not break the yolk. Look I know it sounds silly but it’s for good reason you’re going to whisk your egg whites to incorporate air making them firm, fat will stop the whites whisking properly and guess where all the fat in an egg is? In the yolk. So when you separate your egg try not breaking the yolk.

Now that you have separated your egg (without breaking the yolk) you are going to whisk the white to incorporate air till it becomes firm.

Ok now in a frying pan put in a few drops of oil, wait till its heated, and throw in your spring onions, whites and green, the garlic, the cherry tomatoes and cook lightly, you do not want it over done.

Mix the milk, cottage cheese and the egg yolk to the dry ingredients to form a past add a pinch of salt to taste; then add your spinach and your cooked tomatoes and mix well. Now slowly fold in your egg white to the mixture. You now have a nice fluffy batter.

Heat your pan, add a few drops of oil, spoon in your pancake mix and cook. Remember when it starts to bubble on top flip it over. If you tap the top of your pancake and hear a hollow sound, then it’s ready. I normally stalk them; top them with a spoonful of cottage cheese and parmesan shavings. Bonne appetite. 
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