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Some people can change way beyond what I ever thought possible. She was one.

-Before She Was-
by Keaton Foster

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There she is
A wilderness
Greatest creature
Her endless eyes
As deep as pools
Her precious heart
Stronger does it grow
Less and less
Does it control
Her powerful faith
Stands quite true
Like a mountain
Within her mind
Within her soul
She was once wicked
Abundantly wild
I don’t know her now
I knew her in that time
Back when she use to stand
In the middle of the road
Daring people
To run her down
Daring those unknown
To end all of her pain
She cared nothing of God
Or his rudimentary ideals
She wanted nothing to do
With faith and its promises
She just wanted to drink the pain away
Never for a second would she dare pray
Not for a moment would she convey
Any idea of what could change
Before she was
Something differing
Someone inconsistent
She wanted to end her life
She wanted to cease all strife
She was not afraid of what was next
Such an idea never crossed her heart
Never wandered through her mind
At that time and place
Is when I knew her well
Now I do not
Now she is someone else
A person entirely different
A being living past the mends
Willingly I commended her
And all that she did
I wish I could do the same
But I know that I cannot
Before she was
And now she’s not…

Before She Was
Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2014.

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