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by vmc_4
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A poem about a secret you don't want to be true
For how my heart aches.
Like a rock weighing me down.
Why must someone deal with this?
How must someone deal with this?

The secret burning a hole through my soul.
One that may not be told.
One that may break me down.

But yet,
the thoughts so pure.
the purest intentions bring the darkest obsessions.

Again i repeat,
how must someone deal with this?

For saying the truth may ruin the eyes of others to me.
But if they love me,
will it be true?

The lie I told was pure and true.
But the secret turned dark once more,
creating truth into lies.

Why must this be so confusing?
Why must something so right in the eyes of some,
be so wrong in others?

Heart and soul reach out to tell.
To let go of this heavy burden.
To create peace once more.
But will it bring peace?
Or death of me in eyes of others?

My thoughts pure in a dark way.
My mind cries at the truth.
My soul reaches out to shut it off.

Say a lie long enough,
it becomes the truth.
no truth can be covered by a lie.
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