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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Erotica · #2001698
Who can know the mind of God?

      The Monita Secreta was written by the Polish Jesuit, Jerome Zahorowiski
      and published in Cracow in 1614. The Knights of Columbus hold it as an oath.
      It is based on the Apocryphal Gospel of Marry Magdalene. That Jesus had named
      her and not Peter as his successor.+ It was denounced as a forgery by
      The Congregation of the Papal Index at the Vatican Council of Cardinals,
      within two years of its publication. The Jesuit scholars Fr. Gretser and
      Fr. Huylenbrowcq successfully expelled Fr. Jerome Zahorowiski from the Jesuit order
      at the fifth general meeting of the Jesuit Society in 1617.

      Was this affair forgotten? Not amongst the Illuminati ... The Knights Templar
      were the keepers of the Grail. Until Pope Innocence II order the capture of the
      Knights Templar for Satanic Worship. The Grail was lost or hidden.
      The truth of the Grail is not in a chalice, but found in the bloodline of Jesus
      through his wife Marry Magdalene, according to Fr. Jerome Zahorowiski.
      King Arthur is said to have sent his knights to bring the Grail to him
      to restore his youth and kingdom. If the Monita Secreta is true, then King Arthur
      married Jesus daughter Sarah. This places the English Royal Family in the Davidic

      Bible prophecies predict a descendant of King David will reclaim his throne and rule
      as the messiah. Arthurian legend foretells that Arthur will rise again to rule the world
      with Excalibur. Is it possible ?  What is impossible for God? 
      As we witness the events unfolding in the world, does the Apocalypse seem that
      far away?  Mordred was King Arthurs son, but he was evil. It will be difficult to tell
      who is the true messiah in a media driven by sensationalism. Perhaps, the Lady
      of the lake will decide, who shall hold Excalibur?


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