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by Taylor
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Monologue. The asterisks are stage directions. Also, I do not own the idea for Croatoan.

Monster by Taylor Daniels

A teenage girl, Jules, is sitting alone in a chair or on a table. It is painfully quiet. She is looking at the floor. She begins to speak

I remember being human. I remember having emotions and being remorseful for doing bad things. *sighs* I miss that. *slight pause* I guess one could argue that I'm still human. I still breathe. I still have blood that pumps through my veins and a heart that beats. But... it's not human. *looks up* None of it is. *pause again, thinking* I remember the day I turned from a human to what I am now. I rode my bike through town. As I rode, I noticed that no one was around. "Where did they go?" I wondered. Living in such a small town, I usually would've seen someone by then. It seemed as though they had vanished, almost as if into thin air. I looked to my left. There, on the brick wall in the middle of town, was the name of what made my world come to a sudden halt: Croatoan. I didn't understand. *shakes head in disbelief* If only I had. I wish. I still had the chance to run; to run as fast as I could and never look back. I didn't though, so I kept on riding. My bike hit a bump in the road and swerved over a curb. I had cut my knee and couldn't get up. My neighbor Brad started coming over to help me, or at least that's what I'd thought. *rolls eyes* I was starting to raise the corners of mouth, so thankful that he was there, when he suddenly pushed his elbow into my neck. He cut himself and bled into my wound. *comes back from flashback* Now my whole being is inhuman. My blood pumps, yes, but it is full of sulfur. All that I do is turn people into what I am and kill others to satisfy my craving for human blood. Not to eat and survive, but for pure fun. I am trapped in my own body. So I may look human, but I am as far as can be from being it. I'm not human. *semi laughs* *sad* Not at all. I am a MONSTER.

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