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A view of my imperfection.
To Know or Not To Know

In a world where curiosity should be admired and respected for what it is, there are those who would call it being nosey and analytical. I ask myself when did a thirst for knowledge become a negative? Why would a person be less respected for an ongoing curiosity and be made to feel like it is a character flaw? How can anyone not ask for answers when there is so much confusion in life? In a world filled with evil, greed and a lack of connection to family, how can anyone not ask why?

There is nothing wrong with a lust for knowing the answer. The error is an abundance of apathy when life’s challenges are presented daily. This is most apparent with the words, ” what difference does it make. I cannot do anything to change the way it is; therefore, why should I concern myself with things that I cannot change?”

Where would we be, if Dr Jonas Salk or Thomas Edison, took this position? It is imperative for mankind to learn from the mistakes and omissions of those who do not measure up to the norm? To bury oneself in the excuse of ”not my problem,” is an omission of the gravest type. It is a weak excuse from a diluted individual, unwilling or unable to find the courage to make the effort required for change.

When we go to a doctor with symptoms not recognized, would it be acceptable for him to throw up his hands? Should he say it is not worth analyzing for answers? Is it OK to ignore the early history of an individual, while trying to repair damage left by their past? Should we not work with that person to bring them through their own chaos to a place of comfort?

When this issue comes up, I often find myself apologizing for my unrequited curiosity. I feel I need a sounding board, and this is my answer to unsolicited suggestions to chill. I am who I am, and I am not ashamed of caring enough to try to resolve issues I do not always understand. If everyone threw up their hands because “there is nothing they could do about it” It would leave us without hope for the future.

Ronnie Macisco (Sweethonesty)
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