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Rated: E · Other · Contest · #2001546
Sebastian creates Christmas in July for Violet

Word count: 473

Christmas in July

Waking up earlier than usual, Violet walked from her bedroom down the stairs and a surprise waited her when she reached the living room. Shocked at what her living room looked like because it was exactly as it looked in her dream. Checking a calendar she has on the wall and seeing the date for today is July 13, 2012. Christmas isn't for another five and a half months. Confused about the situation she walked into the living room to look at the mysterious changes.

She walked towards the sad Christmas tree which reminded her of the Charlie Brown tree. The branches were so thin the lights were making them droop towards the floor. The star on top was bright and glistening and there was even a droop at the top of the tree. Looking at the fireplace with lights and two stockings hung on the mantle. One had her name, Violet and the other said Sebastian who is her boyfriend of the last six months. Looking around the room she said softly to herself, "Someone went to a lot of trouble here."

The silence was broken with the sound of the phone playing Making Christmas from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Violet went to go answer the phone. First she had to find it. Thinking she had left it upstairs and realized that it was somewhere in the Christmas room. She finally found her phone on the mantle and it started ringing again. She picked up the phone pressed the answer button and answer, "Hello."

"Hello, love. I see you have probably discovered the surprise I made for you before I left this morning."

"Yes I did. It is lovely."

"I am glad. You kept dreaming about a Christmas in July for weeks now. While you were sleeping you described it in such great detail I thought it would be fun to recreate for real thing for ya. Do you like it?"

"Yes Sebastian, I love it. When I first saw it, I thought I was still dreaming. It looks exactly as how I have dreamed it. I still can't believe you had a conversation with me and you were able to do all of this."

"I am glad you like it, love. I just wanted to give you something before I left for my business trip. Have you opened your presents yet?"


"Yes. The boxes wrapped in coloured paper with ribbons under the Christmas tree?"

"No. I haven't."

"Sorry love. My flight is leaving now. I will have to call you back. Talk to you soon. Love you."

"Thank you Sebastian. I love you."

After Violet hung up she noticed the gifts under the tree and the full stocking hung on the mantle. "This is the most beautiful gift anyone has ever left me," Violet says to herself.

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