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by Diane
Rated: E · Other · Steampunk · #2001498
Steampunk Character profile created for Wodehouse challenge

Write a brief Steampunk character profile for a character who has a flaw based on mental illness stressing both the strengths and weaknesses of the character.

Name: Charles Rupertine
Family: None living; he was orphaned as a young teen and raised himself on the street by collecting random mechanical objects for a surgeon in trade for food and the occasional place to sleep. He wasn't close to the surgeon and felt no emotional ties to him or the family that died while he was a teenager.
Occupation: Surgeon
Hair: dark and disheveled
Eyes: Golden and glowing behind surgical goggles that have settings to magnify the surgical field to various degrees. He often forgets to remove these after surgery and so they hang about his neck or on his forehead until his assistant calls for their removal to clean.
Body Type: Tall and gangly
Clothing: He is rarely seen without his lab coat, under which he wears wool trousers in brown or black with suspenders, brown shoes and a tan shirt. His lab coat has large pockets for holding surgical tools and his notebook and is closed with a belt as he can't be bothered with buttons.
Face: pock-marked and pale
Personality: distracted, but generally kind
Interests: Mechanical gadgets to automate surgery, books, and music.
Quirks: Always humming while performing surgery. Rarely without a notebook in his pocket for jotting down ideas as they occur to him. He only drinks tea out of a self-heating mug that steams milk and removes the tea-ball automatically upon which time it signals the tea readiness by blowing a cheerful tune using steam. Charles delights in this tea brewing gadget and often dances over to retrieve his tea.
Mental Illness: Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity. This allows him to do multiple surgeries at once, however, he is easily distracted and relies on his assistant to keep him focused and help with the minor details like sewing up a patient after surgery, which he is certain to forget.
Home: He lives on an airship that doubles as his surgical suite when he lands. He travels to keep from being bored with the same people and surgeries as well as to discover new and exciting medical problems that require the skill of a surgeon.
Collections: He collects patient surgeries in the way others might collect rocks. He keeps a detailed diary of each surgical procedure to include the location of the surgery and the cause of the ailment. He photographs the patient before, during and after the surgery to document his/her progress and the surgical success (or failure). He also photographs the tools used during the surgery and details the success of each with footnotes on how the tools might be improved for the next surgery.
Friendships: He is closest to his assistant, Francis, who is also the pilot of the airship. They make an odd pair with the assistant being personable and even jovial at times and Charles being distant and distracted. They share a passion for travel and surgery, but little other interests in common. Charles is a solitary man while Francis loves to be surrounded by people and takes the time to explore each new town they encounter on their travels.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2001498