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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest · #2001824
The elves are competing for the big day on December 24

Word count: 743

Annual Sleigh in July Competition

"Welcome everyone to the annual Sleigh Competition. I am Steve and will be hosting this event today. For those who are attending for the first time this is when the elves have a chance to show off to Santa Claus. The elves will use their genius to build a sleigh for the yearly visit Santa makes to all the boys and girls around the world. There are a few rules to follow of course. First the sleigh must be reindeer friendly and capable of flying long distances. The creator of the sleigh must be the one in the driver's seat. That is all. To kick things off we will hear from our favourite man, Santa Claus."

Applause could be heard from every corner of the stadium as Santa made his way to the podium. He took the microphone from Steve, looks out at the crowd and says, "Ho, ho, ho. Welcome everyone. I am glad we have such a great turn out this year. I hear there are some interesting projects this year. I am looking forward to the competition this year. Most importantly, have fun."

Santa waved to the crowd and they exploded in agreement by applauding so loud it sounded like thunder cracking through the stadium. Steve took the microphone back from Santa. Looked out at the crowd and raised his arm and shouted, "Give it up for the man of the hour, Santa Claus. Introducing our competitors. First up is Snowflake who has entered this competition every year for the past ten years. This competitor has guts coming back every year loose. This year he has a red and green contraption with ribbon and tinsel to give it the extra Christmas cheer. Jingles who is our master toy crafter has entered for the first time this year. He has an interesting contraption which looks like nothing we have ever seen here in this competition. The last competitor we have is CandyCane our master candy maker. Maybe we can eat her sleigh, lol."

The competitors go over to their sleighs and get ready to start the race. Snowflake looks like he is in trouble already. He went to get in his sleigh and the right side collapsed on him. Getting out the duct tape he quickly attached his sleigh back together and hopped in the driver's seat. Jingles and CandyCane just looked at each other with a shocked look on their face.

"All competitors get ready, get set, goooooooooo!"

Off the trio went. Jingles took off in his steam powered sleigh beautifully. Working together, the reindeer keep the sleigh airborne. CandyCane's take off went very well to. All her reindeer dressed in matching candy cane outfits for the special occasion. Snowflake had trouble taking off. His sleigh spit and puttered with a cloud of black smoke around him. Finally he was able to lift off the ground and move very slowly behind the other two.

"This is an amazing competition this year. Jingles is in the lead with his steam powered technology he patented himself. This is impressive folks. He is already at the finish line. With CandyCane following behind and Snowflake has barely made it anywhere. Congratulations, Jingles. Jingles, can you come over here and tell us how you were able to build such a fine machine."

Jingles gets out of his sleigh and saunters over to Steve. He takes the microphone and says, "Thank you Steve. The secret is in the steam engineer technology. I have used this in our toys for a long time and have finally been able to use the same technology in this sleigh. It runs on water and air. The reindeer's job is to steer the sleigh to the right or left and either up or down. This way the reindeer do not get tired as quickly. Thank you again, everyone." Jingles waves to the crowd and they love him.

There is something going on in the crowd. People started to scatter and run for their lives. Steve looks up and says, "We should not be surprised at this folks. Clear the stadium. Snowflake's sleigh is out of control."

The monstrosity contraption came shooting across the sky towards the crowd at the speed of light. The crowd saw this early enough to move out of the way. The sleigh crashed in the stands and Snowflake sits up and says in a squeaky voice, "Sorry, I made a wrong turn."

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