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Rated: E · Editorial · Career · #2002232
Outlines job descriptions and the realities behind them.
Have you ever been unemployed...recently and seen the various ads that you look at for companies that have never hired you? There are a lot of companies looking for highly trained in technical arts employees, but most of the people that you see from those companies are too young to have any such training. For some reason, they did not have a problem getting a job that paid for a new car, a spouse, and kids, all of which are expensive if you don't have a job or the skills for a job paying well. I have a theory: Most jobs at companies are in one of two categories; either they do not require that much technical expertise beyond high school which means anyone off the street can do them or you have to have advanced training for them, like computer programming, servers, mainframes, even beginning IT roles of designing and laying out cable for LANS. The second option is self explanatory in that a person goes to school, takes classes, does well, maybe graduates, and gets the job. Obviously, they picked the right field to be in for that company. The first option could involve simply finding "the right people". You know, persons from the appropriate background of the persons who are in policy and hiring positions in the company, which they might have inherited from their grandfathers. The reason that you have never heard of these companies is that not every such company is a major finance firm in NYC. Let's face it, nepotism is big with some people who are already placed at the top to decide. Their companies might be publicly traded, but they are still run as mom and pop grocery stores in a rural area. If you want to make a change in these companies, you change who controls events in them. How you do that I don't know, but if you have an idea, please contact me.
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