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Saving our country.
We all seem to be asking ourselves "What is going on?" Why is everything in our beloved country seem to be operating in reverse? At least in the general public's eye. Surely, everyone on this planet would love to see worldwide peace and harmony but do we, as a nation, wish to see it at the expense of our beloved nation falling by the wayside and being threatened, laughed at, and mocked by the world? What happened to our respect we had for all those years? What happened to our pride, our confidence, our ability to overcome many prejudices between races? Some, we are still working on but never the less making headway slow but sure to finally develop into a nation locked into one. On a worldly standpoint,,,,, THINGS MUST CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!! However, between all the YES men and future YES women it has gotten to the point that the one's elected seem to be the the ones who put out the most signs, so to speak! We seem to have a constitution lately that changes with the tide of lawyers and politicians and has our forefathers spinning in their graves! No one seems to know from people at the top to the people on the bottom as to what to do to restore our nations dignity. Our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren on down the line will desire a life of freedom and goodness they so deserve and it is up to us now to see they have it!!! It's not that all too difficult to see what should be done to accomplish this. At this point, it seems more will be accomplished if the people themselves have a hand in this. WE NEED BACKBONE!!! 1. Take back at least 60% of manufacturing from CHINA. BRING IT HOME!!! The remaining % they will lose also if they do not pay their people as we, accordingly. This must be maintained!!! Our accumulated debt to them will surely be repaid in a timely manner... We have had a fifty plus year embargo on the island of Cuba. Nothing in or out or to and from Cuba because it went Communist yet all the while we are dealing heavily with the country of China which is totally and steadfastly remaining Communist, GO FIGURE!!!!!!! 2. We do not need electric fences and guard and high walls to keep the Mexican, Central American and South American people out of our country. Part of the money from China Should go towards building manufacturing facilities and commerce in those nations to restore their pride as well and not have the tears in their eyes of being forced to send their children away forever to the United States in hopes of having a better life here than they could just as well have with their own countrymen and families! 3. Open back up all of the military bases that have been closed, especially recently, and bring back 85 to 95% of our soldiers and service people from around the world and put them to work on the bases bolstering our own defense. Stop meddling in other countries affairs! They have fought for centuries! We could feed the world if we wanted. We pay our own farmers NOT to grow crops! We send tanks, guns, bullets and much sofisticated weapons to countries to kill each other. NO WONDER THEY HATE US!!!!!!! Send them food. Set an example for the world.!!!!! GAIN THEIR LOVE AND RESPECT BACK!!!! 4. Put our own people back to work and allow them to regain their pride. There is no pride in the unemployment office or the hand out centers. Each and every one of us here in our beautiful United States need to realize we are just as guilty individually in our own thinking as the government people we all want to blame!!! We all must change, government and populace, insurance companies, banks, unions and corporations and get back to respecting the other guy!!! It all starts with jobs and self respect. If we all just get together and work together on this we can bring our wonderful United States back on track to where it should have been all along. I have started this in hopes of a new beginning. Take the reigns and let's ALL start right away. It's not too late... God made this world, this Earth with one thing in mind; for all of us to learn. That is why there are so many languages, colors, religions, cultures and beliefs. He created a world to learn and in hopes we would all learn together and to work together to that end. Try and imagine what a world it would be. Let's each and every one of us begin right here in our own United States of America..... Richard A. Milam
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