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What kind of places can actually exist?
         It was a hot, humid, musky day in mid July. Morning showers gave way to a thick, wooly blanket of suffocating humidity. I swear the summers in Florida are getting hotter and hotter. I imagined a mass exodus from Florida. The citizens letting the swamp claim back the land that people once coveted. If you asked me, It wouldn't be a far stretch at all.

         Being raised in Florida, as a small child in school, we read Dick and Jane, and their marvelous adventures with their dog, Spot. I always marveled at the colorful leaves that supposedly fell from the trees in the fall. Dick and Jane would rake up the crisp leaves of all colors, not just the green ones we have in Florida. Then they would run, play and jump in them, what seemed like hours. I didn't understand this, because this was from a text book, not a story book. So one day, I raised my hand,

         "Tracey, do you have a question?"

         "Yes ma'am. Why do they make the leaves all sorts of colors, that fall off the trees, when there's no such thing?"

         I remember the look on the teacher's face. It was a look in-between amusement, surprise and maybe even a little sadness. She may not have known that the next few words out of her mouth, would be words to change and stir within me a spirit of adventure.

         "There are such trees in the world. They're everywhere, especially in areas of cold weather. In Autumn, before the leaves fall off of the trees, they change to all sorts of beautiful colors. They will stay the different colors for a couple of weeks or so, and then they will fall off of the trees, signifying that winter is on its way."

         At that very moment, the spirit of travelling and adventure came to life within me. If there truly were places filled with so much color, then that is where I belonged! I made a vow right then and there, that as soon as I was old enough, I would be travelling to such wondrous places. At eight-years-old, my mind filled with marvelous images. If the colorful leaves were real and seasons truly changed where one could actually feel there was a spring and fall, then what else could be real? I went home filled with a sense of awe and wonderment!

         The sun set, as the moon and stars filled the night sky. I laid down on my cool bed sheets and pulled the light-weight chenille spread up to my chin. Staring out of the window, I marveled at the twinkling stars, while still studying on the words spoken by my teacher. I wondered what else was real under the stars that I didn't know truly existed. It seemed like anything could be possible--the world grew larger to me that night.

         A gold, glimmering of sprinkles started to fall from the sky. It fell like what I imagined snow would fall like, and felt what I imagined snow would feel like, but it looked like glitter. From far in a distance, high up in the sky, I saw something big flying in the air. Clinching my eyes tight, and rubbing them with my fists, I could hardly believe my eyes! It was a bunch of reindeer and they were pulling a red sleigh, with Santa at the reins. A happy, white pup with black spots, was barking and wagging his tail. His front paws up on the dashboard of the sleigh. With a loud, HO HO HO, the reindeer brought Santa and the red sleigh in for a smooth landing. My mouth hung open, "Reindeer, really do know how to fly, I muttered to myself. The little dog came running up to me, jumping all over me covering me with kisses, like I was his long lost friend.

         "Tinsel, come here boy!" Santa called.

         Standing back up, I felt like I was sucked into an alternate universe. Santa laughed at the look on my face.

         "How would you like your very own tour of Christmas Wonderland, Tracey?"

         I just bobbed my head up and down. Scared to say too much, or even move in fear that it would all disappear. Tinsel happily followed us as we went down the hidden elevator, and ended up in the brightest place I ever saw. Elves were busy making and packing toys. Merry Christmas songs echoed throughout the huge toy factory. Every toy one could ever imagine was in this hidden cave under the ground. Barking erupted through the well organized toy warehouse, and Santa let out a HO HO HO. The elves all paused their work, pointing and laughing as Tinsel was wrapped up in twisted ribbon. I ran to him and helped him out of the tangled mess of trouble he gotten himself into. Santa came up behind us, while Tinsel thanked me with lots of wet kisses.

         "Remember Tracey, the world is filled with all sorts of magical places. Just because you haven't seen them doesn't mean they are not real. Never lose your sense of wonder and adventure."

         The rude blaring of the alarm clock woke me up. The dream seemed so real. Who knows? Maybe it truly was!

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Write a short story or poem that includes the following words: reindeer, fly, trouble, red, green, tree, ribbon, and tinsel. Remember the theme of Christmas in July.
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