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A dose of Christmas Spirit in the midst of Summer
         Down the dark, creaky steps, the cracked wooden banister wobbled beneath my hand. I walked almost on tip-toes, and moved quietly, as sly as a fox. This adventure was one I didn't take lightly--it was a gift that remained well hidden, even though it was there for everyone! It was the spirits of Christmas past. Each one sat on a wooden shelf. Well sealed mason jars lined up in a row. Though, the jars looked empty, they were far from being so. The contents inside were as precious as rare gems. Yellow edged paper labels were tacked beneath each jar: 1877, 1907, 1917, and on. The finest years of Christmas spirit, canned and waiting for just the right person to choose just the right year. July was always the best month to refill your Christmas spirit, because the more you used it, the longer it would last. My eyes danced over the miraculous merriments. I chose the year 1927, the purity of the year mixed with a dancing spirit of lively music, fun dress and family games. A year where sharing with those less fortunate was something one did automatically, out of the goodness of their heart and soul. A time when family and friends dined together. A year of helpfulness and generosity. Opening the lid, I immediately inhaled its contents and hastily put the lid back on the jar--making sure not to waste a single drop! Right away I felt my spirit lighten. My problems, though still there, did not weigh as heavily as they did just moments before.

         The jolly man tipped his hat, and gave me a wink with his twinkling eyes. As I look up, I'm surprised to see the basement sparkling like brand new. Heading back up the steps, they no longer creaked and the bannister was solid under my hand. Walking through the basement door, I was back in my kitchen, the precious mason jar still in my hand. I carefully placed it on the top, back shelf, closing the cabinet door, as if I were closing a door to the Queen's jewels. I had to get busy! I had a party to plan, food to prepare, and people to invite!

(404 Words)

"I wish we could put up some of the Christmas spirit in jars and open a jar of it every month." ~Harlan Miller
If we could open this jar of Christmas spirit in July, what would happen?
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