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by smlj
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Contest Entry
I could hear her enter the bedroom. I tensed up. I knew exactly what was coming. I scolded myself silently.
    “Get in here and clean up this mess!” she screamed.
If only I had listened when Alice had told me the first time. But I really just wanted to keep playing video games. I thought I could do it later.
    I continued to stare at the screen. Not really sure what to do. I contemplated ignoring her and pretended I hadn't heard.
    “GET IN HERE AND CLEAN UP THIS MESSSSSSSSSSS!” she screamed again, so loud that pretending I hadn't heard wasn't an option anymore.
    I jumped up and headed into the bedroom. Alice was seething at this point.
    “I'm sorry, I was going to clean it up.” I stammered.
She opened her mouth to say something, then changed her mind.
“Jenny, one thing I've always told you is to clean up when your done.” she said more calmly then I expected.
“It must be done right away, there can be no room for error.” she smiled and touched my cheek.
“You are my favorite girl right?”
I nodded.
“Good, now get started, and after we will have a wonderful dinner, with ice cream for dessert.”
With that, she turned and went in to the kitchen.
I filled a bucket and grabbed a mop. I entered the bedroom to begin my grueling clean up. Neat and tidy just like Alice wanted it. I sighed. It was going to take a long time to clean up all this blood.
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