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next addition of chapter one of an idea

chapter 2

a shard of glass fell to the ground revealing a door knob i cautiously approach the round flesh looking handle twisting the with a pull the glass shot out like scraponal  “damn it” i shriek when glass shot through piercing shards i limp towards what i saw as a pathway to the exit then primal anger escape a zombie face

i say can one of you jackasses tell me where i am this sure as hell is not a five star resort? if i don't get an answer right away you're going to be as dead as that undead chick… well...” “silence” said the most known voice since i got here but in seconds i was eye to eye with a revolving pistol the cloaked figure said angrily in a female tone “kneel or ill shoot” i accepted the terms going to my knees keeping eye contact with a pale white dots shown through the red clothed wrapping i say cautiously “just tell me where i am and what the fucks going on... ama” for a moments i somewhat noticed a smile but right after that a backhand with the gun knocking some loose teeth out of my cut mouth

the man beside us that was idle watching decided to cut in “i guess you two know each other and you must be the reason she wanted to return to earth im surprised but enough of that jargon Welcome aboard dead mans crew and heres your earnings for the fight rise up in the ranks and perhaps you maybe the one challenger worthy of becoming a captain not many are there was only two and i'm one of the two gain your freedom then decide whether or not you wish be second in command or a right power of a commander and she’ll be  the prize she is a powerful warrior but this kingdom is a sexist kind she can't even enhance to even a general maybe you'll be the one to change that but you need powers and no not just the blades a certain power of the damned i sense it in you. the power of zombie overlord i sense

i interrupt god damn it i knew it this is some joke ok tell me how am i gifted by the the demon overlord i was his number one enemy all his followers were after me  so explain to me how is it that i'm linked to him”

a courageous question why don't you ask him yourself he's right over there but remember were friends you need help ill send her an a lower power warrior as backup”

i turn my head to see it a mammoth of a zombie towering even higher than i remember with the same stench the stench you'd smell in a landfill contaminated in toxic sludge blanketing over the real smell of decay i walk calmly at least the most calm i could be towards the decider of the pact grasping my blade but keeping it hidden

in a ear melting scratch he faces his head downwards as the dead souls circle around me like packs of wolves waiting for the leader to signal the order he moans in a quieter tone one moment they were circling me then dispersed like cockroaches to light something i wasn't expecting  happened next he shrunk slowly to the size of a human still even limping towards me i keep the blade in hand but humor the king he stopped noticing me holding a weapon firmly 

he chuckles and says with a somewhat human tone “i've been waiting fot this for too long a worthy friend but this body is wilting away all i have left is the essence of my past strength. brother you take it my power is yours my soul is appeased please accept this for a goodbye and sorry gift” he moves his hand towards his chest easily tearing through soft tissue even severing ribs with his bare hands i notice what he was reaching for his heart that's what makes him different to the followers a soul as clear blood splattered out flowing down his grayish skin

i stop him by saying wait who are you thats what i want to know and now

its me i know you don't remember but my name is jones dale your brother but that doesn't matter right now you'll have to figure that out when you come to it but again here

his energy was draining as he limped slower and slower towards my proximity nearly falling but something in me lurched forward as i unconsciously grasp his shoulder he shakes in pain with blood and organs seeping out of the opening he grabbed my hand severing a portion of the ff it as blood seeped out of both of us he whispered to me you were to one to control this power i hope to see you again even if its a figment we will speak later goodbye brother with that the frail corpse burns into ashes and dust retreating with an upward current then into the flames of death

i had no time to sob because after he disintegrated the mob of the dead climbed up from where they were continuing to circle me like sharks  then again left but further to the rotting sut and decayed burnt mass of bodies

i turn around to see the leader of the dead mans crew followed by the others they all were letting out grins the leader says with narcissism “thats how and guess what when you get attention of the crowd  with fame more of them will be on your side thats all for now but i was actually surprised for you living we'll talk later right now rest its four hours to daybreak you need a little rest after that family get together so lets rest i sigh with envy and say “ ill catch up”

they turn all but one still staring at me with curiosity i turn my attention to where the creature that called himself my brother  ended up being exactly ashes and dust i saluted the shambley enemy that for some miraculous reason showed sympathy in his final minutes of existence with a mask of regret and rage concealing his other side of calm and energetic  but the rage devoured the calm side to a shriveled corpse

but i realize lll he was the zombie overlords right hand man and i wont be forgiven for what i've somehow done killing the right hand or second in command. the zombie overlord will continue to decimate anything in his path to get to me but the only way to do that is to die but there one problem he's already dead

he knows where i am and yet the only way to enter hell is to die over again and in the terms of the undead only one may finally be ended since option one was taken by im guessing my brother the only other is to kill nosferatu and his brides feasting on their flesh he will finally be deemed the gift of passage between planes but can only chose one i tinker these ideas as the girl starts with a tilted head i lift myself  to my feet not moving my sight away to the direction his ashes flew towards.

moving very slowly towards amazonia twist my head to see before colliding like aggravated bump followed by what the fs, why the hells i stop staring into her pale white eyes trying to see if some humanity resided in those cold dead holes of the infinite blankness that is life she reveals a side of trust that i can't even understand i ask “why did you chose me to be on the team”

she only responds with a sigh and a nod i think we should follow our leader but this is a thought meet me training room i'll teach you little by little of your brother i lived here ever since i ran but i guess this means i died we became friends realizing a demon and a comrade was closer to blood than i could think of and lastly i'll be pleased to call you my master but for now we are teammates see you later i have no more to say now ill await you there goodnight.”

she turns towards a hallway called the corridor of the abandoned i stare with interest i dart towards her lowering my shoulder to gain a leverage for tackling she didn't see it coming as i hear a crack followed by a thud the the ground i turn her or what i thought was her. but after noticing a note on the head i tear the paper of skin off the fake ana i grin as i read the blood drawn note it reads hm i thought as much and oh yeah turn round” i quickly twitch my head just in time for a shocking pain in the gut ahhh what ‘cough’’ cough’ who dii…” i went silent  when i saw what happened seeing a figure in a hood wearing a satchel of blades upon only a glittered short skirt this time no top i'm guessing the clone was her dressing toy

with a snicker as blood leaks through the impaled area nearing the heart letting out a schoolgirl laugh then saying “i'll see you tomorrow ’hmhmhmhm’ and about the agreement i'm with you to the end sorry for this inconvenience. in this dimension the one must kill on then we'll kill itself so this for a bonding  contract so the clone was a decoy im sure you realized i would use my tactic of  surprise but again i'll see you in the morning”

letting out a blush ending up releasing a tear of guilt as she caught the bloodied needle like blade that has entered through with a painful gash of the heart falling to my back choking on my own blood seeping their way to the blown lung as my eyes faded the last thing i saw as amazonia taking the blade examining it then lifting to the position her heart was then it all went black i was staring into the abyss known as purgatory

  as i stare into nothing i think to myself that this day was a puzzle am i going to die for good or reside for eternity in sadness and regret is this really hell well if it is the church really got it wrong this even seems more entertaining in hell than heaven ever would be at least in my angered madman view. i will have to rest as my mind regenerates so this is my first day in… whatever this is some voice called it the devils death dome has a nice ring to it hugh well time to wait

chapter 3

two days later

it’s just been two days since i weakened. but none the less i open my eyes to see amazonia and the leader with a couple poor saps of warriors i grab at my chest that i was sure would still have a trace of a stab wound nothing not even blood splotches. with a sigh of relief  i reach towards the edge of what i could only describe as a butchering table with decapitated chunks of the meat that i guess our clan feasted on poor soul i think to myself as i sat up i surveyed the room not much difference to that of the room i was first introduced to the biggest difference is well the table enough said i stood with a limping movement i lean to a wall painted crudely in red my head limp to a direction of the floor breathing in pain i say out loud with pain residing in my head now someone fucken tell me where i am please ha ha shit my head also is this a dream

the only response i got was from the captain saying in a bland tone “well heres the thing this isnt a dream this is a section of hell that is more lenient of people  but only those that deserve it welcome to our clan it seems you only have a single friend in this clan” he stopped signaling by shrugging his head towards amazonia. he continues “i would consider you a friend but the others won’t trust me if did so why don't i show you the members of the dead mans crew we may be few but we are strong. anyway follow me

we near a door of solid bronze no obscurities the most normal thing i seen as i started here stopping near the handles of silver the lumbering giant of a commander tells me to open the door myself i nod without objection gripping the handle and tugging with pain “damn these doors are stronger than i thought hmmmm” i then heard a segment within my mind say “brother do you need some help you have some pull of my strength if you trust me that is” fine lets do this” right after i said those words i feel a jolt of pain in my arms when i focus my eyes towards my arm it seem as if liquid was building up it only took me a few seconds to realize what the dark fluid is “crap decaying spores what the hell is going on”

the voice said in a concerned tone thats the first gift bestowed upon you if you take it in more will follow… welcome the decaying spores as part of your body and they may be the most useful power you could posses do you trust me”

i respond by saying “yes”  the lumbering warrior lets out a sigh and says in disappointment could you hurry the hell up or are you to weak to even nudge the door

i turn my head to him and shout damn you give me a damn minute prick” i then turn my attention to the gate like door let out a sigh of distaste letting go of the brown bronze door i look down as the death bringing spores circled around my hand itching for freedom either to help or painfully murder the second person but if i want in i must grant trust to my brother i extend my arm outward to the outside i dig into my skin severing a slice of skin

while blood seeped through freshly opened wound of skin forming a degree of a thin blade the commander backed up recognizing what the blade was made from “hmm he trusts you as well no matter that won't grant you acceptance but simple intrigue well go ahead open it but i wont protect you of what backlash will come upon what you're about to do so go ahead break the door force my hand with the decayer of beings through the door did i tell you that the decaying spores can also tear through any terrain if it impedes the commanders process thats exactly what i'm doing as the blade of impales through the bronze finish in simultaneous fashion surrounding the hole a crater was forming  what used to be something of beauty was now segments of rot and rust and within just moments an opening was formed and i was welcomed with a blunt object to the stomach followed by a angered demonic voice welcome to the team hahah”

a simple hello would do you ass licking shit for brains damn ‘cough’ ’cough’ well to commemorate this initiation lets have a drink”

a few seconds of silence went by right after that sentence i was acknowledged with a twelve gauge pointed to well the seeder to put it gently in a angered female voice thats hard to understand and yet i got the message “retract your weapons or you could say goodbye to those”

she starts to circle around me i can’t see easily for the reason that a burly ape hit me in the gut but the scent can only mean “amazonia you got here quick and with the same scent of frosts cold touch” as my eyes start adjusting to the dark dank corridor i realized the area looked much better on the outside then the in

fleshed out corpses scoured along the dry molded blood floor some cramped in  corner and most just scattered around the everyplace as i walk i notice rooms labeled 1-6 with intestinal hammered in with what seems like boned carved with a knife i attempted to open the door but was cut short from a kick that blasted the door open followed by a lunging creature grasping my neck bringing me to the floor like a rock i catched a look at two eyes formed with the color of bronze brown. as she continued to tighten its grip on my throat all i could manage to muffle out of the vice grip is “let go of me act of surprise is not a tactic in my dictionary anyway look down

she doesn't release my neck but tilts her head to where my sliced open finger with a small amount of spores protruding from my bloodied finger its response for the predicament is to jolt backwards run to her room and nearly slam the door luckily i was quick enough to jam my foot to block at the last second the creature turned in shock and leaned to the wall next to the door i welcomed myself in seeing as though the others are too busy to notice what's going on i turn ninety degrees just a foot away from the cowering beast that now that i notice it is more female than beast sending the spores back to where they were stationed tipping my head as a gesture of goodness she only stared toward the far wall ignoring the man she was going to strangle to a pulp i let out a chuckle she then shot her head to my position i let out a sigh and introduce myself “hi whatever the hell you are my name is carson well i guess its going to change soon whenever the game starts i once was a merc on earth before this thats enough of my intro what say you who are you or do you want me to refer you as beast”

she twist her head to avoid me as if i said something out of place i apologize by saying “im sorry but i haven't gotten a good welcome to this place first a fight then a meeting with one who called me brother and then after a few small things your whining in your mind revealing a bland expression just after you got me in  chokehold but please be the first in this house to accept me a one this shit is just too much well”

the beast lets out a sigh twisting its/her head toward me and thank god she introduces herself a voice you would hear at russia “my name is carmen naziii i was a german veteran before getting killed by a walking dead horde my coward of a team abandoned me shot my leg to gain themselves some running time and here i am the zombie overlord wouldn't even take me as one. thats my story but please address me as carmen i hate the idea of my family changing my name to well Naziii” i nod in agreement and say

“ok carmen its your fucked up life i have no say in it but i do agree to call you carmen not Naziii… ah crap sorry slipped out” after that remark i could've sworn she smiled thats the first time i saw a genuine smile that wasn't from amazonia. carmen started to stand and with a bow left the room to enter where the group is

i took a few minutes to get my thought straight not trusting my feet to carry me sitting on a flattened rug made from a victim that i guess was eaten ages ago i hold  my arm as pain surged through that same voice explained “that will sometimes happen while its calming down” oh thanks” i reacted to what the gurgling voice my brother said i groggily stumble to my feet grasping the handle of the door when i heard a cracking sound i rush to investigate to my surprise in came an intruder from the ceiling i got back to my strength charging the winged valkyrie while she was preemptively distracted with the group but one split second was all it took turning its attention towards my direction swinging the dual sledgehammer back knocking me to my back again hands holding my stomach as though trying to keep everything from exploding

“hmmm so this is the human that has the overlords soul inside him doesn't seem so much of a problem hmm and the rest of you leave us alone this is between me and him…” all of a sudden a scream was heard as amazonia darted towards that who ordered them to stay back and as much as i know its sacred to obey its orders “leave him alone” thats all she said before her body turned to concrete stone statue a smirk and a light laugh was heard through the wtf and what not

then the valkyrie looked at me on the floor seeing how connected she felt toward me i resided on the bottom of her boot near completely closing my airways  i manage to lift her foot of my chest and roll to the wall well little help did that do she lifted her weapon walked towards the statue of amazonia i reach ,my arm and shout “don't do it you godless demonless coward a helpless soul is not you glory” i stand in rage clenching my fists and again shout “fight me not her she wasn't your target or that hammer makes a lovely hole in your skull

she turned around with an angry expression across her body and yet i feel no regret for what i said even to a messenger of god digging my nails on my elbow planning to form a spore blades connected to my arm as the wings of the angel ceased to protrude she retracted her wings “so be it if you win she lives and i go you lose she dies and well you die and the rest will be a cakewalk pointing towards the watching bystanders eagerly awaiting their fate

suddenly an announcement was heard over a pa the voice was of the first voice that stated this game


i search the source of the noise but when i saw her again her eyes were fixated on the death of me i conceal my arm knowing the decaying spores are getting agitated as am i the only thing in my mind was seeing my comrade ending up in stone and nearly shattered to oblivion and if a valkyrie destroys it its gone forever so this is a test of strength and will. i will win the count down is nearing start “two one death some time  the same click was heard but i knew i wasn't chained it was the principal of the game i didn't want to go against the rules she charged on foot all i could think of doing is raising my hands same as the first time but my mind had a plan not consciously but deep within a tormented segment of the mind she charges with no hesitation or question just like  a rat approaching the talons of a falcon.

when she was only steps away i move my arms and slash the skin from my elbow to my wrist and spatter blood with the black spores to her eyes that wont kill her just temporarily blind her another second later my body froze it refuses to move all i could do is watch as she flailed to regain her vision nearing the point i realize the pain in her head the decaying spores are taking effect i didn't even know an angel can be affected from the slaughterhouse of  black living tar she isnt blind shes perfectly visualizing the area well what area she can see but before going to her hands and knees she mumbles something thats about the time amazonia formed back as the rock dissolved starting fro her head dwindling towards her feet but my eyes were focused on the near dead valkyrie

i couldn't understand why my body did what it did but it did unconsciously i darted towards the now spaseming goddess my arm reached to her arm hand on her elbow i said three words “decay spores recoil with that the spores exited the fundamental areas or openings when they returned to my body the pained warrior weakly grasped my neck pulling herself to my ear she was able to say “ thank you human i'm forever in your debt then she formed into a phoenix and flew away into the abyss of darkness i smirk realizing this is not going to be the last time i’ll see the estranged saint form below the gallows of the damned  where his heinous resides well at least i have a potential friend siding with the prince of the damned well moving on

stay tuned for next chapter
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