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he's a hunter
The Cat

I was going for a walk to my Grandma’s house,
Through fields and country farms.
When over my feet, ran a little mouse
Who seemed to be quite alarmed.

Behind him was a big old cat,
Running with stealth and speed.
The mouse jumped, and the cat fell flat,
Into a pile of feed.

The cat was dazed and the mouse was gone,
And I thought that the cat was through.
Then he crouched, and moved through the lawn.
He was on to something new.

His movements were slow, his stare intense
I followed his gaze to see
Two birds sitting along a barbed wire fence,
I prayed that they would flee.

The cat lunged forward to catch his prey,
Those birds didn't have a clue.
He just missed, and they flew away,
He was on to something new.
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