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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest · #2002103
Sasha discovers her true destiny through dreams she has over and over.

Word Count: 2, 591

Blending Worlds

"I am here to tell you of the wonderful news I have just witnessed. Something that has never before happened on the physical realm called Earth. There will be a reincarnation event involving fourteen of those who have lived during the time of what you would call on earth as the Jesus of Nazareth. This is exciting for us because they are so many souls who believe they are reincarnated and that is just not true. The physical idea of what reincarnation is false and it is so damaging especially when they pass from the physical life into the spiritual realm they try over and over again to find a way to come back; they fail every time. In some souls the belief is so strong that the failures still do not change the belief at all. Their belief is, they have not found the proper way yet. This is a time of great joy and preparations need to be made here in the spirit realm as well as in the physical realm. You have been chosen to help on the physical plane. I hope you will accept. You have shown the beautiful light can shine so great in the physical realm."

Such a strange dream. They are getting weirder and weirder. Sasha wonders who the fourteen are. The strangest yet is the longing she feels to leave her current life here and purchase forty acres of land in Kansas. A feeling envelopes her about a greater purpose, although she may not see it yet. Strange how there is enough in her savings to purchase this land and leave everything behind. There is even enough to live on for a while. There is this feeling within that she is not going to need as much money on the land as I use here in the city.

After sitting down to the breakfast table Stan asks, "Sasha my dear are you alright? You were tossing and turning so much last night."

"Yes. I slept very well. There is something I want to ask you. How do you feel about moving to forty acres in Kansas?"

"Why? What for? I have an excellent job and you have everything you could ever want. What is so special about these forty acres?"

"What is special is that we could create our own life together. You wouldn't have to work anymore. We could do anything."

"That is insane. What would we do for money? Is there a house on this land? Please say there is."

"Nope. Just us and the land. Sounds wonderful to me."

"Hahahahaha. Wonderful. Sounds crazy. I am always saying you should always leave the big life changing decisions to me. I haven't steered us wrong yet and I never will. I love you sweetheart."

"I love you too. I just thought it would be a fun adventure."

Looking dejectedly down at the table Sasha feels crushed. Tears well up in her eyes and she turns her head to quickly wipe them away hoping he does not notice. She does not see why her husband wouldn't want to go on this crazy adventure with her because he usually goes along with her ideas. As the day rolls by nothing really seems to matter much except going to this land. It seems like the most important thing in the world; more important than her husband.

"I am so happy you come back to visit. We are all so delighted that you have found the place that we were hoping you would go. Sasha do you know what is happening?"

"No please tell me. First I have to say this place is so beautiful."

"Thank you. The return that all have predicted will soon come to pass. It will not be as they say in your religions or history books. The chosen one will come back to the planet Earth to spread the teachings of our Father. He is the one that has progressed to Divine Love on your planet. No one else since then has come close. He will come and live on your planet as any man would. He will come to teach the lesson which all has the free will to know. His memory will be blocked from him and his whole life these last almost two thousand years in the spirit realm. When he reaches the proper soul level then he will remember everything."

"What is a soul level?"

"Every soul has levels of evil and levels of love. Most of the physical beings on your planet have a low level soul so they have more evil in them than love. It is different here in the spirit realms there are many souls in the lower evil levels and there are many souls in the higher love levels. You will learn more as you the knowledge."

"I see. Why am I involved?"

"You have the potential of progress. We have been searching for someone anyone who would converse with us and you are the first. You are getting tired now and must rest. I will always be with you."

"Yes you are right. Thank you and see you soon."

Everything faded and Sasha woke up. Sitting up in bed she remembered the dream with love and felt this warm glow all over her body. She lied back down and went off to dreamland. Her husband didn't move or make a sound.

Waking up Sasha was surprised that she didn't even hear her husband wake up for work.

There is this longing to leave her husband. Not because she does not love him. She loves him with all of her being. She knows what she must do now. It will be the hardest thing she has ever done. She started packing immediately and waited for her husband to arrive home. There would be no home cooked meal waiting for him as always this will be a Dear John letter in person. He was a good man to her and she felt he deserved more than a letter or her just taking off.

Stan walks through the front door and feels things are different today. Not sure why just something in the air is off. He does not smell dinner and is a little concerned about that. "Darling, how was your day?"

"It was good. Is everything ok here?"

Sasha looks at Stan with a serious look and says, "Stan there is something we need to talk about. Do you remember the land I was talking to you about yesterday?"

Stan walks toward Sasha and puts his hand on her arm. He says, "That crazy idea. I thought you were joking. I can see that you are serious about it by the look in your face. Sure we can talk about it. Come and sit on the couch with me."

They both have a seat. Sasha stands up and says, "I know you do not want to go. There is this longing I have about going there and being there to live. I want to grow my own food."

"Grow your own food! You have never had a garden in your life and you are going to grow food. Does not sound like a wise decision to me. Besides we have the most perfect life here. Are you not happy?" There is confusion all over Stan's face. He puts his face in his hands hoping that the emotions he is feeling will go away. All he wants to do is hide. He cannot believe this is happening to him right now.

"It is a peculiar feeling this longing. I feel that nothing can stop me from going. It does not matter that I do not know everything taking the first step in doing will be enough."

"Enough...enough for what?" Then it dawns on Stan what Sasha is getting at and he stands up pointing his finger at Sasha, saying "No. You cannot leave me."

"I must do what I feel is right. I still love you with all my soul and always will infinitely."

"How can you say that? You do not even have my supper ready. You are not leaving, you hear me. Now get in the kitchen and make me my supper."

"I am going and I will not make your supper. You are supposed to be a smart man, you can figure it out. I love you darling," Sasha went up to Stan and gave him a kiss on the mouth and walked out the door.

Stan yells at the closed door, "Then don't bother coming back."

Sasha drives up to her property she purchased sight unseen. It looked exactly as she pictured it. Forty acres is all hers. The realtor had told her that the land was used for farming. There are pieces of a farmhouse randomly scattered that has rotted away over the years. The place felt perfect. She lied down and rolled over the grass and was surprised to find she was rolling on something. Laughing hysterically she realized the grass was covered in grasshoppers. The funniest thing is she has never had a garden in her life and now she is going to plant herself a forest. She did not even realize she had fallen asleep she was so comfortable.

"Sasha you have made it. We have rejoiced here in the spirit realm for the most joyous event has been put into practice. Do you know what is to happen here on this land of yours?"

"No. I have just had the longing of getting here I am not sure exactly why. This feeling I have is not new to me. I have had it before many times and every time I follow it things always go perfectly and when I do not follow it things always feel so hard to me. Are you here to help me?"

"I will be your guide. Answer your questions as best I can. Part of the reason you felt a longing to be here on this particular land is because you are going to do what very few if anyone has done. I hope you are ready. The system that exists in your physical realm has been thought of and powered by the greatest evil known to our existence. It started with the first man and woman on the planet earth. At first when our Father placed them on Earth they were in the most perfect form of love. We call that love Natural Love. Divine Love did not exist that we know of at that time. We are all given the free will choice to decide how we want to live our lives. Of course there is one way that is most perfect and all the others are part of the learning experience on your planet. Everything is a learning experience."

"Why are there two different kinds of love?"

"Divine Love is for those souls who have a relationship with our Father and has no limits in the progress of love in your soul. The other Natural Love is for those who do not have a relationship with the Father and their progress is limited to the sixth sphere. That will be all for now about the soul. The real discussion we need is to first of all help you learn about the proper care of the land. Teach you to bring this Divine Love to plant Earth in the mortal realm. My friends here and I in your realm will help you in more ways than you can imagine."

"Ok. Thank you for being kind as to answering some of my questions I am quite eager to learn all I can."

"I am glad Sasha. There is a lot for you to learn. I can keep you busy for quite a while. The longing in your soul to be with this particular land was a desire. It falls in the Law of Desire which our Father put into play in the universe so we would share in the power of our own creations here in the physical realm. The desire is like having a prayer in your soul twenty-four hours a day seven days a week; it never falters. Through the Law of Attraction events will be brought to help fulfill this desire in you. The Law of Attraction briefly is a reflection of events that show you the condition of your soul basically. I could go into an in depth discussion on both Laws except I will keep you here way to long. There is plenty of time for long discussions not just on those two Laws there are many others. Many of them have been discovered here in the spirit realm and not very many are discovered in your physical realm. I feel that will change very soon. One of the first things you will want to do is take a walk of the land. Get to know the land and let the land know you. The first stage which is critical is checking to see what the conditions of the land. Regardless of any conditions this will apply to all situations. You will want to provide shelter, food, and water for what most in your physical realm call insects and weeds; these are the ground work for a true garden. Making a garden rely on a physical being to stay alive is not our Father's design for life. Everything has a purpose and works together with everything else. All types of life are all connected. Do you understand so far Sasha?"

"Yes I do. Thank you for your help."

"You're welcome. I must leave you now you need your rest. You will have a big day tomorrow."

"Yes. Until we meet again."

Sasha woke up from her slumber. Such a strange and wonderful dream. In the distance someone is approaching. A man walks slowly towards her. He looks to be tanned with a simple blue shirt and black pants. The unusual thing he is wearing no shoes. This slow approach of what looked like a man was surprising to see in such a desolate space of land. He approaches Sasha in a gentle manner. Reaching our for her hand and says "Welcome home. I have been waiting for you and finally you are here."

Taken aback with forwardness of this stranger. Sasha questions, "Why have you been waiting for me?"

"Actually, the land has been waiting for you. The land knows what is to come. The land also tells of what has already happened. The land knows all. There is going to be a great work done here for not just you and me; it will be for everyone. The world has been living a lie for a long time. It is time everyone to heal. Our greatest teacher will be the land since it is a reflection of the condition of our soul. Did you know that we soul beings not physical beings like most people believe we are?"

"No I was not aware of that exactly. I have been feeling that what we have become is not what we are supposed to be. I am just not sure why that is or how we are supposed to change things."

"You are in the right place. You will learn all you need when the time is right. Have you walked the land yet?"

"No I haven't. I was actually feeling that I should right before I spotted you coming in the distance."

"Come let's go see what we have here."

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