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by vmc_4
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A poem about being a prisoner to one's own mind
I shake the cell bars fiercely. Begging to be let out. It hits the cell door with such force that it causes me to jump back, almost losing my balance. It pushes me around with a strength that is unexplainable. It drags me here and there. I've tried to fight back this awful force. A force so powerful, it seems like a mutant, created with the pain and suffering it has endured. It covers me with sinister thoughts, that has now become a part of me. I lay there on the cell floor trembling with that fear it has caused. I get up to keep fighting, to keep trying to get out. But it grabs me by the shirt and pulls me so close my face smashes against the steel bars, causing pain to surge through my skull. "Listen you little worthless bitch! You are nothing without me! You are a mistake that has been made and I have taken you in. The second i feel like it, I say 'DIE!' and you are gone," it screams in a dark, sinister voice that sends chills down my spine. It's right. I am nothing. The force by which it controls me, the force that it is, is impossible to fight. It pushes me back and I fall on the floor, banging my head against the ground. As I lay there with pain and fear, I face the undeniable truth. I am a prisoner. A prisoner to my mind.
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