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by Intuey
Rated: E · Short Story · Fantasy · #2001657
A Christmas Fairy tries to help a town with Christmas Spirit
         A light, gentle breeze rippled throughout the mystical woods, as Serenada spoke to Princess Cinnamon.

         "Serenada, you mustn't say such things!" Princess Cinnamon said, as she fluttered her fairy wings, trying to stay level with Serenada's eyes.

         "You knew when you took human form, it would be only for the month of December!"

         "I know Princess, but there is still so much good I can do."

         Serenada plopped down upon a log, and cradled her face between both of her hands. Her lips puckered like a small child pouting. The winds picked up, making the small, dead leaves take flight. Princess Cinnamon gently landed on Serenada's left shoulder,

         "Serenada, I will not have you pouting like a small fairling. You should be proud of yourself, for you have achieved what others have not been able to. You have brought the Christmas spirit and joy, back to the town's people, who have faced so much loss. Just listen to the music and laughter, which has replaced last month's sorrow, and the dark shadow which enveloped the whole town."

         Princess Cinnamon placed her finger under Serenada's chin, trying to lift it.

         "You must quit being selfish."

         "Selfish? Me? Selfish!? How dare you say such a horrid thing!"

         Leaves danced, swirling around both of them, while wind gusts whistled through the trees.

         Princess Cinnamon screamed, grabbing ahold of Serenada's hair. "Serenada, please calm yourself! I can't hold on much longer!"

         But Serenada did not hear the princess. She was lost in the turmoil of her mind. She didn't understand why she couldn't stay human longer. Who would it hurt? Folding her hands in front of her, and stomping her foot, she did not notice the funnel being formed behind her.

         "Why can't I stay and join in their Christmas fun? They wouldn't even be having the fun if it wasn't for me!"

         A barely audible scream snapped her out of her self-pity fit. She looked up just in time to see the princess go flying toward the tornadic vortex. Looking around at the storm her attitude had caused, she ran after the princess, grabbing her just in time. As if she were opening her eyes for the first time, she collapsed and started crying. The winds softened, as the leaves landed back onto the ground. The princess though a little rattled, was fine. She softened her look on Serenada, as if understanding for the first time.

         "Serenada, you have lived this month as a human. A human who has been around many people who were bitter, angry, mourning and sad. The mining accident which claimed so many lives, affected just about every person in the town. That's why we finally sent you, where others have failed. Your empathy is strong, and you can change the energy field around others to help ease their pain. This you have done, Serenada, and you have done so very well. The energies you just released into nature was the energies you absorbed from others. The townspeople will now be able to continue to heal. You have done very well, Serenada. We are all very proud of you."

         Serenada smiled as she let the sun settle upon her face. Now happy and content, she looked at Princess Cinnamon, "I'm ready to go home now, Princess."

         A bright light flashed and they were gone, leaving behind them the beginning of a sparkling rainbow, where they stood. The rainbow travelled all the way across the town, sprinkling fairy dust along the way.

(616 Words)

For you fantasy lovers (which includes me *Bigsmile*), here is another picture prompt. Please delight us with a short story or poem about why this Christmas fairy is visiting in July. The Christmas Fairy
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