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Learning to let go and be free
FORGIVENESS... Defined as the ability to cease to blame or hold resentment against.
FORGIVENESS...the key to letting go, the power to move forward, to walk away.
FORGIVENESS... The potential to lead a happy life, the passion to take a successful journey, the strength and the courage to arrive at a better place.
FORGIVENESS..... The edge to persevere.

FORGIVING- easier said than done. Is it possible to not hold blame!!! Can one be able to let go, can a person be able to move forward and forgive.

FORGIVE they say- how can one not hold resentment, cease blame when one was hurt, shuttered and broken. How does one obtain the key to letting go, when one loves with all their might, when one passionately adores. How does one maintain the power to move forward after a deep sexual connection was made, after a very passionate sexual intercourse took place. How is the potential to lead a happy life acquired when happy moments become the past. When does the passion to take a successful journey arise, how is the strength and courage to arrive at a happy place achieved when all that was planned becomes jst a memory left in one's thought just to bring tears.

FORGIVENESS- yes the ability to forget and let go,the start of a new era, FORGIVENESS- a piece of mind, the strength and courage to move on and be free. The strength to cherish and honer memories acquired before the need to forgive and forget.

By Nhlanhla Tshabalala
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