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The Parallel Worlds experience from my perspective
Parallel Worlds and My Childhood

I remember watching a television series as a boy. Parallel worlds were the concept behind this program.
This concept fascinated me a great deal. Since then, I have dreamed of creating a time machine and traveling through time. A yearning to journey back to my childhood and see my unknown future filled my heart.

Years passed as days became weeks, weeks became months, and months became years. It has already happened, whether intentionally or unintentionally, although I couldn't make a time machine as I had wished. I have traveled in time from a position in my childhood to the present moment to tell you this story. As I intended to build a time machine to arrive at this point in the past, I was unaware of this moment I see and feel now as reality. I can therefore define myself as having time-traveled.

I have been traveling through time for many years now, entering a new plane of existence. I now realize that my childhood was a completely different world. I recall my fear and lamentation over petty things and attachment to pretty things. I quarreled with my sister and wanted to have colorful books with beautiful pictures, water bottles, star images, planets and moons, and cute animals as a child. I had different thoughts then than I do now. I was delighted by the murmur of a trickling stream. Although it was only a hawk's shadow, it still scared me. Am I able to access that world once again? My only access to it is through my own eyes. Was it me or someone else? It was not me or anyone else. It was just like my shadow or what I see in a mirror. I am still here.

I can now see things that seemed strange to me at the time. Many things that I could not understand early in my life are now clear to me. I can now do many things that I once feared I would never be in a position to do. Is it possible for anyone who has not seen at least a photograph of me taken at that age to identify me? Why not call these two eras two different worlds?

One day we will reach our unseen future that we eagerly desire to know and see. After traveling through many ages through time, we will finally meet ourselves as entirely different people. It will be hard to comprehend that we would still be the same people then. As totally distinct individuals, you and I will meet our same parents, sisters, brothers, and relatives. They will be different from the ones you and I knew as children. We will be amazed unless we have to wait many years before we meet them.

You can compare two individuals to two different worlds. Because their thoughts, objectives, and knowledge are not acting in the same way at the same time. One cannot access another's knowledge, skills, perceptions, or attitudes. We all coexist in different worlds at the same time.

We are all time-travelers who navigate an endless journey through time without any help from machines.
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