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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Philosophy · #2000543
The prologue to an eventual Book

By Geoff Amidon


I'm going to start.  Since I have no idea what I'm doing, I'll start like this:           I always wondered what it meant to write in the first person. Or the second person, or the third person. When I decide how many people are helping me write my book I'll decide what person I'm writing in. I hope it's at least the 5th person (really I hope it's at least the l05th person).
Book definition  --  A set of written, printed or blank pages fastened along one side and encased between protective covers.  According to that my notebook here is a book I've already written.  That won't due - ah, here we go - A printed or written literary work.  OK.  And my book will become a tome, reality willing, and a tomb if, perchance I should die, but that aint gonna happen as you will discover if you keep reading.
Again - I'm going to start.  I have been trying for years, (lifetimes), to start writing a book.  Decided why I haven't started.  Sloth.  I still refuse to say I'm lazy.  Don't like that word,  If you keep reading you will find that I am obsessed with definitions, and rightly so,  I don't think it is lazy to just do what you want to do.  It is lazy to not do what you want to do.  It is pathological to not take the time to decide what you want to do. It's sloth-full to know what you want to do and be afraid to do it.  So I guess I'm saying that fear is the sin.  Now I'm confusing myself.  ( Start over)

For many lifetimes I've been trying to make myself write my book.  In some lifetimes I have written stories but never a book.  I guess a book is a long story.  Now I don't believe in fiction, so my book wont be fiction ( I better explain later what I mean by "not believing in" fiction).  I dont mean it's not good to read or write fiction, if YOU believe in it.  I mean I don't think fiction, (non-truth), exists. Now I'm confusing you.  (start over)

I......am......going......to......write......a......book.  Let's both try to not become confused.  You can help me decide what I am going to write about and how I will write it.

Now since we dont believe in fiction (which I have explained, a little, in a previous writing, I havn't written a book yet), we must decide what kind of a book we will write.  I mean what kind of a book I will write, you're just giving me ideas, (of course I will give you credit for your contributions).
DAMN!  There goes my mind into flights of fantasy again, and fantasy, I mean fiction doesnt even exist.  I guess fantasy isn't necesarily fiction. WHEW!
Gonna setle down now. Be serious Geoff, we know everything is soooo --- serious.
The reader wil have to determine what kind of book I have written :    (Don't bother if you don't want to.  See PS)

1.  Novel
2  Science Fiction
3.  Short Stories
4.  Non-Fiction
5.  Scientific
6.  Text Book
7.  Philosophy
8.  Historical Fiction
9.  Fantasy
10. Essays
11. Memoir
12. Biography
13. Autobiography
14. Poetry
15. History
16. Travelogue
17. Inspirational
18. Self-Help
19. Religious
20. Young Adult
21. Children's
22. Art Book
23. Cross Genre
24. All Of The Above

Maybe if we all get together, sit down and talk, when the book is done, (or maybe when It's half done) we can conclude, come to a concensus, decide, figure out, (something), what a book really is and what this book, in particular, really is.  But wait! How will we know if the book is half done until it's all done?
l do believe I have begun writing my book. Ha Ha I said believe.  That must be a literary affectation.  I dont 'believe' anything anymore!  a better word  is 'know' or maybe 'understand'.  Yes! UNDERSTAND!

Guess what?  I decided what kind of book I am writing!  -  At the moment anyway.  It is a philosophy book!  You're gonna learn soooo much!

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