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Marian discover a camp run by the member of the Stella Zodiac.
"Hello?" I shouted. "Anyone here?" I had searched the entire camp ground and not a single person was here. I sat on my pile of luggage and waited outside the office. It was starting to get late. Maybe I was the first one here. That made me smile. Then, I could say 'Hey, aren't you guys running a little late? I laughed. Perfect.
A couple of more hours passed and I kept myself occupied by reciting my awesome line. Soon, that got boring and I started to get drowsy. Next thing I knew, I was dreaming about rockwalls.
I was woken up by a poke on the cheek. "She is knocked out," One voice said.
"I can pour water on her if you like."
"No, Aquarius. You'll drown her."
I opened my eyes to see twelve figures standing above me. I say figures because not all of them were human. A huge crab scuttled toward me. I shrank back against the wall. I was too shocked to say anything.
"Hello," It greeted in a British accent. "You must be Marian. You occupy the last spot." All that came my mouth was a straggled squeak. A crab the size of sofa was talking to me.
"You're scaring her, Cancer! Let me try." A handsom man stepped out from the crowd. He held a jug under arm. "Hello, lady! I am Aquarius! The water bearer. Ring a bell?" I blinked and my jaw dropped. Cancer.....Aquarius......
Then, unicorn lady pushed Aquarius aside. Literally. There was an ivory horn sticking out her head. "Don't go around flirting!" She looked at me. "Forgive him darling. I suppose we didn't give you a proper introduction."
"That's what I was trying to do," Cancer muttered. The lady ignored him. "Welcome to the Camp of the Stars. I am Virgo. We are the twelve beings of the Zodiac. You chosen because you are a Sensitive. You can see us. You can use our magic. You believe in us."
Cancer crawled over. "The reason we were all late was because we only appear at night. In the day, we rest among the stars and then come back to the human world."
"So, it's a nocturnal type camp," I blurted out. "She speaks," Aquarius commented.
Cancer snapped his claws at him. "Yes. You could call it that. But we'll discuss more at the bonfire."
I followed them to the bonfire. It glowed cyan blue. I eyed the other spirits. I recognized Sagittarius because he was a centaur with a bow and quiver. Aries was a buff looking man with horns. And Capricorn was just a goat.
Wow. I can't believe I will be spending a week with these guys. But I will soon find out that I will be doing more than hanging out at camp.
They sat me down. Their faces were all solemn. "Okay, kid. We're gonna be straight with you. This isn't your ordinary la la summer camp. This is a training camp," Taruus explained. He was a muscular man with the head of bull. It was kind of creepy seeing this guy speak.
"There is an enemy. An enemy that wishes to devour the stars, which are our souls, and bring eternal day." I stared at Virgo blankly. Eternal day didn't sound so bad. She sighed. "I know it doesn't sound that bad, but it actually causes far more damage than sleep deprive. It disrupts Themis' scales and can lead to the end of the world."
They all looked at me cautiously. Probably because I wasn't giving them that much feedback.
"What am I supposed to do?" I asked. "Defeat him, of course." Wow. Taruus made it sound so easy. "And when does this 'enemy' strike?"
"Celestic will strike on the twenty-first," Cancer replied. "What?" I shrieked, which seem to have startled everyone. "But that's only a week!" Taruus sniffed. "Then you better get to it."
Virgo took my hand. "Please, Marian. You're our only hope. The fate of the Stars are in your hands."

Word count: 670
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