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Rated: 13+ · Other · Sci-fi · #2002155
A story that I finally have worked on enough to show with other people. (names not final)
The land known as Blen has been living with a shaky relationship with the small power hungry has had more power than Blen for a long time but the sheer size has stopped them for the time, but that power was fading and both countries knew this to be truth. In a hope to prevent this Blen built three facilities. These facilities were to help prevent this power from moving. By completion they are the Sky-Hell Temple, the Underground Heaven, and the Earthly Plain; however on the compilation of all three Blen falls to Marsh on the Revival day, 1600. On their surrender, the leaders of Blen put a plan into motion to prevent the power they possessed to fall into the hand of Marsh. They destroyed all files related to the facilities, and one is rewritten to change to hide its true purpose. The Underground Heaven was wiped clean from any files and is only told as a myth to children a place where monsters were made. The Earthly Plane is destroyed and all files were wiped in order to keep its secrets safe; but it is told to be somewhere in the volcanic slopes of the northwestern point. The Sky-Hell Temple is too large to destroy or hide so all its files were rewritten as a prison for medical development. However the leaders of Marsh do not believe that something this elaborate could be its own stand alone project. All of the files of all their research could not be destroyed or altered before the soldiers of Marsh entered the capital and took over their labs. One such information was the unlocking of the human D.N.A. The data told how to edit D.N.A. to change the subject into a being of light and Heaven or a monster of darkness and Hell. With the data and an idea of humanized weapons the Marsh Scientists planned to twist the D.N.A till it broke.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2002155-Data-Negligees-Archive-Back-story-1