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by vmc_4
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A poem about what others can cause someone to become.
The anger rushes through my veins.
This mixture of rage and sadness.
One impossible to control.

It devours me.
I lay there holding on,
trying to control it.

But it all circles around me.
Broken promises!
Trust destroyed!

I lose control,
I sit up and scream.
Just scream.

Scream as hard,
and as loud as I can,
until my lungs burn.

I've lost control to all the anger,
eating me inside.
I am nothing but anger!

All that's inside me,
all that is coursing through my veins,
all my heart knows,
all I am,
is anger.

It blurs my vision.
Mutates my heart as dark as can be.
Suddenly I look up,
eyes red and watery.

The lies have created this monster.
Not ones I told,
ones I've heard.
Trust was snapped in two.
So was my heart.

Destroyed trust can never be fixed.
Lies can never be untold.
Broken promises can never be completed.

And the monster with red, watery eyes,
that's nothing but rage and sadness,
that all the lies, destroyed trust, and broken promises, have created,
can never be destroyed.

Trust is no longer something it knows,
or something it will ever have again.
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