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An outline of what the twelve months of Christmas is all about.

Word count: 753

The Twelve Months of Christmas

It is such a shame that Christmas is always only one day a year. So much preparation goes into this one holiday all year round. Someone has decided that we should celebrate Christmas all throughout the year. This is the new celebration of the popular holiday.

January is declared ride a sleigh month. For the month of January everyone should replace their current transportation with the sleigh. This will be great for all those places that are still covered in snow and ice at that time. This is also a great time for the re-enactment of Santa's journey in the sleigh with all of his reindeer. How is this possible? Stan Powers is currently doing research on how realistic it is for a flying sleigh lead by reindeer.

February is chocolate month. This where we will experiment with all things chocolate. There will be chocolate pieces, candy canes, a Santa sleigh with his reindeer, even the traditional gingerbread house will done here. There will be a number of challenges to complete each day with a different chocolate theme. At the end the prize is you will be filled with the Christmas spirit after completion of all the challenges.

March is help Santa find a reindeer. One of Santa's current reindeer is out of commission and he is in need of another one. This month is dedicated to helping Santa find his reindeer. You never know what will happen you may even find yourself a brand new house guest as well. Reindeer are very friendly and are adaptable to many climates.

April is Christmas craft month. All your Christmas decorations can be homemade. Are ready for the challenge? Make a list of all your holiday decorations, now make them all yourself. No need to get store bought ones this year. You need to buy supplies then assemble. Very simple.

May is letter writing to Santa month. For each day of the month write a letter to Santa. He receives so many letters in December it will be nice for him to know that people still care about all year round. Share you thanks with him about what he does. Send him a gift. He spends lots of time giving it is nice to receive something special back.

June is Candy Cane month. This is where a new flavour of candy cane can be discovered. The challenge is to create a new flavour and the judges in the North Pole will decide on the new flavour. This is thirty days of fun with sugar and flavourings of your choice.

July is "I Want to be Like Santa" month. For thirty one days put on the Santa suit and be Santa. This challenge will teach you what it feels like to actually be the man. This is an endurance test to see how long you can last in the hottest month of the year in those clothes he wears. The winner of this challenge will get ride with Santa as his side kick this coming December 24. Awesome prize.

August is Christmas baking month. You want to get a jump start on all the goodies which need to be made. Complete this challenge and an anonymous donor has volunteered to provide enough food for you to cook a meal for anyone in need for the next four months. Such a kind heart.

September is help Santa find an elf. He needs to replace his head elf and is actively looking for a replacement. Anyone who can find a competent elf for Santa will receive one year of free toys. These toys are the best and hand crafted of course.

October is artificial snow month. The challenge is, create your own snow then build yourself Santa's village. This sounds very challenging. I have heard of someone in China who can create real snow with water and air particles. Life is interesting when you experiment.

November is re-enactment of the Christmas story month. Every day, all month the story will be shown in dram form. Tryouts will be taking place in February.

December which is the official Christmas month. This month is also declared present month. Every day show the one you care through the art of gift giving. Homemade is always better than store bought so get your creative side in on this challenge.

Christmas is so much better spread out all year like this. It is difficult to cram everything in one day. I feel we should do this every year.

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