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Dark Free Verse Poetry for a Writing Contest.
My Sweet Dark Thoughts

My mind is whirling from
this sight before me, keeping
in it's trance, the horror's
that dance around in gleeful
wondrous lust of the horrific
unknown of this thing I call
my sweet, dark, gray matter mind.

Come on in my dear, please sit
awhile, let me pick your brain
in this dark, dank, putrid wall
letting me feast upon your
sweet dark smell of rotting flesh
after I have captured you screaming
fighting me and my monster thoughts.

Licking my lips as I salivate
watching you as you start to
to scream again, never knowing
it is your heart, this I must take
eating on it as my snack, licking
up all of the blood that spills from
your head I will call my sack.

Do not fear me anymore for I
will feast upon your bones and
more, then I will lay you in this
grave yard to store, to come
back to eat some more...ahhh
the sweet, sweet smell of your
fear, is so very sweet my dear.

mmmmm...tastes Good!

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