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Is he Swedish?
      Imagine a world where there are no wars.
      Everyone is happy and peaceful.
      Sounds silly?

      I always get the Bush presidents mixed up.
      The dad was the head of the CIA and did not want to invade Iraq.
      The son was.. hmmm. Well, he got elected president too.
      He invaded Iraq because of the 9/11 terrorist attack, but most of
      the terrorist involved in the 9/11 terrorist attack were Saudi.
      Bin Ladin was of the Saudi royal family. He was the mastermind behind the
      terrorist attack on the Twin Trade Towers on 9/11.

      Today, according to the 2011 Bush treaty , American troops have been
      reduced in the Iraqi democracy. And the terrorist have returned.
      The terrorist waited out the occupying troops
      and then attacked soft targets.

      I watched Jon Voight on Huckelberry for Fox News demand more American troops
      in Iraq.
      I'm wondering if Mr. Voight wants a permanent American base in Iraq.
      Then, I wonder why I'm taking this hippie seriously. I can see Angelina 's lips
      on his Swedish face.  Obviously, bombs will put an end to the indigenous
      population, but that is not nation building. It's genocide.

      If I could speak directly to Jon Voight's psyche, I would shout ~

                                !  You are never going to kill all the terrorist  !

      An idea is like a virus. Once it's in the public mind it gains power;
      an example ~

                                a)  The government lies and cannot be trusted  !

                                b)  Question everything and trust no one  !

                                c)  Prepare for doomsday  !

                                d)  Go hide in Montana  !

    Here's a middle eastern example ~

                                a)  God has spoken to me !

                                b)  Kill all the none believers !

    The second example is what is happening in Iraq.  Let's assume Jon Voight,
    is the President of the United States of America.  What can he do to stop Isis?
    Even if you nuke them, their belief in a holy war will continue. 

                                !  You cannot kill all the zealots !

    The Romans tried to kill Jesus and made him a messiah.
    The only way to fight an idea or faith is with education
    and, a strong police enforcement for self-preservation .
    I have heard Christian extremist say ~

                                      1,  Abortion is murder.
                                      2.  The punishment for murder is death !


    However, these same Christians are opposed to contraception and welfare assistance.
    They are willing to kill for their belief just like an Islamic Jidhadist, but they have no
    charity for single mothers.
    All of which leads to civil unrest and anarchy.

    "O Lord God, restore me I pray
    And strengthen me
    Only that I may be avenged
    Upon the Philistine for one of
    My two eyes." Samson prayed.

    He grasped the two pillars and brought
    their temple down upon them.

    Does this sound like terrorism?
    Were all Philistines evil
    even their children ?


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