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My personal experience on Parallel Worlds
Parallel Worlds & My Childhood…

I watched a TV series broadcasted long time ago when I was a little boy. The concept of parallel worlds amazed me enormously then. At that time I thought of making a time machine and dreamt to time travel. Mainly I wanted to travel back to my early childhood, as well as to my unseen future.

Anyhow the time was passed by many years turning days into weeks, weeks into months and years. Although I couldn’t make a time machine as I wished, I’ve already time travelled, intentionally or unintentionally. That means I have travelled through the time from a position in the past of my childhood to the present moment of telling this story to you. Actually this moment which is now I am experiencing and seeing as the real world, was unseen to me at the past when I intended to make a time machine to come to this moment. In that mean I can say that “I have time travelled”.

After time travelling for many years now I have entered to a different world. Now I see my childhood as an entire different world. How I was afraid of ghosts, how I feared and lamented over petty things and attached to pretty things, how I quarreled with my own sister, how I desired to have colourful books with lovely pictures, water bottles, images of galaxies, black holes, stars, moons, planets and little animals; the thoughts I had at that time are totally different from the present moment. Even the murmur of a little stream amused me a lot. Even a shadow of a hawk feared me a bit. Now I see this childhood as an entire different world. Can I associate with those thoughts again, can I access to that world again ? Certainly not.. But only I can view it. Was it me or an entirely different one ? No…it wasn’t me, but not another. It was the shadow of mine. But still I am alive.

Now I can perceive many things those were strange to me at that age. I can understand lots of things that I was not able to understand at my early time. And now I can do many things that I even feared to think of. Would anybody be able to identify me who has not seen at least a photograph of mine taken at that age ? So what’s wrong with naming these two eras two different worlds ?

Likewise, one day we all are going to reach our unseen future that is eagerly wanted to be known and seen. After travelling for many ages through the time we will meet ourselves as totally different persons. Then our thoughts, figures, ambitions would be totally different from today. We can meet our future counterparts as totally different ones. There you and I will meet our same parents, sisters, brothers, relations as totally different individuals. They will not be the same ones that you and I met them long time ago at our childhood. We will definitely be amazed unless it takes many years to meet them so.

In the very same way, two individuals could be identified as two different worlds, since their thoughts, ambitions, knowledge do not function in the exact same way at the same moment. The knowledge, skills, perception and attitudes of one person cannot be accessed by another. That is how we all become different, different worlds coexisting in the same era.
Eventually I can name all of us as great time travelers who are continuously travelling an endless journey through the time without the aid of any specific machine.

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