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Alex uses his machine to go to different worlds, but why did he make it?
since the age of 5, Alex had been interested in technology. at the age of 10, a bad accident caused him to loose most of his memory. however, one memory was still there, and the more he worked on technology, the more he remembered. the memory? it was of him being in a world that was full of his favorite video game characters.

Alex was VERY playful, and only recently stopped playing video games and started working on technology. sure, he'd still play from time to time, but he focused more on working on machinery...especially since he had a one year old brother now. he usually wore a T-shirt and pants, both dark to hide any oil or grease stains. Alex loved technology and science, and often worked on both.

he looked at what should be a robot, but was more a pile of random wires strung together. he sighed "why can't I make something useful for a change!" he said, slamming his head on the table.

Sarah looked up from her research on mechanics. Sarah, Alex's twin, was always dressed in a bright shirt and skirt. while Alex was into the action of science and technology, Lilly loved researching them, which usually helped Alex. Lilly was always bright and perky, preferring to look on the bright side of things. she still played video games, but she analyzed them more than actually playing for enjoyment.

"just keep trying! you'll get it someday!" She said, optimistic as always.

"but then I'll be working on real-world problems!" Alex said, frustrated "I can't focus on my memory!"

"Memory?" Lilly asked, curiosity clear in her voice "did you finally get some back?"

Alex sighed, grabbing a random part and attaching wires to it "yea, just one though"

"what would that be?" Lilly asked.

"it was about video games" Alex replied "for some reason, I remember being inside all of them at once...as if the characters were in the real world" suddenly, a part clicked to life.

Sarah looked over "well, why don't you make a machine that can project a sort of virtual hub, where that would be possible"

Alex's eyes widened "that's an amazing idea!" he immediately went to work, while Sarah went to research.

and that is why Alex built his dimension hopper.

authors note: this is written WAY worse than my normal stories, but I wanted to make SOMETHING. so, here you go!
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