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A fantasy story for the Lair Contest.
Dick was a fat twelve year old lad with chubby cheeks. He was in high school now and his classmates often used to tease him by calling “ Plumpy”. His face used to get red from embarrassment.
One day at the prom he got besotted by a beautiful girl named Pamela. He bought a lovely bouquet of red roses that pervaded their perfume like the fresh flowers in the new spring. Pamela accepted his gift and said,” Thank you Dick for these pretty roses. I really appreciate this but I am engaged to Harry who is much more handsome and natty and smart than you.”
With this she smirked and her mockery pierced his delicate heart. One of his friends Ted offered him solace.” Hey you cry-baby? You are weeping for a mere gal! How utterly ridiculous. Must be nuts! Go and join a swimming club and reduce your weight, you’ll get slim and look much better.”
Dick faltered,” I don’t know how to swim and am afraid of waters.”
“No worries dude. Ted will teach you how to swim and within five months you’ll be able to woo any girl with your looks. Hey, give me a five.” They both grinned.
The salmon sun painted the canvas of the sky tangerine and its reflection on the turquoise waters of the pool made it a shade of orange and yellow ochre.
Ted was standing with Dick on the dashboard and he grabbed his arm and they both plunged into the water. Ted was a deft swimmer and moved along swiftly with the currents while Dick had a real hard time. The brackish waters dashed at his face and he almost began to spit. His breaths became heavier and he kept on panting. Ted kept a constant check on Dick but his friend was really having a rough time. A whiff of air caught between his lungs and he started having respiratory problems.
“ Help me. Oh God! I am going to drown now.” Dick squealed with all his might. Ted began searching for him after hearing his high-pitched cry but Dick was nowhere to be found.
The waves gurgled and pushed Dick lower. He gulped some spoonfuls of water and began to glide down the lashing waves. He began to swoon and landed onto a ground filled with clay, loam and sandstone and his head did not crash when it touched the underwater layer. With surprise in his eyes he peered outside. The black canopy seemed to engulf him completely.
“ Where am I?” He muttered to himself while scouring the quaint place.
“ You are here in Xanes.” A three-headed , large hound answered him with a smile on its face .
Dick almost shuddered at its hideous sight. The ugly creature as if reading his thoughts replied,” Do not fear me boy. I am Cerbeus, the watchman of the underwater world Xanes. King Theus and Queen Melissa are our masters. They have a beautiful girl named Melussa and we serve them.”
Dick looked at Cerbeus agape. He pinched his skin but it was the reality.
A few arthropod waved at him and chuckled.” Welcome to our Xanes.” Dick was calmed down a bit and his fears became to dissolve at the warmth of their behaviour.
“ So Dick, how are you feeling now?” Cerbeus questioned him.
“ I am feeling better. I want to meet your Lords. Would you let me do so?”
“ Sure. I will. It is not a big deal. Come on in and ride on my back.”
Dick sat on the leather-like hide of Cerbeus and splayed his legs. A multiple of portals they passed through. Each one of them was decorated with knick-knacks.
A marvellous, ornate gateway embellished with gold stood in front of them. Cerbeus hollered,” Let us in.” The gates unclasped and off they went. A gargantuan palace studded with diamonds imposed its sparkling effect on Dick and he awed.
“ This the regal kingdom.” Cerbeus mumbled.
“ Hail to you my Lord. I have bought with a young guy from the planet Earth and he wants to meet you. Would you allow him Sir?”
“ Oh yes. Why not?” Answered a gruffy voice.
Dick entered the empire and met the King sitting on a golden throne with his band of minstrels and ministers in front. His eyes dazed at the odd place. They all looked human and the King was a handsome man in his early forties.
“ Welcome to Xanes Dick.” The King ushered him.
“ How do you know my name if I may ask Sir?”
The King along with Cerbeus and his army of men guffawed.
“ Why are you laughing Sir?” Dick asked.
“ This is Xanes, a terrain deep under the waters. We are extra-terrestial beings and we are more potent than you homosapiens. All the information of the earth drift to us automatically without internet, wires, plugs or cables. Now tell me boy, do you like us?”
“ Oh yes Sir.”
“ Would you like to live among us, son?”
The quavering emotion in his voice touched his tender heart and Dick looked at him with incredible eyes.
“ I have seen and dreamt of places like this in my fantasy books and movies but it is a reality that is unimaginable. I have always had a long-cherished desire for a utopian world like this and tried to escape from my grisly life at earth. Thank you Sir for granting me peace, for giving me freedom. It is a dream come true. I owe you a lot Sir and thank you again from the bottom of my heart.”
“ Call me Dad.” Theus said in a mushy voice.
“ Dad!” Dick shouted and darted toward Theus. Tears filled the eyes of Dick and began to stream down his cheeks. Theus took Dick in his lap with his large hands and the men sang and offered him a warm accolade. The minstrels began celebrating and soothing music resounded off the golden walls of the chamber.

Word Count-1010
Prompt: Cerbeus
The three-headed, giant hound from Greek mythology, said to have guarded the gates of the Underworld.

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