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by light
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know the meaning of life and death..treat your life as a gift
Sometimes it feels like life is very precious each and every second we have is a gift of life.when a person dies either we know him or not for sure he will  not come back alive. Dear ones who love him will always remember him but continue their lives living in his memories.. thats the end of life..and  life after death is living in ones memories forever..life is  precious thing it comes only once.it is we who have to make it beautiful and it is we who always a part of it. Do always good and live happy with whatever you have.live content for  you are alive now..enjoy each and every part of it(life).what i say is even if u die,we have to live in death that is we have to be in a position to accept it whole heartedly.we should welcome death when time comes..to achieve that stage one have to live in a life..there is a quote saying"may you live life" i donno who quoted it..i found it somewhere else..but it really have a meaning,one should be a life of thy's life...rather bothering of worldly possessions,craving for bad things...just smell  your life as your smelling the just blossomed bud!! Do always good,make your parents happy.love your spouse,give some charity,pray always,love your friend..for these always gives you a pleasant and peaceful life..and also make u r valuable life meaningful..that one day when u ask your self what i did to this world and what is my contribution from  my life to this world...?when u got answer in urself..then u can happily leave your last breath...that is what everyone wish for and i wish for...!!!

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