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As we get older, we forget our brain ages also.
As we get older, we forget our brain ages also. Even people who have had head injuries need help getting their brain to heal. Closed head injury is very common in head injuries. However, it is an injury to the brain that cannot be seen on X-rays but sometimes an MRI will show there is damage to the brain


Always find ways to exercise your brain. When the doctor told me after a car accident, I had a "closed head injury" he explained it to me this way. When we have whip lash our head is thrown forward and backward, this action causes our brain to get bruised, and that is called a closed head injury. I used the card game solitaire to exercise my brain.

Brain games:

There a lot of games on the internet to help exercise the brain; https://www.renewUHC.com has brain games that are free. Each level gets more and more challenging.


Coffee helps to improve long-term memory in just 24 hours after drinking coffee. So enjoy your daily cup of coffee.


Dancing has shown that memory and learning ability was greatly improved after just six months of dance lessons twice a week. The study was made by the Journal of Sports Science and Medicine in 2011. https://www.jssm.org


Engaging in mental activities helps keep the brain active and healthy. Engaging in activities like reading, watching the news, brain games and even volunteer work; all these activities help to stimulate the brain.


Fish such as; salmon, herring, and tuna are deep water fish and are very rich in omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which are very important to brain activity.


Grandchildren can help us learn new things on the internet and we can work with them with their homework.

Healthy eating:

Eating healthy foods that feed our brain, keeps us and our brain young.

Interval training:

Intervals of exercise help improve memory in both healthy adults and adults who have cognitive loss.

Jaques-Dalcroze Eurhythmice :

Jaques-Dalcroze Euhythmice was started by a Swiss researcher. Euhythmics is an exercise where you walk to the beat of a piano and play a percussion instrument at the same time. Learning ability was greatly improved and anxiety was greatly


Keep your brain active:

Keep your brain active by exercising your brain games. https://www.lumosity.com There are other ways also to stimulate your brain; for example, that "bomb" game on most computer is great believe me. A few years ago I had "closed head injury"; therefore I lost a lot of my memory. I use to be a industrial engineer I drew designs for a shop that did designing for airplane engines. After my accident all that was gone. I started to play that bomb game. I could not beat it at all at first and after months of playing I started to beat it slowly until now I can beat it almost 90% of the time.

Learn something:

If you think going to college at age 20 is hard, try going back to college at age 64. I just finished three more years at Saint Leo University and majoring in Theology.

I am still working on this.

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