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by jazjaz
Rated: E · Other · Action/Adventure · #2002510
Yuki and friends join together to defeat a top brass member of Magician's Pentagram


Hallway Hospital
Ground Floor

A loud sound of wind and constant scream is heard as a door is broken open. Yuki is being hugged by Kim with one hand as he boosts them forward with his power. Kim stops and the sudden break causes Kim’s body to fall on Yuki.

“Oww Oww” Yuki said as he covers his mouth as if he’s about to puke because of the speed. It almost felt like he just rode a rollercoaster that suddenly made a stop. Yuki suddenly feels something soft pressing on his back as Kim’s body is on top of him. Kim then began standing up.

“What the?” Yuki asked and then looked at Kim with a blushing face

“Huh?” Kim suddenly started blushing as he saw Yuki’s face

“K-Kim, are you a girl?” Yuki asked

Kim blushes as Yuki stares at him strangely.

“Of course I’m a girl what kind of question is that?” Kim said with a blushing face

“But your hair and your clothes” Yuki said still with a surprised reaction

“Am I supposed to wear a dress on the job? And I keep my hair tied” Kim said as she pulls down the collar behind her head to show that her hair is braided.

“I’m so sorry” Yuki said still blushing

“You never asked me if I was a girl, so should I just say “Hi I’m a girl so don’t think I’m a boy ok?”” Kim said with an annoyed expression

A moment of silence happens when Kim finally spoke again

“Look I’m sorry about the ride. It was your sister’s orders.” Kim said abruptly changing the topic

“I understand, but what’s going to happen to this hospital if the entire lab explodes?” Yuki asked with worry

“Don’t worry, its 15 feet underground and the foundation is solid so it should be ok” Kim said

“But sis and the others are still there” Yuki looks at the door they just broken down.

“Don’t worry, they’ll be fine” Kim said with assurance on her face “Now let’s go, we should get you out of here”

Yuki suddenly feels a sensation as images pop into his head he sees the man James on what looks like an open area on the roof of a building. He is waiting for something and looking at the dark night sky with a big grin on his face.

“W-wait we can’t leave yet” Yuki said

“Why not?” Kim said with surprise

“I just saw that man James, he’s on the roof and he’s waiting for something” Yuki said with a nervous voice

“What? When?” Kim asked with confusion on her face

“Just now, if we don’t hurry we might miss him” Yuki said as he begins to run the other direction as Kim grabs onto his arm and pulls him back

“What are you talking about? Lets say that is true, he’s probably long gone by now” Kim said

“No he’s not, because it has never happened yet” Yuki said his voice is a combination of anxious and frantic

“Alright fine if it makes you feel better lets head to the roof as you explain” Kim said

“Ok” Yuki said as they both start running the hallway

Camera Room

Alex and Jordan evades as long branches as they come from all directions. Anna is sitting on one of the tables with the small weed’s branches are growing by the second and is filling the room. She has an emotionless expression as the branches are beginning to coat into her.

“We only have a few minutes before this place blows. If that happens you’ll go too” Alex screams as he tries to reason with Anna but to no avail.

Anna remarks with a soft sounding voice “All for the glory of the Professor”

Jordan is takes out a short musketeer type sword from a sheath he has hidden and proceeds to slice the branches that are heading his way “I reiterate its useless Alex”

Alex makes a small rocket launcher with his nanite power and shoots straight at Anna. But it has unable to break through the thick tree branches that has coated her. The explosion simply blows apart some tree branches that is covering Anna and after the blow they simply grow back again.

“All these branches came just from a single weed?” Alex asked with a frustrated expression as he turns his right arm into a mini flame thrower and starts burning the attacking branches. Jordan stands behind him as Alex fires the flame thrower.
“The branches start burning like a forest fire and start to spread back to Anna.

“Branches are highly flammable” Alex makes a sigh as he sees that the fire is doing its job. But suddenly branches start etching through the fire and slams Alex and Jordan.

“Ahh” Alex screams as his flamethrower is dematerialized and he and Jordan fall to the floor.

The burning/black as coal branches sheds off and new branches grow back in its place. Then they suddenly grab onto Alex and Jordan and tie them up. It then starts squeezing tightly

“A smart move, shedding off its skin like a snake to survive” Jordan said as he struggles to break free

“Now’s not the time for Haiku’s Jordan, I can’t move” Alex said as he desperately tries to free his hands.

“These are not Haiku’s; I’m only noting the truth.” Jordan said

“Less truth more think of a way to beat her kind of thing” Alex screams as the thorns are trying to squeeze tighter.

Jordan looks around and amidst all the tree branches on the room he sees a computer monitor and remembers that the place is a giant computer room for surveillance and data recording

“Alex, you only destroyed the Cyclops’s eyes and not their bodies did you?” Jordan said with a thought

“What are you talking about? Stop with the riddles” Alex said angrily as he tries to hold screaming because of the pain of the branches squeezing at him.

“The computer CPU’s are still active no?” Jordan asked

“Yeah so..” Alex asked but suddenly gets an idea “But it’s useless if I can’t move my right arm.

“Never fear, leave that to me” Jordan said as suddenly the branches wrapping his hands are sliced through revealing Jordan has hidden a knife inside his sleeve, Jordan does the same with his other arm and frees himself from the branches. Jordan quickly back flips and takes his fallen sword on the ground.

The branches start attacking Jordan but he simply dodge again and runs to Alex and frees him by cutting the branches tying him up.

Alex immediately runs to an electrical outlet on the wall and starts creating nanites with his right arm as he approached an outlet behind him

Immediately some more branches try to attack Alex as his back was turned but they are dispatched by Jordan who sliced them up before they reached Alex.

“Thanks” Alex said as he looks behind him to see Jordan smiling back

“Ok here we go” Alex said as he has finished sending nanites down the electrical outlet. “Lets run now” Alex screams as he destroys the nearest wall in the corner with a rocket launcher and he and Jordan run.

Seconds later all the computers starts exploding one after the other. Anna doesn’t appear to show any emotion as the whole room starts burning in an instant and all her branches is burning like wild fire.

“All for the glory of the professor” Anna said as the computer next to her explodes and kills her.


From both the hallway where Cher, Sam, and Len are and the Lab area where Kaito, John, and the locked children are, the giant explosion echoes.


“What’s going on? Is that the self destruct?” Cher asked

“No we still have time” Sam said as he looks at his watch. Len doesn’t seem to care and simply glares at them.

Lab area

Kaito looks at the side of the room where the explosion echoed and starts looking nervous. Jude stares with the same emotionless expression as water balls float in the air next to him.

“How are saving those hostages going John?” Kaito said in an annoyed voice

Nearby next to a room, John has just let about 6 kidnapped children out of the multiple cells and is moving to the other rooms to free the others. “Patience I’m doing the best I can” John said in a calm but bothersome tone.

“You still have to beat the guy so we can walk past don’t ya?” John screamed

Kaito hears it and smacks himself on the head. “Oh yeahhhh”

Kaito focuses his attention at Jude and holds his light saber weapon in a battle stance. Kaito then attacks with the sword on hand and runs toward Jude. Jude waves his hand and one of the giant water balls fly toward Kaito. Kaito simply slashes his word to destroy the water ball but the sword simply passes through.

“Huh?” Kaito asked as suddenly the water ball bounces to tackle him and he falls to his knees and is pushed a meter back. Another water ball does the same and Kaito is pushed to the ground.

“W-what the hell?” Kaito asked

“Water has no shape and therefore can not be cut into pieces” Jude said with a calm expression

“Oh yeah” Kaito said as he smacks himself on the head with his hand again. Kaito stands up again and holds the sword in his hands as the water balls attack once more.

“Then how about THIS” Kaito makes a forward thrust straight at the water ball and his sword pierces through it as expected. But the water ball is still there.

“It’s useless” Jude said

“I’m not done” Kaito makes a smirk as he exerts some power on his light saber and it flashes. The water ball suddenly explodes and a small amount of white gas spreads.

“W-what?” Jude is surprised. It is the first expression Kaito ever saw in him which he couldn’t help but smile

“With the right amount of energy, water can be evaporated” Kaito said. He also does the same to the other water ball and again the water ball evaporates into white smoke.

Jude creates six more water balls and sends them in a line to attack Kaito. “You can not stop all these with that short sword”

Kaito suddenly swings his hand and all six balls evaporate after exploding. What’s more past the white smoke a purple whip suddenly come out and Jude uses is hit on a face by what looks like a whip.

Kaito then comes out of the smoke and punches Jude again on the face which pushes him to the floor. Kaito attacks again with his sword and thrusts it at Jude while he is on the ground but Jude rolls around to evade. Jude then makes distance to Kaito by running back a few meters.

“How?” Jude asked

“This isn’t just any old sword.” Kaito said as it suddenly flashes and morphs into a whip.

“It can change form?” Jude asked calmly

“You ever heard of Green Lantern?” Kaito asked

Jude is silent and seeming a little confused

“Really? No?” Kaito said in an embarrassed expression. “They can morph the energy on that ring of theirs into any form they want as long as they have will power. You can call me the Purple Lantern” Kaito boasts as he scratches his nose

“I see, the energy from that hilt is your own.” Jude said

“Yup any form it makes is my imagination. It’s a special weapon that is coded with my own DNA.” Kaito said

Then Kaito morphs the weapon to a whip again and cracks it at Jude. Jude evades to the right but the whip’s edge suddenly curves and grows a blade tip. It extends to attack Jude and as it’s about to reach Jude. The tip of the blade suddenly freezes in ice and it falls to the ground.

Jude then creates an ice sword and slashes Kaito’s whip that he extended apart and then charges at Kaito with a thrust.

“Oh no” Kaito said as he concentrates on extending his weapon again.

But it’s too late as Jude stabs Kaito on the stomach with the ice sword. Kaito falls to the ground and his hilt loses power as he drops it to the ground.

Jude thrusts the sword further on Kaito’s stomach as he said “It takes a few seconds to reform once it’s broken and another second to morph.”

“You had the chance to watch cartoons when we never did. Killing you will be all the sweeter” Jude said with a cold reaction. But in just a one second one could see the envy in his eyes

Kaito screams as the ice sword is pierced even deeper to his stomach and blood starts coming out of it. Kaito’s vision starts getting hazy because of the blood loss as he sees Jude’s cold expression.

“Am I going to die?” Kaito thinks to himself then suddenly a purple light emits from Kaito’s body which almost blinds Kaito and Jude in the room.

Jude covers his eyes “What is this light?” Jude opens one eye and sees Kaito seemingly teleporting away as his body slowly dissipates from the ground.

“What?” Jude asked, suddenly he is pushed a few meters away because of the purple light. A second later Kaito materializes in a standing position next to the ice sword which is still impaled on the ground.

Jordan runs to view with the children as he sees the light disappearing. He gets a serious expression as he sees Jude next to Kaito and he prepares to help.

Kaito regains his senses, he immediately runs to retrieve his hilt that fell on the ground. He rolls over and grabs it and charges at Jude. Jude stares in surprise as he tries to evade but he doesn’t have time as Kaito stabs him in the chest. Jude feels a limp as he falls to his knees; he grabs his bleeding chest and makes a soundless big grin as he dies on the floor.

Kaito feels uneasy and nerved for a moment. Then he closes his eyes after a short feel of sympathy. Kaito then grabs his stomach and is surprised to see his bleeding stomach is fully healed with only the mark of the blood on his clothes.

“Hey are you alright?” John asked as he approached.

“I think I am” Kaito said then suddenly he falls on the ground unconscious.

“Hey wake up, hey” John said as the children that was with them looks confused and scared expressions


Alex throws away some small rocks and rubble that covered him. He sees Jordan standing up nearby and patting his clothes to remove all the dust.

“It was brilliant, your plan to overheat all the computers to make the explosion” Alex said

“The ability was yours. As they say “Use all available resources at your disposal”” Jordan said as he raises a finger

“Where are you getting all those sayings? First it’s the samurai code, then something about a Cyclops and then the art of war?” Alex asked in an annoyed expression as he puts both hands on his waist.

“Nowhere in particular, have I just wanted to sound cool” Jordan said with a smile

“Really” Alex is even more pissed off

“Ok, I just like literature and fiction and I want to extend my vocabulary. Just like how you like technology and computers” Jordan smirks

“I hate it” Alex said with a disturbed expression

“Huh?” Jordan asked in a surprised expression

“Oh um never mind” Alex immediately changed his expression and smiled instead.

“That’s right, we need to get out of here quickly” Jordan said

Underground Lab

Cher and Sam are running around and looking up as they are evading the barrages of the Len’s red balls. Their fire power is slightly stronger now than when Yuki fought them.

“Whatever happened to taking me down?” Len makes a loud expression as Cher and Sam takes cover in a corner.

“Trust me, we’re getting there” Cher screamed

“What’s the plan?” Sam asked

“Simple, you stay here and I’ll take him out.” Cher said

“You’re just going to charge in there? We need a plan” Sam asked in surprise

“We’re not in a forest, I know he’s right there and we’re running out of time here” Cher said as she runs out of her hiding place to attack in a flash

“Wait, I can help” Sam said to stop her but Cher just kept on going

Cher keeps running but does not see Len in the spot he was in so he must have made some distance and ran. Three red balls appears in front Cher and proceeds to fire beams again. Cher simply evades and keeps running until she finally sees Len running with a smirk on his face as he turns around to look at her. Len turns around and makes a break with his foot to face Cher.

“Finally, its time for the beating I owe you” Cher said in a loud voice.

Suddenly the three red balls fire combine together and fires a big shot on the floor in front of Len and Cher. A smoke covers Cher’s vision and in the middle of Cher’s confusion Len comes out of the smoke and punches Cher on the face.

Cher is pushed back a little and then she begins to charge at Len again. “Why you little brat”

Immediately after that Cher comes face to face with the big red ball that fired a big shot which explodes when it hit Cher. Cher falls to the ground.

“You underestimated me just because I was not in a sniper’s battlefield” Len says in a sarcastic tone as he immediately orders his ball to fire again

Cher looks in horror as the ball prepares to fire again and braces for the attack

“Now DIE” Len screams as the ball is about to fire

As soon as the ball fires, what looks like a metal shield blocks the attack

“What?” Len said in a surprised voice

Sam is holding a big circular metal shield and it blocks the attack meant for Cher.

“Sam?” Cher asked in a relieved voice as she struggles to stand back up

“I told you I can help can’t I?” Sam said as he winks at her

“That ash can means absolutely nothing” Len screams as about a dozen more red balls appear. They start combining into a giant red ball

Cher and Sam is surprised at the size of it and begins imagining the explosion when its attack hits

The gigantic red ball about half the height of the hallway starts charging up as it floats above Len. “That ash can won’t me much of a defense” Len screams as he starts laughing maniacally

“Who says I’m going to use it as a defense?” Cher said with a smirk on her face. Cher jump flips to stand up, she begins charging up her power on her legs and suddenly soccer kicks the circular metal shield like a soccer ball. The metal shield flies with a such a strong force toward a giant eyed Len and it hits him right at the chest and blows him away and rams him straight to a wall. Len had such an “OH CRAP” expression before the shield hit him that the same facial expression was left on his face even as he died.

The giant red ball blows up on its own and drops to the floor. It then disappears.

“Wow that was cool” Sam asked still in wide disbelief at Cher’s kick

“What would you expect?” Cher said in a confident voice. She walks a few steps forward and then says “Thanks for the help by the way” Cher said in an embarrassed voice as she turns around to face Sam

“Yeah, no problem” Sam said then he looks at Len’s dead body on the floor “I’m wondering, did he actually get what he wanted? To be killed by someone untainted?”

“Nope, cause I don’t feel a damn thing” Cher said in an unnerved voice

4th Floor HOSPITAL

Yuki and Kim are running in the hallway of the building. They are going to the roof of the hospital and they used the stairs instead. The hallways are dimly lit and quiet as it’s the middle of the night.

“Predicting the future?” Kim asked with surprise

“You don’t believe me? I would understand” Yuki said sadly

“No, but” Kim pauses

“But?” Yuki asked curiously

“Everything would make sense if I do believe you. Why Pentagram is after you and those words you kept muttering before” Kim said as he remembered Yuki in the park over Nina’s dead body. Yuki keeps muttering “I made it happen” over and over again

“That’s right I made it happen, I was trying to stop it and I made it happen” Yuki remembers and makes a sullen face

“How specific is this power of yours, lets say I do believe you” Kim asked with a skeptical face

“Images pop into my head in a split second. But I don’t know when, how or where they are going to happen. Usually they are someone getting hurt” Yuki said

“Really? They are involuntary?” Kim asked with a serious face

“I’m not sure they just happen, sometimes I can use it at will to see incoming attacks or predict the future seconds after” Yuki scratches his nose as he explains

“Just like how you pushed me earlier to save me” Kim said when he remembered Yuki pushing him to dodge the red ball attacks earlier.

“T-that’s right” Yuki said

“Alright I’ll trust you because you did save my life twice” Kim nods

“Twice?” Yuki asked

“Against Nina too, you killed her to save us didn’t you?” Kim said

Kim is pointing out how Nina was about to kill him, Kaito, and Amber if Yuki hadn’t killed her first

Yuki is silent and looks away

“Sorry a kid your age shouldn’t have gone through something like that” Kim said

“Huh? Aren’t we about the same age?” Yuki asked with a blushing expression

Yuki and Kim are about to turn a corner to an elevator when a cling sound of the elevator is heard and Kim suddenly pulls Yuki back.

“What’s up?” Yuki asked

Kim makes a shhh sound again and whispers “Someone is here”

Kim and Yuki peaks at the corner and sees James by himself coming out the elevator and walking toward some the hallway.

“Well I’ll be the bastard really is going to slip away” Kim said in a surprised whispering voice

“But how did he get here? Without using the tunnel we just did?” Yuki asked

“The bastard must have had his own escape route and now he’s waiting for a helicopter” Kim said

“Back up would be too late so we’ll have to settle this on our own” Kim said seriously

Kim and Yuki slowly follow James and they see him climbing the stairs, the only sound that can be heard is eerie silence. “Good not a sound so his ride isn’t here yet. We have a chance” Kim said

“You’ve researched what he can do right?” Yuki asked with an optimistic face

“Nope” Kim said

“What?” Yuki asked in a frantic whisper

“I’ve never seen the guy fight, he just lets those goons of his do the dirty work” Kim said referring to Len, Anna, and Jude.

“B-but he’s one of their top generals, Elemental Four was it?” Yuki gets nervous

“Relax he’s still flesh and blood and we have a 2 to 1 advantage over him” Kim said

“Besides he can’t kill you, we have both our powers and furthermore I have a plan to lower the boom on him” Kim said as he pats on his pocket

“Aren’t those?” Yuki asked when Kim takes out the object in question

“Yes to use this right I’m going to need your help” Kim said


Cher and Sam hears voices coming behind them. Alex, Jordan, and John who is carrying an unconscious Kaito and about a dozen children are running their way.

“Hey what happened to him? And is that blood?” Cher asked as he sees Kaito being carried by John.

“He’s just unconscious and yeah but he’s not injured so it must be the blood of that other guy he fought” John said

“We have to go people, this place is going to blow” Alex said as he and everyone else follows his cue and runs the hallway.

Moments later

Kim and Yuki walk up the stairs to the roof. They sneak a peak and sees James standing alone looking at the sky

“Both of you should just come out, I know you’re there” James said as he turns to look behind him
Yuki and Kim are surprised as they walk out slowly out the door and step onto the roof.

The winds are blowing as all three of them are in the roof after all.

“Here I thought I would leave empty handed but here you are before me again Yuki Mancio” James said with a determined face

Yuki starts getting nervous and he takes a deep breath

Kim steps in front of Yuki and said “Wrong, you won’t leave period”

“It’s such a shame, you my dear boy are not fulfilling your full potential” James said as he looks at Yuki

“What?” Yuki asked slightly nerved

James takes out the USB from his pocket and shows it to Kim and Yuki then says “Your results show you have the potential to see any kind of future even in far distances. However something is stopping you from using even 20% of it”

“So he’s restricted?” Kim asked

“Correct, maybe it’s a psychological lock as you refuse to embrace it but if you come with me, I’ll make sure you use it to its fullest potential” James said as he extends his hand at Yuki

“And what’s your answer James? Have Victor turn him into cold blooded killer?” Kim said

“I don’t believe I am talking to you am I?” James said an annoyed voice as he addresses Kim.

Kim makes an angry expression

“Victor? You mentioned that name before didn’t you Kim?” Yuki asked as he remembers Kim saying that name back at the park while she was talking to Nina.

“He’s a terrorist and a psychopath. If you go with him you’ll end up just like Nina” Kim said as she walks in front of Yuki and holds her hand in front of him.

“Very well then, let me show you what you are missing” James said as the wind around the whole area suddenly gets stronger. Suddenly the whole ground flashes with white lines on it.

“Huh?” Yuki is curious as to who James is referring to. But gets more distracted at what is happening to the ground which caused him to step backward.

Kim begins her attack as she immediately boosts herself with her wind towards James.

As her fist was going to hit James’s face, Kim suddenly moves to the right and misses James.

“What’s going on?” Kim said as she is suddenly propelled straight at Yuki. Kim hits Yuki and they both fall to the ground.

“Oww, we’re on the same side Kim” Yuki said as he recovers on the ground in pain

“I didn’t miss him; I was moved away and rammed straight toward you.” Kim said as she is also rubbing her head

Both of them look at James who is simply standing with his hands in a crossed position and he is smiling arrogantly. The lines on the ground have stopped as if something has been completely written down.

Yuki and Kim are a bit confused at what just happened but chose to continue fighting.

Yuki makes a full set of ice needles; he holds them between his fingers and then throws all 8 needles straight at James. James simply moves his fingers and all the needles stop two inches from hitting him

“Huh?” Yuki is dumbfounded, suddenly he sees a vision. “Oh no, duck” Yuki tells Kim who gets surprised

James smiles and immediately sends all the needles flying back toward Yuki and Kim.
Both of them drop to the ground as all the needles swoop past them harmlessly

“Is he an um what do you call that a tele..?” Yuki asked but suddenly makes a whisper as to not let James hear what they are saying

“Telepath? Where he moves objects with his mind?” Kim asked in a soft voice

“T-that’s right” Yuki said with a nod

“No, that’s not it, it’s obviously wind. I felt a strong breeze pushing me” Kim said

“He uses the wind? So he’s a wind elemental?” Yuki whispers back

“Yes but he’s so much stronger than any of the other wind elementals I fought” Kim said as she begins to wonder on what kind of symbol could have been on the ground

Kim steps in front of Yuki and starts whispering a strategy with both of them still keeping their attention on James who is simply smiling arrogantly.

“Ok” Yuki nods as he and Kim prepare to make their next move.

Kim boosts herself again and attacks James; James very easily moves his fingers and stops Kim in her tracks inches before she reaches him. Kim tries countering with her own wind to propel herself forward, barely budging and shaking in frustration as she feels that an even stronger wind is pushing her back.

“Fool” James said as he waves his hand and what feels like a force of wind hits Kim and pushes her to the side. At that same second that Kim is moved to the side, James smiles as Yuki tries to stab an ice dagger at him. James simply stops the dagger inches before it reaches him with a strong wind just like how he stopped Kim’s attack earlier.

Yuki creates another set of ice daggers with his other hand and tries stabbing James with it too. But it is to no avail as it feels that James has a wind shield protecting him. James simply smirks at Yuki and then waves his hand backward again to hit Yuki with a powerful force of wind that blows him back a few meters.

As Yuki is pushed back suddenly James looks to Kim’s direction with a surprised expression that equally shocks Kim. Kim is using her wind to move Yuki forward. Yuki tries to stab with the needle again as he is propelled but James once more moves his hand to the side to fire a force of wind.

James glances at Kim again for a millisecond then at Yuki before smiling. Kim once more finds that look of James strange. The force of wind fires but Yuki is propelled back to dodge it and then forward again to attack. But James simply moved his hand to hit Kim first and then as the wind that propels Yuki loses power James fires a force of wind and knocks Yuki away too.

“What’s with those glances? It’s like he knows what we’re about to do” Kim asked in a surprised voice

“Its no use Kim, I can see him countering our moves even before we make them” Yuki said in a surprised whisper at Kim, as both of them are struggling to stand back up.

“But how?” Kim said then she glances at the field and makes a surprised expression. Kim then flies to the air to look at the ground from the sky.

“What is it Kim?” Yuki asked as he looks at Kim flying on the sky

“A pentagram symbol?” Kim sees the white lines forming a giant pentagram symbol on the entire rooftop.

“Yes, beautiful isn’t it? That is what makes us members of the Elemental Four different compared to the rest. We have complete mastery of our powers” James said in a loud voice

“So he really can read our movements?” Kim said as she lands next to Yuki

“I control the wind direction on everything over this symbol. Every body movement you make, even the movement of your lips. I can read” James said in a bold voice

“That’s why you kept looking at me on that last attack; you “heard” my hand movements as I was manipulating Yuki” Kim said

“Yes and why do you think I lured you two out here instead of back inside the hospital?” James said

James raises both his arms and the wind on the sky suddenly started blowing loudly and Yuki and Kim are both being pushed back by the wind. Their hair and clothes are being blown uncontrollably by the draft and they both cover their heads and tighten their stomp on the ground.

“Its almost time for the big finale” James said as he looks at his watch

“What?” Yuki and Kim wonder in surprise as suddenly a loud shockwave shakes the hospital for a brief moment.

“What’s that?” Yuki asked as the shockwave shakes the ground all of them are stepping on.

“The self destruct, the lab must have already blown up” Kim said

“What happened to sis and the others?” Yuki asked with worry

“Don’t worry I’m sure they’re all fine” Kim said seriously

“Maybe but not for long” James said

“What do you mean? Explain yourself James” Kim screams

“Why oh why were my laboratory defenses so sloppy, why did I overlook providence member’s right next to me.” James asked the question with a sound of sarcasm

“Because we caught you off guard and that’s why you’re trying to high tailed it out of here” Kim said as she pointed at James

“This place has already been compromised that is true but…” James said

“Have you ever wondered why I had my laboratory 15 feet underground?” James asked as he straightens his glasses

“Because you wanted it to be kept secret and to muffle the sound” Yuki guesses

James signals the aircraft to hold its ground in the air and it continues to just fly there.

“There are something called sound proof doors and a sign that says “Authorized Personnel Only” is kinda stupid right” James said slightly laughing

“Because you didn’t want the hospital involved in the explosion?” Kim asked

“Bingo” James said with a loud voice

“So you do have a good heart after all” Yuki smiles

“It’s the flu season so maybe you children are slow on the thinking part” James said

“Flu… You don’t mean?” Kim said in a loud voice


John puts an unconscious Kaito on the ground to rest. The group has just come out of the busted door of the lab’s exit that Yuki and Kim earlier broke apart. The explosion shook the building but the group was already long past the self destructs blast range even before it detonated.

“We made it no problem” Cher said

“Yeah we should call for backup now and have this whole hospital on lockdown” Sam said

“Why?” Cher asked

“An underground laboratory doing all these experiments is here and this hospital knows squat?” Alex said

“Yes that’s right” Cher said then suddenly they hear multiple foot steps approaching them from the hallway. About a dozen people with weapons wearing hospital patient clothes stop in front of them.

“See I knew it” Alex said as the entire group brace themselves for battle
Suddenly Sam’s phone start vibrating and he takes it out of his pocket to answer “This isn’t a good time Miller”

“Sam, stop everyone attacking but avoid killing any of them” Kim said

“What are you talking about? How did you know we are fighting patients” Sam asked which got Alex and the others surprised and suddenly a loud sound of wind is heard and the cell phone line goes dead.

“Hello, Miller?” Sam asked on the phone but it went dead

“What happened?” Cher asked

“Miller said “Stop anyone attacking but avoid killing any of them” but the line went dead and there was a loud noise. She must be under attack” Sam said

“She?” Cher asked

“Never mind, she gets that a lot” Sam said with a slightly joking sound

“You heard him, avoid killing anybody” Alex said as he makes a bat with his right arm and attacks the horde of patients.

“Yeah lets split up” Cher also proceeds to attack with her fists and rams past the patients with her fists to go to another area of the hospital.

Jordan and John also attack by grabbing any nearby objects as weapons because they don’t want to use their guns.


Kim’s phone was destroyed by a wind blast from James. Yuki and Kim are on the ground with the shattered phone being blown away by the wind.

“Oops can’t have you ruining the party now can I?” James said

“That’s the reason you’re here alone” Kim said as she struggles to stand up, Yuki is also on the ground trying to stand as well.

“Correct, we offered free flu shots for everyone because of the flu season. But all of them has a dose of improved Clarion” James said

“I-Improved Clarion?” Yuki asked

“You remember, Alister added a defective version of that on your juice pitcher” James said

Yuki remembers back to the school where three teenagers are going rampant with powers on the cafeteria back at Orientation day.

“That drug is called Clarion?” Yuki remembers

“Yes meaning clarity, but this is an improved version with a good dose of Victor’s brainwashing formula. Victims would still go crazy but now they have orders in mind.” James said

“Orders?” Kim asked

“Killing everyone not under Clarion’s influence, not even we could convert everyone and since this place has been exposed” James said

“No” Yuki said


A male patient is calling for a nurse with the call button. The nurse enters the door with a possessed look on her face as she suddenly grabs a knife and stabs the patient in the chest.

In another room another nurse stuffs a pillow on a patient’s face as he’s sleeping.


Yuki feels a sensation as he sees all the images pop into his head, multiple visions at once showing people killing each other.

“Ahh make it stop” Yuki screams as he drops to his knees and touches his head in pain

“Hey are you seeing another vision? What’s wrong?” Kim asked and goes to Yuki’s side

“He’s seeing a glimpse of the carnage that has commenced. Here let me show you” James said. The symbol on the ground flashes and images suddenly appear next to James”

All the people that are brainwashed are murdering others in every possible way.

Kim looks in shock as Yuki is screaming

“Very soon we will do the same to the entire city. Such a sound that would make Hallelujah” James screams in euphoria

Yuki makes two hands full of ice needles and fires them at James. James simply blows them away to one side.

“Stop it please” Yuki screams in pain as he touches his head again as he throws needles at James again which James simply blows away again.
“Stop it Yuki we need a plan, he can read all our movements” Kim said as she grabs Yuki to stop him from attacking

“You want it all to stop? Then defeat me” James said
Yuki and Kim look at James in surprise

“This symbol is the activation code for all those people that got Clarion” James said

“That’s why this thing covers the whole roof so defeating him will deactivate it?” Kim said

An aircraft suddenly fly from below the building and its sound causes Yuki and Kim to cover their ears slightly

“My ride is here, imagine that” James said as he looks behind him

Yuki and Kim also look at the sky and see the aircraft.

“Now I’ve toyed around with you long enough, if you would be so kind” James raises his hand and opens his palm to makes a whirlwind

Kim and Yuki glance back at James who fires a whirlwind that surrounds Kim. It traps her inside it. Kim tries breaking out but the whirlwind appears to me a solid wall

“DISAPPEAR” James screams as he orders the whirlwind to blow Kim off the building,

Yuki is shocked as he is touching his head in pain. He shouts “Use your power to fly”

“It’s useless she’s trapped in my whirlwind. She can only plummet to the sidewalk” James said

“Then she’s” Yuki said with a horrid look on his face as he couldn’t even get himself to run to look at below the building.

“Don’t worry you won’t stay to find out” James opens his palm again to make another whirlwind and fires it at Yuki. It surrounds him and traps him inside like a wall.

“Now come to me” James starts pulling on the whirlwind Yuki is trapped in. Yuki tries pulling back but it’s like he’s inside an invisible cage.

James signals the aircraft to land as he looks at Yuki again. “Everything you did got you nowhere” James then starts laughing

Yuki tries to break the wind over and over again by stabbing his ice needles repeatedly on it. Then as he got tired he slowly stopped, curled himself in a ball and started crying in frustration. He shuts off his eyes and covers his ears to not look at the images James made.

A glimpse of what look like a memory enter Yuki’s mind. He is a little boy curled up like a ball and crying alone next to a tree in what looks like a park.


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