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About a Place
Tagaytay is a mountain ridge with an all-year-round cool climate which creates a dreamy yet breathtaking, fog-covered, isolated-like place.

It is known as one of the producers of pineapple in the country. Most of its land is covered with this herbaceous, perennial plant, exuding a picturesque sight. Motorist and tourist alike enjoy the beautiful, green landscape of this hilly place. The fresh air, the sweet scent of the plants and flowers, and attractive tropical colors provide relief to the weary soul living in the hectic and tiring schedule of urban life.

Local and foreign tourists also find Tagaytay a beautiful spot to view the second most active volcano in the country: the Taal Volcano, which is located on a lake adjacent to the flat land below the mountain.

However, residing here involves an adjustment in lifestyle. The city's economy depends much on the number of tourists visiting the place. Most city dwellers would ask,  "How do you earn a living in Tagaytay?" The businesses here profit only on weekends and on holidays. The laid-back atmosphere reflects the slow pace of business because most residents prefer to live on whatever their own land produces. Therefore, if a business has to be started, one has to be creative and to have sufficient backup funds since it would entirely rely on the tourists who are driving up.

Although tourists fill most of the establishments in those days, which is beneficial for business-minded people, it jams the two-lane highway of the province and causes the residents to remain in their homes.

All of these disadvantages cannot surpass the grandeur of this place and its tranquil ambiance that calms and soothes the soul. So I won't think of transferring again to another place. Tagaytay is so charming that I would rather live here for the rest of my life.

-FYI: Tagaytay is in the Philippines
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