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short story length about a man named skarko and the four brotherhood members
So you want to hear a story huh. Well sit down you scrawny whelps and I’ll tell you a tale of love, loss, anger, revenge, and not to forget war. This story is about a man. Not quite a man more like a demon. With blades piercing through his arm as if connected to him. The blades seemingly rusty merely to get the foe to attack first. To make it a fair fight in his opinion but quickly turns one sided in his favor closest to bone fragments and yet indestructible in their way but moving on to the story
(legend of blade arm)
Where should I begin his name is or was himako before the experiment that changed his life I show no sympathy for what happened he brought it upon himself post experiment he looked of pale skin with cuts dwelling in his torso and limbs blood dripping through pores slowly like a dripping faucet. This image may be seemingly erelivant but a great detail none the less the hair surprisingly spikey with a blood red coloring what is his age. I can't say for sure more would you if you saw him clothing already realize he has no shirt on wearing a military camo pants he wasn’t one for piercings so none of that was implemented the most noticeable feature is right there connected to his arm that’s where the name comes from.
The vibes I get off of him is anger. He despises most around him to the point of fighting to the death. Of course as a human he did nothing to fight. But after the project he enlisted to. His fears were gone. Only rage stayed within those cold blank eyes were friends him and I all he wanted was an ally while he was human he suffered through living in an abusive household with a murderer of a father that later when he was a teen his father took his life right in front of himako. Sad shit huuu, well as his father was alive. One by one the maniacal father killed his sons family. All forteen of them one a year guess who was lucky number one. That’s right the birthgiver of him. He was there to witness the shows, or forced to in that case. He was orphaned at age fourteen going from humans to solace deformed creatures, that consider him part of their family. But at the demonic school for the gifted, is a different story. At the fighting ring it always ended one-sided for the actual gifted demon offspring. Even as his foster family's son challenges him defeat him. The fighting ring is mainly just a pit with death traps same as what you see in mortal kombat games. Lucky himako didn't fall in any of the distinct traps while he was human. But when he saw an experiment center worthy of a human, to transform demon he obliged without thinking twice
The project, was just some excuse to torture humans who live within this realm. When he went in he went through trials of medication, physical harm while the “Doctors”, laugh behind a soundproof two way mirror just at the end of the bloodstained “practice chamber”. What they called it. By the time he was pronounced, incompetent to live they allowed one final experiment, which was supposed to kill him but only made him a true demon. The himako that was born a human, died. Now he’s considered blade arm the avenger of the damned. That’s close to the time when I met him.

(“demon brotherhood”)
The rage was building, with every battle he fought. Near bloodied and beaten fighting against a demon seemed completely one sided. Right when he was about to deal the final blow, he noticed something on my arm, that connected us as one and connected our rage. “theres no point killing merely fober such as you, I withdraw you win. Go celebrate and drink to your victory “Mortal”
He left with an irritatingly forced grin, revealing his blade within his arm. The only reply that the bystanders showed was an astonished open mouth or whatever part of their body they eat with. I limp with my least damaged leg up front. Seemingly as though he planned to spare me.
Blood forming a path where I stumbled, tripped, crawled and then eventually forming a pool on the hammock that the injured must sleep in. its more of a punishment. To suffer injury is a insult to demons in this realm im sure that blade arm, which ill now refer to as himako, had his reason to spare me. But that was a mystery, even up to now.

While I lay on the freezing cold cloth, that has too much molded up blood stains that I should be more worried of infection to being comfortable. But instead of getting a blood borne pathogen. I think to myself why the most favored demon spare a welp like me. That’s when it hit me I was in the same experiment he was in we both worked together to escape but how could I forget that I look at my hand with the crossed number tattoo they placed on my wrist when I entered the project, I do remember. What I don’t remember is the ability, I was introduced to. But that only made me more wonder what and how we returned to this place. Then I realize I formed an alliance with the most powerful warrior himako and he will be the only warrior that will trust me and that’s all I need.
In the morning I was welcomed with a stomp on the chest hacking up blood due to the pain of the fight the past night my sight was a blur with a darkened, film. What I could distinguish was a blade, inches from my throat.
“so you show more trust than expected skarko, (oh yeah the names skarko if you're wondering would be the author but no its skarko) I almost forgot that time in the place known as project deathclock. The name gave it an interesting idea, but not at all to protect and serve the weak if you haven't shown me the tattoo on your arm I would have killed you right then and there, haa haa you must’ve forgot the day you destroyed the fortress”my eyes widened I manage to mutter
“what happened, and how was I the one to destroy the base of operation deathclock…” I said before himako interrupted. “I believe you will remember that later, but I came to say thanks for releasing us so as I was saying thank you skarko i'll be waiting for you to heal. With that he nodded and walked to battle arena
I try sitting up but coughing red chunks made me think otherwise. In addition to that there was pain surging from me, head to toe. Keeping me bedridden for the night. As I lay my eyes spiraled following one of the slow rotating rusty industrial fan blades with nearly no power. Revolving once every ten seconds.
When I closed my eyes I pictured the faculty. Surveillance cameras in every room, the rooms can easily be described as the cliché forms of many hospital surgery rooms. Seeming if still during surgery, with a discount surgeon doing the operation. Closed behind gun towers and pronounced ny indestructible from it’s builder the walls are in the form of shield points. But anything can be destroyed even an immortal, even a god. But one god can’t die,said from within the hospital prison known as deathclock the one to free all captives is that god. I believed it was himako but when he said “thank you for saving us skarko” I played those six words in my head. There was no way I was sleeping peacefully not with shere pain, convulsions, coughing bloody chunks. I was awake for several days when I actually closed my eyes pain fled what I heard. That’s bad news to lose pain receptors. Ill just have to wait and see if I wake up in the morning.

(random encounter to reconcile addon)
“wake up the wounds are sutured very crudely but, still good enough to stop the twitching, wake up. Are you deaf” I opened my eyes slowly and I was greeted by a female demon I believe they're called succubuses as a species pretty lass but. Has an unmistakable missing chunk on the right cheek. In this world they consider that a honorable women mark. The demon standing beside me is wearing a ocean blue half shirt revealing a belly button piercing in the form of a diamond,with a long skirt walking in red stiletto heels.
So you’re the one the campus was talking about the one blade arm spared hmm you seem startled did I frighten you”
“his name is Himako,at least I refer him as such”

Ah yes I do remember a himako around here at least I did. During those experiments what were they trying to create was it to bring back a cursed demon deathblood they wanted I guess they did finish. But I haven’t seen to possess at least not yet, when I do I hope it'll except me as its bloodbound love. Can I ask you something? Whats your name?”
“my what?” I asked
Whats..your.. name?! if I may ask.” She belligerently said
Skarko what's yours, and do be polite about it please.”
I asked with a feeling of regret due to remembering her
“jen. Hey how did you know blade arms human name was himako… wait did you say your name was skarko.”
“yes! Why?”
“show me your arm now.”
What the hell do you want?”
Don’t be a bastard, or pain will follow. Hmm you seem tense pain is of the mind get over it human!” the calm face turned sour and I then realized why she got the chunk taken out. As a little stream of blood leaves those sharp curved teeth.
“just show me your arm” I started lifting my still sore arm reaching up and turning to show what I think she wants to know. “brandished a test subject deemed unfit to live based on the laws of project deathclock.” To sum all of it up they signified unfit personal. By slashing out the numbers. To the doctors, it’s the mark of death
“it is you, skarko thank you and sorry for doubting you forgive me i'll be taking my leave now.”
She nods but I interrupted her “wait”
I stopped her by the door “hhooww??”
I was frozen. No pain but how I blocked her exit even when just seconds ago I was laying in the hammock was too surprising for me to explain. She froze as well but wasn’t not as shocked as I am.
“it seems you're better, we can we talk later?”
“NO! now. Why say thank you to me? What did I do back in the now crumbled fortress, answer me bitch. What happened there!”she turned facing the hammock clenching her fists
Letting out a sigh she says “you don’t remember do you”
Grinding her teeth “ explain to me and give me a reason why your said thank you I know you're mad after that but give a damn reason-“ she suddenly clung to my arm, as if to say save me. She whimpers transparent cold tears run down the side of her cheek as she look at me in sadness “I trust you that’s all you saved me and the others we are all in your debt” holding out her arm revealing numbers with a signature pattern for the infirmary or torture zone specified men doctors against women prisoners. I hope that’s all I have to say, I don’t want to go into too much detail. (please understand what I mean)
I replied to the gesture by cautiously grabbing her branded arm to calm the shaking but as I was pain regrouped I then realized as if adrenaline fuelled the pain receptors to fade rage same as the big green giant that I enjoyed reading of his adventures as rage decreases the power weakens just as quick when
anger forms power seismically forms I look back at the cut on my arm the missing numbers then remembered the power strengthened when death clocks personal tore the skin pain receptors sprawled up demonic powers quicker
“I asked you what happened at deathclock, but now I somewhat remember I have the curse you mentioned.”
I grasped her back to form a hug of trust. I wasn’t prepared to do this. Yet my fate has been sealed. The person she was meaning is me. So the rules in this world fate is sealed between two demons with a blood packed the same as bloodbrothers the difference is the pain is unrelenting we have to cut a piece of each other off but in this case she has to dig through my ribcage with some of her blood leaking out. In those terms she has to connect her blood and my heart forming an unbreakable bond.
She begins by cutting her pale hand with her teeth. As blood drains in a slow fashion
“here it comes, get ready skarko” jen says showing a little of her soft side. But within moments she punched a hand wide hole in my chest. Blood splattered over her like a paint brush spinning out of control ribs cracking “pain sensors shit ahhhh stop ahhhhh”
“just a little more hold on, damn it. Keep calm.”
She reached the inside fist smearing her blood over the weak opening of the artery there and then we were bound. It only depends if her blood combats the rage she removed her blood covered hand. The method she used was attempt to jar the memory of the more human side it worked, but not right away. Grabbing the enraged arm with one, and raised her tattooed arm to the the pale white eye, of the beast of skarko
“come on, remember.”
Himako showed up within a minute of the binding of blood knowing this would happen he was prepared
“skarko snap out of! Its us!”
“raaaaaaawwwwwwww hmmmh mmmmh himako ahhhhhhhhhh get her out, ill… fight it… help will only interest it to continue go. See, you, two… later.”
“got it take care, come with me jen hurry.”
“no I must stay. The blood will fight the rage of the deathblood curse. To get him in control I must stay. Go!” himako frowns yet leaves. She then lets go of my demonically possessed arm leaving the tattooed arm within sight. Meanwhile himako out of the room started the barrier, to contain what i've become. Yet wasn’t needed at all. I grabbed jen by the neck raising her. She was too accepting of death. As a last ditch effort. My hands around her neck, all she did was show her arm which was resting on the suffocating vice grip grapple
My mind focused on releasing her. Weakening the grasp, I was fighting the rage and winning. Within seconds I switched the grip from her to me wrapping the psychic arms around my head
“ahhhhhhhhhhhh.” All of a sudden a fragment split in two then there stood the demon within me it said
“hahahaha you passed the test skarko. Let go of your head, and ill set my allegiance to you. Besides, i'm tired of fighting your will to live. From here on out I am at your service. Oh yeah, call me deathblood.” And just a quick as it who calls itself deathblood split from me reformed in the my brain where it resided from the start I knelt down weakly. Next to where my blood bound connected love lay.

“’hak’’hak’ are you ok, jen”
“yes I believe so but we have some catching up to do at least, I do. I remember the place the final experiment that deemed you that demon. Let me explain a bit.”
“you see, deathblood, as he prefers to be called. Was created. By project deathclock. That was the sole reason they formulated project deathclock, as a bio-weapon factory which inevitably, turned on its head after the authority to prisoner ratio. Then came chaos and discord. When they deemed you unfit to live. The last experiment that was to kill you, only created the death clocks greatest goal. But only one could be the to controller, commander of deathblood bound by blood relation. That my master is you. You conversed with it, as you were destroying the fortress. Kind of a double minded warrior, or a mind fit for deaths blood, that’s why its called deathblood. Yet he's your brother or was but, first can I ask you something master?
Go ahead jen. But first, why do you call me master and why tell me this now?
Were bound by blood I trust you with my life i'm at your service but unlike deathblood I have an external support that means i'm a physical being deathblood is your second mind or berserk form now may I rest.”
Yes just rest whenever you need to, ok.”
“yes master.”
“ok, see you in the morning Jen.”
The next morning, I woke up to be welcomed by a group of demons who live within these walls. Giving blank stares, in the middle of them jen stood in front of all of them greeted me again.
Welcome to the demon brotherhood master. This is our alliance force, its not a large one, but has potential to become a force to be reckoned with. You're accepted to be second in command. We attempted to place you with Bladearms ranks. But the others declined will you accept to join” she reached her arm that was injured due to deathclock project. Simultaneously the members revealed their arms all with tattooed numbers.
“no fear in their eyes standing in front the main reason deathclock was formed ha ha ha I guess our reputation precedes us.” Deathblood muttered inside my mind.
“will you join us a have a place to stay human scum, or are we wasting our time here the higher ups want him out all except her and bladea—“I interrupt this weak warrior by saying “his name is Himako and hers is Jen you cowardly bastard. I hope you refer him as such, that is if you want to live much longer.” Clenching my fists
“be careful skarko we may be connected, but rage conquers all. Even I!” the voice of deathblood warned from within sensors in my brain
“ok, I got it ill come with”
“huh why did you call bladearm Himako” a young little girl asked
“that’s the name he was given before he became a star I don’t want to remember him as a angered soul I just want to remember his birth name not a dogtag given by authorities.” Looking down at my hands realizing I almost killed Jen just a day ago.
“click” I look up, staring face to face with the barrel of a winchester rifle

“you decide between the eyes or would you rather deepthroat before I pull the trigger, its locked and loaded.” Said the crudely dark spray tanned almost to the point you want to puke body builder obviously not naturally gained but injection gained.
“whats so funny? Answer me you prick”
“ oh nothing, anyway go ahead and shoot I hope that’s going to be able to kill me instantly so go. Oh I pick, I do enjoy between the eyes. But give me the gun, and ill go on my own terms.” Reaching out my arm with the severed flesh
“go ahead freak.”
“Jen, bring them back in five, I don’t want blood on their nice shoes, ok.
“yes master” she knows a hell of a lot more the them, that it’s hard to die when you’re the sole possessor of deathblood, they evacuate the room.
“well, if you do this. They will know who you are, this Winchester in particular can also kill demons. They’ll be scared of you after this. Well I guess that’s what you want so go ahead do what you have to do.”
Feeling around for the trigger as the tip rests on my lower chin found it slowly squeezing the curved trigger “bang” a shot was heard. Startling the people people on the outside. They jumped, I heard them as my head careened, from where it rested. Like a baseball from a weak batters hit. Deathblood resists all attacks, only to never die to the point that he and the host which is me can be a talking, rolling head, with a dumbfounded body blindly trying to reattach the missing. Piece and yet its senses a heightened any movement in the form of a threat it will attack without warning
“yes yes over here Christ” if he can sense the missing piece that’s just staring laughing and mocking
Gotcha as the cells reconvene with the neck. To covenantally stitch the loose ends. “so we have two minutes before this whole group gets terrified of us lets rest shall we huuu, zzzzz”
“holy shit”
“wwhhhhat ahh two minutes done already, huu” heres your gun forgive me for the mess I thought I wasn’t going to sleep that fast… hmm”
Only astonished stares were revealed around the room. The only two that showed no surprise were himako and Jen “are we all done staring now” I said with a smirk, on my bloody face. Only this time the blood is retreating to the pores to get back to the revolving beating of the heart.
“wh-what, are you” said the bodybuilder “that was supposed to kill you anything it touches it cuts through like butter how are you alive…, tell us. Now!” he yelled, yet only to reveal how scared he was “huh wha-what” he said as I removed the reattached head. Tearing sounds were heard as the spine retreated from the helmet (AKA head) from the body. Held it to my side like a basketball dripping blood cells, yet standing like theres, nothing wrong with a head, in the headless bodies hand.
“what can't handle a headless man, huh” I laughed. To the, not a joke idea “here catch!” I then threw my helmet to the juiced up body builder “enough!” Jen then caught my head and our eyes met. She wasn’t in the mood for jokes.
OK, OK, can you attach this lid of mine of the lidless piece over there please Jen.” She walked towards the calmly seated body seeming as though its staring straight ahead at the dunce, looking crowd. Even
without eyes ears nose or head for that matter
“here, i'm sure they weren't expecting you to live. Let alone remove your lid.”
“thank you.”
We show our affection with a solace hug. Then unclenched the grasps looking at the crowd
“Can we, please! Get back to things you two, skarko please control yourself. Welcome to the demon brotherhood anyway Skarko. After that stunt, you have no choice, but to accept. Welcome aboard.”
“glad to be aboard.. just, one, question where are we this place, seems, huuu, that picture. Deathclock organization. Were still here, why?”
“this place is our base of operations, Skarko. Do you understand? All the enemy deathclock personnel are dead. But this is our safe point or base my foster family, didn’t even remember me. Chasing me out with armored guard. All records of us were erased, consider that deathclocks gift to us. I do.”
“hmm, last I saw my family. Was in a mass grave you were with me. Days before they took us. I cursed their name. I consider it a blessing as well.”
“well let us drink to our new found lives. Come with us to the mess hall, we consider.” “ok lets go”
As the fall of deathclock brought a rise to the organization of the demon brotherhood I walk next to jen, and Himako. As the others tiptoeing behind us. Terrified of me i'm guessing. Where we were was a mass grave of previous doctors and experiments. From which were killed in the name of science of course that not how any of us saw it.
When himako stopped. In front of him, stood two bulky wooden doors recently. Place rubble chunk for a handle, gently he turns the crackling burnt handle opening. To what seemed to be the calmest place i've been, in a long time chairs of oak with five long tables spanning the length of the room.
Welcome to the dining hall skarko. Jen stayed by your side the whole time you were healing, or resting. So she hasn’t seen any part of it neither, so welcome please, make yourself at home. This for now, is as good as its going to get.”
As we sat down, the others followed suit. Keeping an eye on me showing an odviously force smile. Jen sat to my right, to the left was someone that seemed anorexic, yet questionable of it. With baggy sweat pants they issued in the infirmary. No shirt but a strapless skull top. Most of the females were crudely dressed, as was doctors orders at those times.
“lets make a toast, to the demon brotherhood. Said a strange lumbering fellow
“cheers!” all the people chanted, all but three me Himako and Jen. Giving each other suspicious looks then I realized and every one here didn’t agree us three to live. We are on our own, us four me, Himako, Jen, and the second person in my mind. Deathblood we were the true demon brotherhood. The army of four I was accepting that fact. We then drank our aside. As the sun set cold came in. we decided to sleep near each other two beds in one room called the captains quarters. But the only difference is theres a lock, to protect the inhabitants of the room. From this point on, i'm part of the demon brotherhood. I close my eyes to rest for tomorrow is a battle awaiting

( the deathclocks final four survivors )
We awoke to a sound of banging on the door. The air was thick with the smell of burnt corpses of the former tenant. As we hobbled to our feet we started realizing what was going on.
We were the demon brotherhood, the four of us, well three if you don’t count deathblood for that
matter. Those outsiders have come for a fight.
“Why, are they loyal to the ones who tortured them for years?! How!?”
“that doesn't matter now. We all knew this would happen, deathclock melded their minds to that of a cult. They have nowhere else to go. Skarko, Jen, I have a bad feeling we have to, kill them all.”
“they can change, master! Please understand.”
Not all can change, we’ll give, each of them one chance, before we kill them. That is my best proposal for those who agree with deathclock.”
“I-I, understand.” She tilted her head slumping to the ground forhead on knees. Streams of tears trickling down to her meadow green skirt. I walk to where she sat kneeling down, I put my hands on her shoulders. She jerks up. With a nod she raised her body up to a standing position. We kissed for a few seconds trying to comfort each other. As himako starred puzzled still listening to the banging
“soon please, we don’t have time for love now. Lets go, before we have little space to fight.” With a synchronize stop eyelock and nod we charged to the door. It surprisingly simple at overpowering the other side. Launching rows of passive demons backwards
“there they are, kill them.”
“hmm, are you two ready?” himako shouted
“yes himako” we both chanted
“let me out, I want to fight with you. Do you not trust me? I'm bound to you anyway sir. I can't go far all.” The voice of the fourth member asked in a symbolic way.
“fine!rrr aaaaawwww” with a shout of rage and pain. I ripped my head off “go deathblood” with those two words a chunk of dark energy formed around me “ahhhhhhhh rrr” I screamed. As arms reaching from the ground below clawing sounds were heard. Then a mob of death sprung from the charcoal rubble under my feet.
“you are the commander of the damned. Lead these forces to how you see fit.” The demon brotherhood turned into the demon brotherhood army, as thousands of deceased demon and doctors alike risen up from where they were rotting. Jen and himako were stunned, as the dead sprawled back to life.
The words of the other two brotherhood warriors were heard. I turn to see jen walk slowly towards me with scared expression over her eyes.
Then I knew why I was the one to control deathblood. I believed I always knew. He was a demon and my brother. We were DNA compatible. He who calls himself Deathblood was really nothing more then a boy called bane henders.
“Come on, it's either us or them.”
“wait listen… is that a ticking sound?” “seconds before explosion t minus. Twenty, nineteen”
“holy shit, we have to hide,jen, Himako back inside, now.”
“whaa-“ jen stood shocked and scared I grabbed Jen by the waist lifting to my shoulders. Then charged
towards Himako, who stood at the door. He heard the ticking, but she didn’t.
“come on, move, hurry.”
I stopped by the door dropped jen who was passed out from shock. I turned around slamming the door and extending my arms to make a seal strong enough. So the door stays fastened.
What are you doing? Skarko.” Deathblood shouted
Something I should’ve done for you brother, protect”
“three, two, one, zero.”
As the ground below us ignited. I come to realize, this is but the beginning of what was to come. Deathclock organization is far from done other organization is but not their creations. Wherever theres a government, there was a deathclock district as the pain in my arms, increases with each passing milli-second. Our work won't be done at all. Theres still at least four more districts left to destroy.
I close my eyes, as the blast erupted killing every demon who were planning to kill us. Only to end up a pile of ashes I say to myself “ashes to ashes, dust to dust rest in peace, all of you tormented fucks.”
Then it went blank, for I don’t know how long. But when I awoke. I see Jen and Himako standing by where I lay. Cautious smiles about their faces.
“master your awake i'm so glad.” Jen said then looked at Himako for him to say something.
“you gave us quite a shock, when you locked us in. we tried at least I tried. To break the door in but you saved us. And hmmmm.” Himako paused Jen added
“thank you, master.” Jen said with a not anymore cautious, but sincere smile.
“where are we exactly?” I asked, looking around the mildly lit room noticing several shaded objects. “welcome to earth, or should I say welcome home Skarko”
My eyes widened in shock but quickly closed when pain shot through my eye sockets to the back of my skull. I look around, trying to take in anything that would explain what they meant by earth “hmm, do you remember how we got here. Jack crap question I sure you don’t we ended up carrying you through a portal that lead us here. But do you remember?”
“no, I don’t, where are we anyway.”
You haven’t got a clue earths gone to shit. I wont blame you for not recognizing anything. But earth as you knew it changed.”
“how tell me.”
Deathclock organization did this. The place we were was the capital district of deathclock. The heads of the whole thing resided there. I know you can't remember any part of the day, when Deathblood grasped your soul. He is of your blood as human. He was a family member of yours. Who was an incarnation of death, or god of the damned so he was sacrificed for the good of the human race. He was burnt to ashes. But never was disposed, of in that case. Deathclock took those ashes and tried to retain the power of what now resides in you. As of earth, well when we leave this room youll find out what's happened.”
As I closed my numb eyes I heard the sound of moans hacking noises my eyes shot open ahhhh damn it that hurt”
They've come what do we do my masters injured… no master don’t move”

“I have to see this, please, understand jen huuu”
I moved my limp charred body. Pain surged yet it only made me go quicker both physically and also the healing factor increased its pace. The pigments of flesh reformed to a lighter hue. The ruptured bloodied insides of my body reconnected, organs reformed little by little. Yet the part that never changed were the pale white films in my eyes with only a single dot of black, where the pupil would be. Here, I was about to see the new earth for the first time. I just hope its much different than it was then.
I approached a crudely boarded up door, with claw marks, bullet holes, scribbled writing of im guessing hope of help being on the way. Though it hasn’t come at all in their cases. But still ended on their terms a husband and wife hand holding laying on a bed with two pistols one for each of them lovely sight yet a sad sight noticing the bullet hole at the side of their head. None the less I turned back to the boarded doors himako and jen standing by the wall giving mixed signals jens signal is not to go, yet himakos was do what you have to do. With a nod I undboard the twin push doors I said
“ill be back, wait for me here ok.”
“return unscathed master, please” jen said with a whimpering look on her face.
“he’ll be back get a hold of yourself would you!” himako angrily said to jen turning to me he nodded “we’ll be waiting.”
I nodded then left. Opening the doors. Moans, skittering, and thudding, sounds were heard instantaneously. With the scent of rot and decay as though a sewage department mishap happened.
“what can I use for protection what am I supposed to do.”
“brother you have me. Use me for a weapon.”
“where the hell are you.”
Staring at you, just as you're looking. In the wrong direction look down think of me as a silhouette. I am your shadow. I look behind me staring eye to eye with my shadow not on the ground but face to face
We are comrades immortally bound we both are unable to die but live for eternity, in unison as combined souls. But, enough chit chat. We don’t have long to learn our family connection. Lets just fight these monstrosities of nature, ready.”
Within moments my blood started to boil clenching my teeth that changed to crooked chipped and sharp razor blades. I look at my arms which are changed most of all my hand a mouth with sharp teeth from knuckle to palm. With removable fingers, that are linked to what he considers razor wires. This power of deathblood slices anything and anyone. With the want to devour feed from either the opening in the hands or feet like a demented animal to gain strength.
“brother promise me one thing.” I said

He replied “not to control you to devour your friends don’t worry I have no need or want to betray you besides their nothing but skin and bones”
“ok, let finish this!”
Removing my fingers had a trick to it he said start as a fist pull back as though about to do a double straight punch. Thrust the arm forward releasing the binding razor wire by removal fingers telekinetically
linked the my body. Gestures guide the weapon, as if it was a vehicle we were the drivers. Slicing everything around us as if they were butter with soft served red filled insides. When we were done or at least satisfied the razor wires recoiled back. The mouth sealed shut as my fingers regrew back to their positions. A burning sensation happened during the transition from razor wires to clawed fingers the burn was as if touching torch flames
“hungry, ay well there's plenty to eat can't be picky of what you eat grab a handful”
I obliged, as my hand grabbed soft red chunks of meat. That are actually not red but palish. There was no circulation during their existence. I had to eat though, when I placed the rotting flesh in my mouth. Choming was easy the taste was the problem, the taste was of raw pig with a hint of moldy bread.
When I was at full tank, I walked back to where they stayed they weren't inside yet when I reached the roof I was welcomed with shocked stars from both jen and himako.
Jen starring me eye to eye. She said “so were the only ones that are reasonably alive what do we do. What was that you showed down there master.”
“isn’t it obvious jen. His brother and him connected as one. But that’s not a concern right now. There must be others out there who have a will to keep going no matter what. We have to find people or animals or whatever the hell moves on earth that has a heartbeat or doesn't just limp for food. We’ll find them.” Laying his hand as though a part of a big game coach wise.
We were the last of Deathclock’s personal. From experiments, to saviors of, well, anything we can save. Human, demon, angel, etc. there has to be something still out there fighting for survival. Earth is a stepping stone then welcomes other realms. But here we must look for anyone or anything that still has a beating heart, or a will to live for that matter.

(dream from a second second self)
All around where we resided the only sound heard was moans of the flesh eaters as we attempted to rest duct taping our mouths closed as was asked by Jen and instructed by passed used times at deathclock to be calm as screams of the tortured experiments not to scream if we screamed we would be next
When we were able to relax to the point too sleep himako said “good night every one tomorrow is another day. Get some rest”
“master I have to tell you something. I have a---“I naively interrupted and said “wait till the morning. Ok”
“o-ok, master ill wait then.” She then mouthed a sentence that I didn’t understand then but after I realized she mouthed
“don’t be afraid of me after his no matter what were bound you me and our second selves. Goodnight master.”
As my eyes closed the last thing I thought was what was I going to dream or a blank when I opened my eyes, I awoke in a tunnel crowded and confined only able to move by elbow crawling. Cold and damp when I reached the end I was greeted to a dark room with only a single light, in the middle of the seemingly empty room
“so you’re the one my sister bound to. I can sense the demon within you protecting both you and those close to you are you willing to protect her when I reveal myself”
“tell me who and what the hell are you. Better yet where are you. Answer me” I look around the dark
room trying with all my soul to keep calm as deathblood gets enraged fist clenching burning signals power growth “show yourself now. Daaaamn, where are you” I kneel down holding my skull pain surging as deathblood attempts to defeat the intruder in the mind
Skarko your dreaming this is an outside force in your dream. What are you thinking to fight the temptation of a fight. Im trying to save your ass. That all. Call upon me whenever I realize I can't even force myself out in a dream.sorry skarko i'll be on standby, goodluck.” Pain subsided as deathblood settled down. I started getting back on my feet when all of a sudden I was knocked to my back.
You should’ve trusted the gut instinct you have in that mind in you said a female figure beginning with a quick punch
Hmmmmmmm you look familiar are you related to Jen by any chance”
“smack” give me one reason why I should trust you” she yelled in anger. Yet I smiled as if mocking her power she replied by pummeling me further and further to the point of blood spewing out of my ears “why do you still smile even when all the power is on my side
You are related ‘cough’ ‘cough’ to jen to the point of being bound to her as one haahaha just as deathblood is bound to me you want to protect her I get it but mercilessly beating me to a pulp makes no sense to me nor deathblood for that matter. Cough cough shit please get off me can I at least breath a minute. But nothing ended not the punches not the knees to the groin she neared the final strike
Ill give you one chance, one last chance to give me a reason not to finish you off. Go ahead and beg. She stared me in the eye just as she did the first time we met. Yet only anger dwelled in her. I think trying to jar a reaction of trust i'm losing patience say something now or be killed here and now
Ok Deathis look if you don’t trust me then why did I trust you to the point I fight back the urge even to now i'm accepting fate just as she accepted death death to prove to me. Her trust and faith. I wish to show her the same in those means go ahead show her you never trusted her in the first place even as a sibling. I let out a sigh and smiled
“hmm, maybe, just maybe, I can trust you. Even as you're staring into the eyes of my pain and anger, you show nothing but solace and respect, here.” She stepped from where she pummeled me sencesly. Then calmly leaned and placed a hand near my torso to help me up I accept you as a friend, love and ally you and him and my sister and I will be bound I hope you know what that means hmhmhm allies and lovers to the end. Till kingdom come. Grabbing my arm pulling me in closer to her blood smeared lips “we are eternal skarko never forget that we are the gods they spoken of in the capitol. Please, call me deathis. Just as before I am a physical being not just a second self. But a fragment of her brain let out. She has my power I have equal power as she will. Realize also deathblood will be a physical being. Whenever you need help call upon him. Any time you're in a pinch you will have his demonic power. He will be unable to die yet have no special abilities except what was described earlier as a headless being with godly strength.i'll see you later skarko, and deathblood, keep yourself whole. Ok see you later my king.
That was her second self just as deathblood is mine. She called herself deathis who I believe will be joining us as a team. Jen more than likely won't even know her completely. Yet he's a shapeshifter that will be a great addition to the clan. I guess I have to wait till my engines start up again I rest my arm on my torn open chest cavity with the still beating heart pumping fewer and fewer times I close my dream eyes as the beating clocked down to a stop
(the connection of the five gods)
When I awoke I was welcomed with a sobbing shadowy female figure as jen and himako rested in the other side of the broken down apartment a far away from the dead couple were laying lifeless a possible
while I sat on the damp crackling floorboards right next to their resting place I stand up slowly trying not to upset whatever this crying sound making machine thing is
What the hell is she? She hasn’t broke in or even attempted to attack” I approach the bleeding figure reaching my arm out to grab whoever the shadowy figure is
Hmm who are you answer me I beg you i'm not here for a fight only a place to rest she turned with a snap of a wrist pointing a revolver at my head you have nowhere to go don’t make a noise or lights out for you” I thought in my head what the f***. I was staring at yet another barrel and only feel the need to charge yet as a demon I stay still as much as I can “mind, if I ask you something? Skarko? Is it?” eyes narrowing to where she aims
Yeah it is just put the bloody gun down before I tear that hand off making it a blood spewing stump. Any way how do you know my name? wait are you that women from the dream…? Deathis what it considered itself.. she interrupted with the butt of the revolver to the side of my head and said
Don’t you dare mock me skarko or should I beat you down again” she lets out a smile and covers her mouth as she chuckles she says “yes I am Deathis yet,…” I wait to hear what this copycat demon will say it seems as though deathblood is nearby yet not inside my brain it seems she senses the same thing but still ignores focusing her eyes on me “hes a physical being now as well but all I see is more anger, and relentless power right in front of me. You are who I was seeking. Ever since deathclock yet you were walking right next to me the whole time or better yet Jen who I resided in now i'm free all five of us are a team don’t forget we are all part of an alliance for the survival of life we are all from hell yet we must protect civilization. Do you understand? My king!”I look as she grabs my blood covered collar “don’t leave we have much to do we are the gods we are all connected” jen and himako wake up
(the true demon brotherhood of four)
The air was thick with the moaning sounds past the twin doors that were crudely boarded up. We had tim—well we had no time a feeling of dread crawled down my severely wounded spine cracking as I take in the distilled putrid mold scented air a voice in my head communicated ( to you readers this will be a choice or at least a figure out your own choice would lead to we have a selection of three idealized sequences three choices and yet if you want to learn of their back story you would have to read all three choices to get a grasp of the story so the choice ideas is a useless concept if you want to learn characters backstory so forget about the choices just read it will be broken up into section one section two ok lets begin)

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