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how did Alex feel when he made the virtual hub? this explains it very well
Alex, a 15 year old boy was working late. Normally, this only happened if there was an emergency, or if he was close to finishing something...which he was.

he had a thin and tall figure, which meant any clothing was usually either too short or too loose. he had short brown hair and matching brown eyes. today, he was wearing a black shirt and matching shorts. normally he worked in his basement, but his family had taken a trip to a nearby park for camping, and there was a cave that was perfect for his new invention.

the invention was supposed to create a place that could connect the real world to the virtual world, and more importantly, the virtual things, such as videogames, TV shows, movies, anything that requires technology to get to. he used a modified program and was able to create it, but getting to it was tricky.

the virtual world was manmade. in fact, many people don't believe there IS a virtual world, just groups of data that serve as the programing that creates the illusion of worlds in videogames, movies, TV shows...you get the picture. however, through an experiment Alex did a couple years ago, he proved the virtual world existed...but it didn't exist naturally, it was man-made. this meant there was no bridge between the worlds that Alex could find.

he figured out that if he got enough speed, he could use a projector to simulate a portal. with enough speed, and a modification to the projector, whatever went through the hologram would be transported as if it was a real portal. if programed right, the being would end up in the projectors programs, and in the virtual world.

the reason he was using a cave? the cave was big enough to hold two cars, with room in-between for a wall. Alex was planning on making the entrance like an amusement ride, except with a train-like traveling mechanism. The projector was set up, he had a toy car that he modified to accelerate to the speed of sound, and modified the wall so people wouldn't feel it as much, he had the track ready, all he needed was to start it up and test the portal. worst case scenario, the portal fails and the car ends up at the back of the cave. best case scenario, the portal works and Alex ends up in the virtual world.

he got in the car and started it up. the car roared to life and started moving, accelerating at 1 mile per second per second, but it was speeding up. it was a rush! by the time the natural light faded, and electronics were all that could be seen, the car was accelerating at 10 miles per second per second!

150 miles
160 miles
170 miles

the car went faster and faster, and it was still speeding up! luckily, Alex felt it as 60 miles an hour, but it was rising. judging by the calculations, it would feel as fast as 100 miles per hour at 400 miles per second.

halfway through the cave, it was accelerating at 20 miles per second per second. it was amazing!

320 miles
340 miles
360 miles

it reached the speed of sound! a sonic boom shook the cave as the car shot off, giving it another 40 miles per second acceleration.

400 miles per second!

Alex hadn't realized it would go that fast, but it was perfect! the car zoomed towards a bright light Alex knew to be the hologram. this was it, the moment he'd figure out if it worked!

the car sped through the light. there was a bright flash, the car slowed down by 50 miles per second per second, surprisingly feeling like a gentle slowing, until it got to 100 miles per hour. it sped around a corner, then stopped at what looked like a station.

Alex opened the door, feeling dizzy. he looked around at the blue-green holographic-looking sky, then looked at the different paths, each marked with something to show what world it was. then the dizziness got to him, and he blacked out.

and that's how Alex found the virtual hub.

well, I think this was a pretty good short story, don't you? this is the first story I made that includes no speaking parts, and it's more in the format of a prologue. this is actually semi-intentional, as I plan on possibly doing an interactive story based on the virtual hub. anyways, I'd love to get a review on this!
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